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3ontheway's Avatar 3ontheway 11:05 AM 06-06-2011

Can i just boil them in a pot of hot water? For how long ?


I bought some brand new ones a few days ago (still in pkg)  because i forgot to order them with  birth supplies , Im 38wks so i need to get this ready before labor starts , Once i boil them can i just put them in a ziploc bag til birth? 

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 08:42 PM 06-07-2011

Boiling for 30 minutes should do the trick, but putting them in a ziploc afterwards would defeat the purpose - a ziploc is no-where near sterile.

Can you boil them after the birth instead?

3ontheway's Avatar 3ontheway 06:39 PM 06-15-2011

yes i plan on sterlizing them after the cord stops pulsing or once the placenta is out , that way thee freshly stertle

firecat's Avatar firecat 08:38 AM 06-23-2011

does it really take 30 min to sterilize?   I thought more like 5-10 but maybe I am wrong....

truejoy's Avatar truejoy 12:55 PM 06-23-2011

My last birth I just cleaned them with rubbing alcohol.    And then rinsed them well.


Devaskyla's Avatar Devaskyla 07:10 PM 06-23-2011

Yeah, pretty sure it only takes 15 minutes to sterilize by boiling. It doesn't kill everything, though.

IwannaBanRN's Avatar IwannaBanRN 09:24 PM 06-26-2011

Can't they be boiled when the baby is crowning by whoever is there with you? Then they will for sure be sterile when baby is born and the cord should have stopping pulsing by then if that's what you choose to do.