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I'm 41 weeks+ 3 days, anyone else carry long?

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My first ds came at 42 weeks +2 days, my second ds came at 42 weeks+2 days and it looks like this one is gonna do the same. I am 41 weeks and 3 days. Why do i feel like the only one that carries so long and WHY do i carry so long? I'm going nutz! banghead.gif

Anyone got me beat?

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I don't have you beat, but my mother-in-law carried all four of her boys to 43 weeks (back when they didn't induce for going a day over your "due date".

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Mine were born at 41w1d and 42w (I though second babies were supposed to come sooner than first?) But my cycles are a little long so due dates could be adjusted about 4d for that. My midwife had her own kids at 42 and 43 weeks so she was good about patience. I never told people a due date, just the month, so I didn't have too many saying "no baby yet?" to me...but that strategy only helps if you're due in the middle of the month I guess.

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i do not feel any better that 33 people have read this thread and no one replied that they have me beat! argg! hammer.gif what is wrong with me!

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I went 42 weeks with my DD.

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Originally Posted by AJandElijahsmommy View Post

i do not feel any better that 33 people have read this thread and no one replied that they have me beat! argg! hammer.gif what is wrong with me!

Some might be lurkers. I've read the thread twice, and this is my first pregnancy so I don't know how long I go, and didn't have anything to add.


There's nothing wrong with you :)


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Originally Posted by AJandElijahsmommy View Post

i do not feel any better that 33 people have read this thread and no one replied that they have me beat! argg! hammer.gif what is wrong with me!

that sometimes bothers me too...SO, I went to 42 weeks with my third and all was well. enjoy your last few days, be they long, they will be gone soon.

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My 1st  41 +3 days

2nd  42 + 5 days

3rd   42 wks

4th  42 wks

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I go long, but not that long!  :o)  All my natural babies (first two were induced) have gone 6-8 days past due date, and one was 11 days past, and got kicked out with a healthy dose of castor oil, at my midwife's urging (that was my first homebirth). 

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Google 10 month mamas. This is the first link http://www.birthemissary.com/1/post/2011/09/10-month-mama-patience-in-pregnancy-past-42-weeks.html I know a woman who routinely had pregnancies lasting 44-46 weeks (last I heard, she had 8 kids, so not like I'm saying that about 1 or 2 lol)

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I was born at 43 weeks myself!

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My first UC (2nd babe) was 41w5d and my second UC (3rd babe) was 42w1d


I sat on a yoga ball and ate spicey foods the night before each of them were born.

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Oh you are so not alone!! I have six children, my first three was induced at 42 weeks because I didnt know any better and they said I *had* too.. After I realized its my decision I went on to have babies at 43 and even 44 weeks (homebirth)..  Sometimes its unknown why we carry our babies longer. I've read too lately women with thyroid conditions tend to carry their babies longer and I know women with longer cycles can too.  I have 36 or so day cycles and I have hypothyroidism so maybe that's my reason? You arent alone at all, even though I know it must feel like it!! *hugs* There are 10 month mama groups and pages over on facebook if you would like to join us.  You know you are doing the very best thing for your baby by waiting and letting them come when they are ready!

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Yup - I have you beat!!


DD1 was born at 43+1 weeks  (planned HB, ended up a transfer as she was asynclitic)


DD2 was born at 43+6 weeks (semi-planned UC)


Both biggish but not huge (especially not by my family's standards!) at 8lb13oz and 9lb8oz. 


Both perfectly healthy with no 'postmaturity syndrome'.  DD2 was even covered with heaps of vernix!


I wonder about the thyroid connection too - I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, apart from the actual blood results (my tests come back in the normal range) and I have a lower basal body temp than normal.  It would kind of make sense that it would take my buns a bit longer to cook in my cooler oven ;)


Hang in there - you'll have your baby pretty soon, and you're doing the best thing you can for them by being patient, hard as it is!!

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Does anyone know if the OP had her baby or not? I'm anxious to hear a birth story and see if everything turned out okay.

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Also remember EDD's are only estimates and can easily be off by a few weeks either way.  Hope you had your baby by now though!

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My mom had my eldest brother at 43 weeks, the day she was going to be induced, and he came out covered in vernix!


I wouldn't mind going to 42 or even 43 weeks with this baby, I only went to 36 + 3 with my twins.

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I had my first at 42wks 2 days, currently at 40wks 6 days!

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Hi, baby boy was born at 42 weeks and 4 days. Healthy, happy, perfect UC! Posting birth story now. :)

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i carried my 2nd daughter for 45 + 1 week,

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^ Whoo boy, you have some patience.  How big was she?

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#1 = 40 weeks 4 days

#2 = 41 weeks

#3 = 41 weeks 4 days

Twins = 39 weeks 4 days

#6 = 41 weeks 2 days (only UC, but I didn't allow any inductions etc with the others) 

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My first baby I went to 41 weeks, 3 days, he was 8lbs 6oz..  Second, 42 weeks, he was 9lbs 6oz.

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Really its just that due dates are an estimate and that everyone's body is a little different and as frustrating and uncomfortable as it may be its okay and there is nothing wrong with it. If you were to go over 43 weeks that might be cause for concern but otherwise not. If you have menstral cycles that run longer than 28 days then your due date could be off if you used the first day of your last period to calculate it since this is based on you having ovulated two weeks after your period. However if your cycles averaged say 36 days long your due date would be eight days later than the standard calculation and so on. So the 40 weeks is based on the 38 weeks the baby is in the womb plus the two weeks prior to ovulation.


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I am at 42+2 & its all an emotional/mental game at this point.  It helps to see that other mamas have gone really "late" & have had healthy babies and births.  I am risked out, so we will be having another UC this time.  Baby #2 was UC, but she was born at 38 weeks.

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