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For the last week I have had intense and frequent BH contrax. Most of the time I could get them to go away with drinking more, resting/putting my feet up, hot bath etc. However 2 nights ago I couldnt really get them to stop so I went into L/D. Wasnt in true labor and got sent home. yay.


I have noticed though if I'm not resting frequently or try to do "normal" activities they come back fast and hard. At worst they are over 13 in an hour and some can last up to 45 sec. I do not want this to turn into preterm labor as I am due in Oct.


I put myself on bedrest for a few days to see if they would help. Of course it did. How can I avoid being stuck on my butt for the rest of my pregnancy? I HAVE to work to support my house (it is a desk job that I can do somewhat from home) and have 5 other kids (one being special needs).


I wanted to smack hubby a few min ago. "So you are gonna have fake contrax non stop till you have this kid. Either suck it up or be stuck on your a$$ for the rest of your pregnancy and make us lose the house." - Thanks jerk


Please tell me there is a way I can do this myself. I dont have high blood pressure or anything like that and have been complication free until now.

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I assume you're taking care to stay super hydrated at all times and getting extra minerals (like magnesium) already? I have contractions almost like that from 3 months along until birth, but just sit or lie down and drink extra water if they start up. A glass of wine or beer can stop them (up to one a day is supposed to be ok, but I'd keep it to way less myself). If they were developing a pattern I'd check my own cervix, if you start to actually open up with these at all it is preterm labor and you'll need to get it stopped.

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Your husband sounds like an effing arse and has no right to speak to you like that for ANY reason.  Make you lose the house?  wtf, is that a threat?  Treating you that way is verbally and emotionally abusive.  Whether or not you are willing to label it as such.  HE needs to suck it up and figure out how to help take care of you and the family so you can rest of take care of you and your fetus.


I understand this is in UC, but if you continue to have this same pattern, PLEASE get help.  Find a care provider who can monitor you and your baby closely to ensure the best outcome... especially if you have someone at home being a giant heartless jerk.  Sometimes pregnancy DOES mean being stuck on your a$$, as he so kindly put it.  that is when the people around you who care about you help pick up the slack because it is in your best interest to stay put.

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Wow, I'm so sorry that you had that comment from your husband. As others said, listen to your body and do what you feel is best. If that means resting, so be it. 


He is forgetting what you are risking..your health and that of your baby....by pushing it. 


Let go of what he said, holding on to it won't help matters right now. 


Take care of yourself and seek more help if you feel you need it. Otherwise, stand your ground and trust that your body is telling you what to do and follow that - rest.




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for me, lots of Braxton hicks = very short labor. Have them pretty strong starting at about 32 weeks and more frequent and intense as I near the end of pregnancy. And all 3 of my babies were born past 42 weeks. 1st labor; 24hours start to finish (frequent BH during pregnancy but not very strong), 2nd labor 3 hours start to finish (lots of strong and frequent BH), 3rd labor 1.5 hours start to finish (VERY intense BH). Going for 45minute labor this time lol. :) I notice the more braxton hicks I have and the stronger they are, the shorter the labor. so I welcome them. :) 

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my coworker had to go on bedrest and was eligible for short-term disability coverage.  It didn't cover her entire income, but it was better than no money coming in at all.

Is that a benefit available at your workplace?


You'd have to see some kind of healthcare provider to document the need for it, though. 

savithny, 42 year old moderate mom to DS Primo (age 12) and DD Secunda (age 9).

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I know the full moon and the new moon will bring on stuff like that for me - so maybe you will be lucky and it won't be so bad the whole rest of the preg.  just the couple of days every 2weeks ...

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I have no advice to give on the Braxton Hicks, but what your husband said to you was awful. My jaw dropped when I read that. If he were any kind of man he'd start looking for extra work to help cover the bills. I really hope he reflected on how vicious that was and apologized. And I hope you start to feel better soon.

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Are you feeling any better?

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