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I can hardly believe the lengths to which she will go!

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You know, I sometimes agree with Dr. Amy. Most of the time I do not, and this time I don't agree by a long shot and her comparisson is so far off I can hardly see straight.


She says, "In the case of the pro-anorexia community purported empowerment comes from resisting the natural urge to eat in response to need. In the case of the NCB community purported empowerment comes from resisting the natural urge to seek pain relief in response to severe pain."


I don't take pain relief because I don't feel like the pain of laboring and birthing warrant the risks of the medications, and the pain isn't going to last forever. I don't even HAVE a natural urge to seek pain relief. She uses such blanket statements. She is the extreme or her movement just like we have extremes among NCB advocates. I can't understand why she doesn't see that.


I also kind of think she might be devoid of any humanity...but that's another topic, I'm sure.

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The only time I've ever had any urge whatsoever for pain medication in labour was when it had reached a point where I'd gone most of two weeks with almost no sleep, and almost 48 hours with no sleep. I just wanted it to stop long enough to catch a nap. Mind yoj, that still wasn't anywhere near enough for me to be okay with a needle in my spine. I'm normally okay with needles, but spinals/epidurals freak me out. Oh, yeah - and I hate, hate, hate being numb. Pain is better, in most circumstances.

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Dr Amy usually just infuriates me to no end. I am not at all surprised by the lengths she'll stoop.

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She's a poor woman who's been so thoroughly brainwashed by her "education" she is unable to see past it.

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Not worth it, you're post will just have them over here looking at what you say.  Also... it'll send more people to her site.  Then she can gloat about how many people came to her site this year.  Vomit.  I think Dr. Amy should be ignored here.  

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OP, break the link. Why make more fodder for her snark?
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idk how to break the link :(

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Just edit and remove it.  The pencil box on the lower right hand corner of your post will allow you edit it.

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