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Possible amniotic leak- advice needed!

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Hi everyone! I'm doing UP/UC and am 38 almost 39 weeks. A few days ago I coughed really hard and got a small gush from my vagina that was fairly odorless and clear. It happened again a few times if I bore down a little, but seemed to seal up overnight. Its come back a few times with doing heavy activity (cleaning, lifting) but it doesnt just drip out like I would expect. Just little gushes, and then it stops. So maybe its thinned out cervical fluid? I'm not too worried about it, since its a relatively small amount and not constant, but I am sad not to be able to swim or take a bath. And I know that if it was amniotic fluid and I went to see a Dr they would reccommend induction. Has anyone had similar experiences and did you do anything to speed up labor naturally or any other thoughts or advice for me? This didnt happen at all with my first pregnancy but my prelabor has been much more intense this time (BHs, cramping, pelvic pain).

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I don't have any first hand experience with this, but I have heard of it happening with minor leaks happening once of twice and then stopping all together as if the bag heals on its own.  As long as the fluid is clear and odorless and you don't have any signs of an infection I would reason that there isn't a problem....but maybe there's something I'm not thinking of?  I have also heard of waters breaking full on much earlier in pregnancy (I don't remember exactly, but it was around 25-30 weeks) with a mama who was having OB care and she was put on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy because the baby was still so young and needing more time in the womb...


Don't know if any of that helps...

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I know this thread is old, but I thought id share for the benefit of others...

This just happened to me at 22 weeks and so long as it is a small amount of fluid, it is fine because what it is is the outer membrane breaking a bit. The outer membrane will release amniotic fluid and nobody knows why really, but it has a Saran-wrap like consistency which will double over on itself and seal right up again.

So long as the inner membrane is intact, all is well. A rapture of the inner membrane would be a much more significant flow and would most likely be followed by uterine contractions.
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Spread out about 5,000 mg of Vitamin C daily & increase mineral salts.  Keeps microbial load & Ph in check, strengthens membranes, increases nutrient conductivity.  Mineralize & spin your water!

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Just want to update.. went into labor at 40w5d and inner water bag was totally intact, broke while baby came out!

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Abigail G, CONGRATS!  That's so neat that your baby stayed in the bag for so long.  :)

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Originally Posted by AbigailG View Post

Just want to update.. went into labor at 40w5d and inner water bag was totally intact, broke while baby came out!

Congrats mama!!! joy.gif

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