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I'm 35 weeks pg and found out a week or so ago that my one hour glucose level(I had to go in for the test) was a little elevated. I have been planning on UCing the whole time and my husband has also finally come to terms with that too. We are both pretty excited/slightly nervous about it, as no one here really seems to understand UC and its something at least I feel I will be fulfilled with, considering my previous 3 hospital births.


But now with my blood sugar levels, which I have easily been able to ''control'' with diet (no sugar, duh, and no white flour, duh againorngtongue.gif), I'm still wondering.........Are the chances really that much greater for complications during birth? What kinds of things can happen because of having it? I feel like Im worrying pointlessly and just need to trust in my body and God that everything will go fine. Has anyone UCed with these so called ''elevated blood sugar levels''? Is there anything special I should be researching about the subject?


I was tested for the same thing the last time I was pg. The reason being I had such a large belly measurement. Im 23, then I was 22, and BMI was ok, tho this time Im told its a bit high(I never got rid of enough of those extra pounds from my last pregnancy). But then the funny thing is, tho I was measuring supposedly ''big'' this time, 3 weeks later the care taker switched and I was 1cm less than the last time. Im not so convinced its the babys position now that would bring about such a difference-it was obvious in my last pg that he was really sticking his bum out far, but this time this baby feels smaller. (the lady who was doing my prenatals was a sub. She measured and said, hey thats not right, it cant be smaller than last time, so measured much more loosely to get a bigger number. Then the lady changed, and this new one, who is a summer sub too, didnt even think about it twice that she measured 1cm smaller than her co-worker did 3 weeks before) Im kinda upset with the system here-everyone does things differently, in their own way. I never would have started prenatals if it wasnt for something that happened in the beginning of this pg. Next time Im on my own!


Thanks for listening, helping and letting me vent a little:)


OAT: Should I be forgetting UC altogether?

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I just want to say upfront that I have never UC'd and probably never will, but I am fully supportive of it. I just saw your post and had to respond because I have a pretty complicated case of GD and so I know a little bit about it... I wanted to say that in my state, midwives will still offer home birth and birth center births for women that have GD controlled with diet. They will not continue caring for someone if they have to be on insulin. If your numbers can be controlled with diet that is very good.

Do you have a monitor? How are your fasting numbers? Those are the most important numbers. I don't know why but they are! During the day, my OB gave me a goal of under 135 an hour after meals. Some more strict docs say 120. In the morning he said less than 95 fasting.

The big prob with GD is when it is uncontrolled. Babies can either be too big or for some reason too small in some cases. My son was 11lbs!! I believe this was because even though I was diagnosed at 20 weeks last time, it is likely that my GD was early onset. This pregnancy it was diagnosed at 12 wks due to me being very proactive about it. I must be controlled with insulin and a diet of very little carbs. I can't even do much beans!! But my case is not typical. I tend to think when they are talking about worse case scenario complications, they are speaking of uncontrolled cases in someone who had a GD case such as mine.

If I were you, I would talk to a midwife about it and see what she says. One that is cool with UC births. She could probably really help with this decision.

Good luck!!!

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I abandoned my plans for a UC last pregnancy due to gestational diabetes. My blood pressure had gone up considerably, which is what first tipped me off, so went and took the test at 30 weeks. I controlled it entirely by diet, throughout the rest of my pregnancy, and there were no complications from it. My son did end up swallowing a lot more meconium than I was comfortable dealing with, so for that, I was glad we were in the hospital, but the GDM was a total non-issue. This time, I'm UC/UP, and just watching my own sugars, testing regularly, and making sure I stick to the GD diet while eating very healthy, and getting my exercise. Haven't had a high reading yet, on my blood sugars, and my urinalysis strips come out great every morning, so I'm not worried.


That said, if I didn't have the education on how to properly take care of myself to keep GD from becoming an issue, I'd probably not UP (though still probably UC). I'm pretty in-tune with my pregnant body, and what it actually needs, rather than what whatever craving is saying it needs (sugar craving is usually lack of hydration, for example, for me and most others, lack of energy after eating means I didn't get enough protein in with that meal or snack, things like that). Being diagnosed last time with GD fine-tuned that for me.


One other thing to be aware of, though, is what to look for in your newborn, as far as making sure their blood sugar levels are ok. Prolonged sugar issues in a newborn can have some fairly bad consequences, and being aware of what to look for, and what to do about it, is quite probably even more important than your own blood sugar during pregnancy, if you're going to UC.

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I was diagnosed with GDM with my first (still bothers me a bit because I found that the place I got tested had thresholds set 10 points lower than ACOG's standards, so...) who I gave birth to in the hospital.  All over my records it states that I was diagnosed but not once did they take a single glucose reading and after he was born I was repeatedly asked if I really had GDM because apparently a number of babies will come out looking poofy around the face.  Kind of ticked me off, especially since I'd been pricking myself four times a day for the past two months (same deal as you, diet controlled).  With my second pregnancy, I had one prenatal appointment, decided to completely forgo anything beside some blood tests, and maintained the diet I had followed when I had been diagnosed previously.  Baby was born 6 lbs and healthy, plus I didn't have all of the added stress and attention that came with it, which kept my blood pressure down.  Also, as far as big babies go, as I understand it, only 30% of GDM babies are "too big".  Good luck!

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Thank you all so much for your input!! Im not living in the states or Canada, which makes things a bit Anyhow, the levels I got for the test were as follows: 4.8, 11.6, 8.5 (If I remember right) They were supposed to be under 6, 10, and 8.6, or something like that. I was given a piece of paper briefly explaining diabetes during pregnancy, what to eat, what to avoid, and¨the levels blood sugar should be at. Very Brief. I would have liked a lot more ''help'', considering I had no clue what was happening. I've read up a lot otherwise on nutrition and have learned that fat is a good thing and this paper was telling me to eat everything low in fat, or fat free. Lots of whole grains, where I have learned that the more a person avoids flour, any flour, the better off they are. Ok. Long story short. I had a docs appoint. today and saw my caretaker for 10minutes before that. My hemoglobin turned out to be low, and she took a peek at my numbers I got from monitoring sugar levels at home. She was surprised they were all so low. Nothing was above 5.1. (I hope these numbers make sense??? I guess there are different ways of measuring) Then I asked her does this mean I have diabetes? (Cuz I thought it did!!-the one being higher than it should have been from the lab test) And she explained that NO!!, if I would have had 2 that were high then I would have been sent somewhere else to get it checked out and followed and it would have been ''more serious''. What a relief for me! I felt better instantly and so much more confident(going into the docs). Well, my appointment started with the doctor and something just felt really weird about her. I have never met her before and she seemed a bit strange. Turns out she was a student and I dont think she really knew what she was doing. She was obviously SUPER nervous. I could see her computer screen and she had guides and instructions popping up and she was reading them about what to do next, and how to do it. I mentioned the sugar levels, probably shouldnt have, and she got a little worried about it, until she finally believed me that the caretakers on the same floor were watching out for me and she didnt have to worry! Yes, they gave me the information needed, yes, Im monitoring at home, etc. There would be a lot more to tell, but maybe its better not to:) I always get so worked up with how they take care of things here that goes totally against my values and beliefs!! I was told today not to take Floradix, a natural liquid iron supplement, ''because it hasnt been studied enough'' and they dont know if its safe or not. I guess its more about opinions and beliefs, partly like what to eat-what is healthy- but I would take anything natural first before trying some laboratory-made chemicals trying to mimic the natural thing.


So yeah. I dont have diabetes, but had the one high level so I want to take special care. Diet and exercise. I felt a strong assurance that UC will be the way we go. A little bit more studying, perhaps, about this diabetes stuff and how it affects birth and newborns, but I sure feel ready already. My blood pressure, btw, has always been pretty low too (ie.106/64). So I think at least at this moment in time it would be ''safe enough'' to UC. I mean, I dont have to monitor my b.s. levels the whole time, let alone everyday. So I'll be taking it easy and relaxing a bit. Feels good to have that stress off my back!

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I'm glad everything is looking good for you!! I was going to say that with one of my previous pregnancies I also had a slightly elevated level on my 1 hour glucose test so they had me do the three hour test. Everything was fine. I don't think those tests are completely accurate, but that's just me! Anyways, congrats and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
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