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Spotting Questions

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I think I'll go get checked out tomorrow, but want to pick your brains! innocent.gif


I am 12w 2d. At 7 weeks I had some brown spotting, very mild, not constant, just a few spotting incidents here and there for 2 days.  Nothing since and my OB was happy with my exam at my first appt which was 9w 4d.


Now, I am spotting again.  It started on Friday with the tiniest spot of a piece of tissue, the again Saturday the same thing as Friday.  Last night I woke up with wetness in my underwear.  It was thin and brownish.  Nothing else really today until later in the afternoon.  I am now getting a little bit of pink on my tissue when I wipe and it's smelly.  (I have had bacterial infections in the past and it smells kind of like that's what wants to start.) So I inserted a capsule of acidophilous, which has always stopped the bacterial infections for me in the past.


I have read, and the packet the clinic gave me also stated, that some spotting in the first trimester can be normal.  I have also read that it can occur around the same time as when your normal period would have been.  Which would be about now. 


I am concerned because of 3 other pregnancies, I have never experienced any spotting whatsoever!  


I would love to here from you mamas about your experiences, suggestions, and anything else you think I should know.  I am not afraid to hear the reality of things; like if this is the start of a miscarriage- I appreciate you being honest and open with me.  help.gif


Thanks for listening!

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