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Originally Posted by JamieCatheryn View Post

Actually I've heard recently of a study showing a lot amount of alcohol is safe in pregnancy. Everywhere besides America and UK I've heard they feel the same. 1 serving just the once in a while for medical reasons doesn't sound so horrid to me. Have a full serving or several, often, recreationally is asking for trouble though.

Oh boy, here we go again dizzy.gif. If a study were to say a certain amount of cocaine was safe during pregnancy that doesnt mean i will use it. Why should alcohol be any different? There probably is an amount scientists could come up with when it comes to just about any food or drug that is safe during pregnancy...does that mean its necessarily good or even truly safe (scientists have been known to change their minds). Why do people feel the need to justify actions that are not beneficial to their baby? Is it there way of saying that they deserve to enjoy themselves a little? If you need alcohol to enjoy yourself, no matter how much or how little, then you need help. I know its socially acceptable and very much promoted in many cultures and social circles but we all know its bad for your health, end of story. The whole "drink a glass of red wine a day, its good for your heart" is because of the antioxidant properties of grapes, not anything to do with the alcohol content. So to justify drinking while pregnant is selfish and if someone were to give me one good reason why its not then i might listen, but no one has. To say its okay for "medical reasons" is BS. There is nothing that absolutely NEEDS to be treated with alcohol. Like in the case of an irritable uterus in this thread, calcium and magnesium are far better to consume than alcohol, are they not? I wholeheartedly agree with Logan. Why dont we focus on consuming substances that are GOOD, not substances that are known carcinogens, that kill brain cells, that do whatever other horrible damage to the body? Our babies have one chance to grow in our wombs, thats it, its our job to ensure its a healthy, supportive time.
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Couldn't have said it better myself! clap.gif


No doctor would ever recommend alcohol for braxton hicks. Or even premature labor contractions. Not even as a last resort. And as this thread is concerned, if the OP had used alcohol as a treatment method she would have had to have it at least once a day for the contractions. That's how many glasses of alcohol over the course of a pregnancy? It may settle the uterus (though I've yet to see evidence of that either) but it is doing so because of the harmful way it interacts with the body. In general braxton hicks are harmless and probably even beneficial to preparing the body for labour. In some cases they do need to be watched more carefully, but alcohol is not the answer. 

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I used huge amounts of water and a high dose of mag myself, and never ever drink any alcohol pregnant or not (ok maybe a half a sip to find out the taste of something), but I would try a half glass of mead or wine before going to the hospital for preterm labor. I have actually heard from moms whose OB's give alcohol by IV in addition to the magnesium and saline.

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I'm going to take the unpopular side & admit to having a drink when the BH get frequent, & yes it was on the advice of a midwife. I don't drink recreationally, I never drink to get drunk & when non-pregnant my limit is 2. I have a large frame & petite does not describe me. I feel it's safer for the baby inside than out before 37 weeks & it does relax the (my) uterus. Doctors were giving IV's of alcohol back in the 70's for the same reason. I don't think that the posts were coming from the point of view that alcoholic mothers couldn't restrain their desire for a buzz; probably from reading Ina May's Spiritual Midwifery. I remember the story of the mother who was told by the doctor to drink vodka starting at 32 or 34 weeks to keep the baby from being born prematurely.

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I've always had alot if early BH with all of my 4 pregnancies, but I only worried about preterm labor with the 1st. Then I learned that BH r only felt in the front, while actual labor, preterm or full term is felt in the back to some degree. I was plagued with the most annoying prodromal labor ever with dc4. However I never ran to the hospital too early becuz I just kept waiting to feel the pain radiate in my back.
Also, BH are actually good, they're toning ur uterus for the task ahead! Would u not prepare your body if u knew u would be running a race in the near future?

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Alright, apparently some doctors and midwives do recommend alcohol to help stop pre-term labor. This doesnt make it safe, though, which is a big reason why I'm a supporter of UP and UC--going about birth and pregnancy in this way encourages a mother to do her own research, listen to her instincts and heart, and she is much less likely to do something simply because a doctor or several suggests it or even a midwife.

The comment about it occurring in the late 70's doesnt give it validity, I'm not sure why it would. Also, I wasnt referring to drinking to get buzzed, i was referring to any consumption of alcohol. Drinking some to stop preterm labor is a lot like getting an epidural or other pain meds during labor--we spend months making sure we dont consume anything that could possibly cause damage to our baby's fragile developing body, and then when labor starts or we're trying to stop labor, we forget all about that or figure its more important to relieve our pain or stop preterm labor. The well-being of the baby is still relevant, that hasnt changed or diminished in the slightest. Why would it? The only thing that has changed is our sense of urgency or our level of fear. I am certain that if a mother were to calm herself down, get into a better state of mind she would figure out other ways to say, stop preterm labor or minimize labor pain.
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