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Doing a UP/ Question concerning spotting/cramping

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So, I should be 7 weeks, 6 days by my best count. The pregnancy has been going along swimmingly, lots of nausea, fatigue, sore breasts...the usual pregnancy symptoms with the nausea starting right as it should at 6 weeks. 


Last night, I wiped after using the toilet and there was a bit of brown/pink tinge. A few minutes later, I had to pee again (naturally!) and there was a small bit of brown/pink tinge on my underwear as well as when I wiped. Very small amounts. I was a bit concerned, but about an hour or two later, I began having some severe cramping. A bit like before or during AF, but quite a bit stronger. No pain in my lower back though. 


The spotting has continued but is only ever viewable on the tp after wiping when using the toilet. There has been no more on my underwear and no sign of it picking up. The cramping died down late last night so that I was able to sleep, but appears to have picked up again. 


Is this a miscarriage? There is no red blood. And mostly it is brown...not even that much pink and only ever teeny tiny amounts but the cramping is concerning. 


I am planning a UP, and if this is a miscarriage would prefer to deal with it at home, so I'm planning on just waiting things out, but I am surprised that the flow of the spotting hasn't picked up by now? 


I should mention also, that I have severe nausea still and sore breasts. Although I'm sure that wouldn't necessarily go away with an impending miscarriage....

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Just to update. I am still having brown tinge (only after wiping) although it's died down to every other time I go the bathroom or something like that. I also had more cramping last night that was fairly extreme, but there was no spotting at the same time that I experienced the cramping. Once I got to sleep, I did wake up several times to pee, and there was no cramping at those times and also no brown spotting although it picked up again (onlly when I wipe) once I woke for the day. 


I'm still feeling nauseous and should have hit 8 weeks today if everything is still progressing. 


I'd still love to know if anyone can tell me what this is? I always thought a miscarriage would happen a bit quicker? But, at this point, I just can't tell what's going on. 

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Hey There,


Just quickly...for the cramping up your calcium/magnesium to 1500mgs,  warm up your pelvic area with a warm compress, heating pad or bath, a bit of red wine will also help relax things, Partridge berry in tincture form has been known to stop miscarriages (powerful smooth muscle relaxer), stay hydrated to dilute hormones, check blood volume/pressure...

You been eating enough sources with protein & iron?  Been feeling weak, dizzy, foggy?  Blackstrap molasses, beets, red raspberry (herb), almonds, raisins, greens ect...Deep breathing/hypno...


Keep us updated mama!

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Thank you SO much for your reply on all those wonderful suggestions! It helps just to have someone else give a bit of advice. 


To update, I bumped up my Magnesium calcium appears to already be pretty high, but there was literally no way I was getting near enough Magnesium. I've been having horrible nausea ever since week 6 with literally every day seeming worse than the day before, so I know that my iron intake has been quite low. It's been a struggle just to eat anything much less the high protein diet I used to eat! But, I am trying to increase my iron because I have noticed that I've been a bit weaker this go around...although that could be due to chasing around my 2 year old...


I have been drinking extra water ever since this started, and it doesn't really seem to have much affect on the cramping, but I've been keeping it up anyway. I also took your advice on a glass of red wine, and a warm bath, last night and it definitely helped the cramps. I had no cramping and no spotting all evening and was able to get a great night's sleep. When I woke this morning, I went to the bathroom and there was a bit of brown spotting again, but nothing since. There has still been no more on my underwear and no spotting while wiping for the rest of the day. The cramping however is back and just as intense. 


I did notice that my prenatal, Rainbow Light complete (1x a day) has red rasberry leaf in it...I took it last pregnancy as a tea in the third trimester and never noticed any cramping due to it, but possibly because this is the first trimester I'm more sensitive this go around? 


I also have a feeling that the cramping may not be connected with the spotting...I'm trying very hard to just wait this out as relaxed as I can be, but it is a bit unnerving. I had no spotting with my previous pregnancy until late in my second trimester when I had a yeast infection. I did however have really heavy cramping, but I'm nearly positive that they were gone by 8 weeks...

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                How distressing to be trying to handle this on your own!  Here's a link that may help you troubleshoot a possible cause...




                I've had ovarian cysts before that responded to hot castor oil compresses, and a vaginal infection that I treated with antimicrobials.


                Both created cramping early on...but there are so many other possibilities...


Don't give up hope!

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sounds to me like normal implantation bleeding. Happened to me with 2 of my pregnancies. Brown blood would mean its not a fresh bleed. probably a small amount of implantation bleeding that is just now making its way out. I wouldn't worry too much.


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