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abk51673's Avatar abk51673 02:47 PM 08-17-2013
Wow! Congrats! Mine is trying to come early I think. I am 34 weeks 2 days, and have had to really try to not go into labor. My contractions get bad sometimes. My last one was born at 36 weeks exactly and I'm scared this one wont make it that long. I am completely UP/UC, so steroid shots are not an option for me unless I go to the hospital in labor. I worry, but I will head to the hospital if I am sure it's labor before 36 weeks. I am so glad you had a great outcome! Where did you get a pulse ox machine to use at home? Just curious. Congrats again!

ctjamommy's Avatar ctjamommy 03:33 PM 08-17-2013
Thank you and we had it from our last son (has a chronic lung disease) from a medical supply store....he hasn't needed it in over a year now so we had all the extra brand new probes and everything...
ShaktiDevi's Avatar ShaktiDevi 02:32 AM 08-18-2013

Your son is beautiful!

ctjamommy's Avatar ctjamommy 07:54 AM 08-18-2013
Originally Posted by ShaktiDevi View Post

Your son is beautiful!

Thank you!! He is absolutly perfect!!
Almi's Avatar Almi 01:19 PM 08-18-2013

Lovely pics!  I love seeing tiny newborns because it reminds me of when my twins were born.  One of them was the size of a 32 weeker.  Congrats again! <3

cyclamen's Avatar cyclamen 02:39 PM 09-20-2013

Just wondering if OP has an update on baby.  Hope he is getting chubby!

ctjamommy's Avatar ctjamommy 11:44 PM 01-30-2014
I haven't been on in quite awhile....my son is perfect....checked out 100% when first seeing the doctor at 5 says old....and very chunky
eknuckles's Avatar eknuckles 06:39 AM 01-31-2014
That is awesome news smile.gif) thank you so much for the update!!
ctjamommy's Avatar ctjamommy 09:57 AM 01-31-2014
He's my super chunky baby...lol

Almi's Avatar Almi 05:16 PM 01-31-2014

Look at that chubby baby boy!  My twins never chunked up like that and my third girl didn't much either (though she was born at 8 lbs!).  My baby boy however...lets just say this is the first kid I've legitimately needed baby powder for.  Fat boy needs it for his leg rolls! :)

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