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How is this possible???

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a friend of mine had her UC 6 months ago, she just got her birth certificate for her son and when she was at the SS office they said her baby already had an SSN. She never registered for one. and didn't really want one. but her son has one. they say they don't know but it is his. how is this possible. CPS did get involved for a short time after her birth just making sure she took the baby to the hospital to get checked out but that was it. how can her baby have an ssn with out her applying for one?? anyone ever heard of this?


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In my state (Utah) the birth certificate worksheet form has a section that says you are automatically giving them permission to share your information with the social security administration for the purpose of assigning a social security number.  There is a box below that statement that you can check if you do not want the information to be sent to the social security administration.  If you don't read through thoroughly, you could skip over that part quite easily.  I wonder if other states are the same.


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