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megletrocks's Avatar megletrocks 07:23 AM 06-12-2013

my husband and I plan on reading Emergency Childbirth, Heart and Hands, The labor Progress Handbook, and a lot of articles in midwifery today. Any other good books you guys can suggest? We were thinking about Williams Obstetrics: 23rd Edition We saw on amazon, but we r not sure if its necessary We are really eager to learn what we can. This is our 5th baby, but first UC. My first 2 births where in the hospital with epidurals. My 3rd one was a very healing birth at a free standing birth center. It was a water birth and he was 11.7 pounds and he came out so easy and fast. I thought my body can do this without the help of a hospital! My 4th one was born at home with a midwife who was very controlling. She had me push in a position that I said was hurting my sacrum but said come on just push. Then she saw that my baby was stuck and said call 911 and flipped me on my hands and knees and pulled my baby out very hard. She is fine now. I'm convinced that if I was free to labor the way I wanted too, and not forced to push in a position that was "easy for her" to see everything my baby would have not got stuck. I was yearning for the hands in knees position. So we r taking matters in our own hands this time we want to take responsibility and I want to labor with my instincts. I'm currently reading Unassited Homebirth an Act of Love.

Voondrop's Avatar Voondrop 11:51 AM 06-12-2013

I did read the Unassisted Homebirth/ Act of Love & enjoyed it as a read but I think it's more for people who haven't decided rather than those who have already made up their mind. It's certainly not current but I enjoyed Rahima Baldwin's Special Delivery.

cottonwood's Avatar cottonwood 09:27 AM 06-13-2013

Megletrocks, I'm so sorry for your homebirth experience. Homebirth midwifery can be just as controlling and traumatic as any other kind of birth management. It's a shame.


Keep in mind that Emergency Childbirth, while there is some good stuff in there, is really dated. Heart & Hands is VERY heavily management-focused, it is all "the midwife does this and the midwife does that", so that a lot of it ends up being superfluous/useless information. Special Delivery is also written from the perspective that a midwife is going to be managing the birth, but for me that part of it was easier to ignore.


One of my favorite books is Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley. Also Jeannine Parvati Baker, Michel Odent, Laura Shanley, Those aren't how-to manuals, though. Midwifery Today is a great source.  

dayiscoming2006's Avatar dayiscoming2006 02:10 PM 06-13-2013

I've always heard and read that hands and knees position is ideal for big babies. I've favored it for my last two births (8.5 lbs and 9lbs 3 oz.) If you do choose a midwife, I think it is important to find one that is more hands off. I'm thankful this time to have one like that. I did appreciate my UC though. It was an interesting experience relying soley on what I felt would be right. I appreciated the Heart and Hands book in preparation for my UC last time.