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erniebobernie's Avatar erniebobernie 01:50 PM 07-21-2011

I'm looking for books to read about UC. Any suggestions?


I'm due with my fifth child 2/27/12. I've had CNMs for all my births and had my last child at home. We moved to CO from NO CAL and am not very familiar with the HB MWs in the Denver/Boulder area. I've got a few names and have made appt to meet them. However, I am considering a UC as well.

I am low risk, 36 years old and all my labors have been healthy, natural and quick. First one 3 hours and all the others under 2. I am confident that I will birth successfully at home with my family.


I want some books/blogs to read during pregnancy to help make that decision.


I have Spiritual Midwifery, Ina Mae Gaskin's Guid to Childbirth, Birthing From Within to name a few. I have a few others that I haven't pulled out in many years. I'll be tracking those down soon.


I appreciate any support offered. TIA:)



jancea's Avatar jancea 10:49 PM 07-21-2011


congrats on your 5th baby! i am attempting a UC this Winter as well. my favorite online resources so far are:


this forum <3


and youtube for UC videos.


erniebobernie's Avatar erniebobernie 01:32 PM 07-22-2011

Awesome! Thank you! Congrats to you as well!!


I'm most curious about what specifically dh needs to do right after baby is born that our MW's usually do.


It may be so simple, but because I am just beginning my research of UC I just don't know. (blushing)


So again, thank you!


I will check out those blogs now:)