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trying to get my ducks in a row..... novel worthy warning...

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This will be our 2nd UC hopefully... I am 99.9% fixed on having no one around when I give birth. Hubs is a bit more like 75%... although he did catch our last babe which was awesome... anyhow. today when I was casually talking to a fellow mama that knows me for a little while, she brought up the point and was a bit for having "someone" or a midwife there... her reasons : if something would happen to baby or me, baby not breathing, me hemmoraging  or something like that... there would someone who in her words "knows what to do" because "they carry stuff for that like drugs"..AND that if something would happen to me or babe, CPS might be really on my case,because we couldnt blame anyone else.... My thing is, I really dont want someone shooting me up with drugs, thats why Im staying away from drs. in the first place, and I have knowledge of what to do short term for the "what ifs"... the hospital is 6 minutes away... paramedics even closer...I keep telling myself that i am confident in my body and birth and that thats her opinion..


that got me thinking... about CPS, we have yet to take DD1,2,3 to the doc,we dont have one picked out... for anyone... I will be most likely doing my own prenatals, so should I take us all to the dr to get a well visit, in case something happens down the road with birth, CPS cant look and go "well these people are neglegent, and have no medical history" sort of thing... WWYD? thanks ladies...

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Hmm, good question. My understanding is that CPS departments vary greatly from state to state, so if you can get some feedback from someone in your state, that may be most helpful.


My family does not have a doctor. My DD hasn't been for a few years.


Are your kids involved in some sort of class or group where someone impartial could report that they've seen your kids with no apparent health problems? Any government agency loves paper, so do you have a growth chart you've kept for your kids? Keep that on hand (or make one up now :) Just something to show that you do pay attention to their health and there's been no cause for concern.


If it gives you peace of mind to have your bases covered, then it probably wouldn't hurt to get checkups.

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Not sure what to say about the CPS thing, but I definitely wouldn't birth without someone at least in the next room.  With both of my labors my husband was on standby (but left me alone completely). With this last one I happened to labor in the bathroom so he just kept walking by to check on me (the door was open).  Which I didn't mind at all.  It is nice knowing he is right there within earshot when I need something - and I did call for water and also for him to videotape.


My two cents on CPS - they did investigate me and just wanted us to take the babies to the pedi.  Which is why I'm not really sure what to say on that one.

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Hi MAMATWO8!!  wave.gif  I didn't know you were a UC'er!! I flirt with these boards, too. I want to at least do my own prenatals and I hope for a "unplanned UC" possibly while DH is at work. I guess I don't have any advice but I was so excited to see you over here!!

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