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sara-on-the-lake's Avatar sara-on-the-lake 03:54 PM 07-09-2011

I just went through all my older posts, before I came back here in the last week or two, and I feel awful.  I already knew two of you, zoebird and birthfree.  And then I wrote posts about being in labor, and I never answered back, while someone even asked for an update.  My next post was about 3 years later.  Mortified.  What awful forum etiquette! 


Needless to say, all turned out fine with that labor and birth.  Not that anyone was holding their breath, but I just thought I'd say so.  :o) 


Also, reading some of my posts from 5ish years ago, is like reading something you wrote in a high school yearbook.  I sound like I didn't know anything!  I sound young.  smile.gif 


Have any of you ever gone back to your posts from your earliest days here and read them? 

accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 03:59 PM 07-09-2011

I see all of my old posts, including this one as soon as i hit "submit" like dead skin cells. sloughed off and not relevant.


so, when people are like "back in 1999 you said X you crazy!" i'm like "who collects dead skin cells?" LOL


glad everything went well, btw. :)

Alenushka's Avatar Alenushka 05:23 PM 07-09-2011

I became far more skeptical of various natural cures and AP practices. I really see now that diet and exercise can't think everything. Bad things happen and genes are just as important as nurture.


Many thing that seemed so important when kids were little made zero difference and I really did not need to push myself so hard.


I am really glad I did not homeshool.


I guess, part of being young is being idealistic and maximalistic. I am much easier going parent now.

jaylily's Avatar jaylily 06:08 PM 07-09-2011

Alenushka, what are you replying to? 

jaylily's Avatar jaylily 06:10 PM 07-09-2011

sara-on-the-lake, Glad everything turned out fine ;)  I've never gone back to my earlier posts...but I've only been here a couple of years :)  But I have skimmed over posts during my first pregnancy (on another board) and I had a TON of questions about pregnancy, labour and childbirth then!  I've definitely learned a lot over the past few years and am becoming more and more natural minded. 


ursusarctos's Avatar ursusarctos 11:19 AM 07-11-2011

I pretty much think like zoebird in that I try to let old posts go... I change, my opinions may change, that was what I had to say at that moment, and that's all.


But I still don't go to read my old posts because I would probably be embarassed at some of them anyway. Hey, I have an ego too ;)


I have actually noticed a few times that someone has been pregnant and hanging out on the UC board and never returned to post an update... I always wonder what happened. I usually just assume that they got busy with their newborn, but I think some people might assume there was a bad outcome. Well, you know what happens when you ASSume things...

sara-on-the-lake's Avatar sara-on-the-lake 04:07 PM 07-11-2011

So just for the record:


My two UCs were perfect!  As awesome as my mw-assisted homebirths were, thinking birth couldn't get any better, I was so wrong.  My UCs were amazing, no problems whatsoever, as natural and intimate and wonderful as could be.


I do feel bad not returning to at least post the good news, let alone birth stories.  I think that's important, especially in a community where there are at least women searching for this, exploring the possibilities, willing to listen.  Good positive birth stories are important.

accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 10:30 PM 07-11-2011

indeed. and honestly, the majority of stories that we read are positive. there are also several transfer stories, most of which are positive, and very few losses. this is just my experience, of course. my perception. :)


and, awesome. :D

ursusarctos's Avatar ursusarctos 01:30 AM 07-12-2011

awesome indeed!