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What are peoples UC supply lists for the big day?

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I had an unplanned unassisted birth Mon morning. We had planned a homebirth though.

What we used was:
RRL tea
Chux pads
Towels because it was a water birth
Bowl that we put the placenta in
Straw and some coconut water to rehydrate after the birth
Cord clamp and scissors
Postpartum pads
Homeopathic herbs for after birth pains

That was it. I would have suctioned baby out, but my dh couldn't find the bulb syringe and baby started crying so I said forget it. He didn't need it. I never used my peri bottle at all this time, but I did use flushable wipes for a day or 2.

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Congrats on your birth 100 mom!

I'm planning uc and I really don't have much for supplies planned out. I don't think you really NEED much, but some stuff might be nice. I have the raspberry leaf tea which I've been drinking. I would like to get some chux pads but haven't done so yet. I have the scissors which I still need to clean. We have tons of towels so I know I won't have a shortage of that anyway. I know a lot of home birth moms keep something for bleeding ready. I may look into that as well...can't remember what it was though

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Suctioning, in general, is unnecessary. It's better to let them drain on their own or, if you can actually see something in the baby's mouth, scoop it out with your little finger.


Anyway, my list of "stuff":


chux pads

plastic sheets


essential oils - peppermint, lavender, clary sage, helichrysum, frankinscence -  and a carrier oil - sweet almond

birth ball


postpartum pads

cheese cloth and drawstring bag for lotus birth

Herbal Afterbirth Bath mix - Comfrey leaf, Lavender flower, Shepherd's Purse, Uva Ursi leaf, Plaintain leaf, Red Raspberry leaf, Yarrow flower & Sea salt.


That's pretty much it. Even though I have all of this, I will only, of course, use them as I need them.

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We were less homey & used a more medical approach than a lot of people on this board will/ did use, but for the type of birth we had I'm glad we had it all. We do most to all of our own medical care, some of this is just in our standing supply. We had & didn't use

the birth ball

IVs w/ bags of saline

& bowl to catch placenta because the placenta didn't come.

We did use oil for massage (it was for baby, but the doula asked for some & it was SO handy)

shower curtain liner to protect mattress

bulb syringe & towels which we did need for a very purple baby & the carpet

baby hat

BP cuff & doppler for monitoring as I had a 40 hr. (easy but long) first stage.

The only thing I would have added is something to get the placenta out, mine take their time & we went for assistance.

I also had a can of coconut milk & drank a blenderful of smoothie, & used the pads, peri bottle & the sassy panties the hospital gave to save my own.

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·      *A printed out copy of all your prenatal medical records.

·      Blood Pressure Monitor: the only way to measure for several birth complications. You can buy an automatic/digital one at Amazon.

·      Sterile gloves. Buy the right size for both the mother and the assistance’s hands if size is significantly different.

·      Digital thermometer. A spiked fever during labor is a symptom of several complications in the mother, and needed after the birth for ensuring the baby’s temperature is self-stabilizing. Do not use an ear canal thermometer.

·      Highly absorbent sterile sanitary pads for vaginal discharge and post birth bleeding

·      Bulb Syringe

·      After-birth mesh underwear or large old underwear you don’t mind bleeding through and throwing away

·      Perineal cold compress

·      Povidone (Antiseptic bactericidal, skin cleaner)

·      Sterile gauze pads

·      4-6 Receiving Blankets placed in a pillow case and warmed with heating pad if possible

·      Disposable towels or plastic lined underpads

·      Alcohol prep pads

·      Garbage bags/heavy plastic liner for bed such as a shower curtain to place under old sheets you don’t mind soiling.

·      Ice

·      Paper towels

·      2 gallon sized zip lock bags for placenta

·      2 Large pliable cold packs (2 is best one can be in the fridge while the other is in use).

·      Mirror for the mother to observe crowning if she would like

·      If you are Rh- and the dad is Rh+, have an Eldon card for blood-typing.

·      Hydrogen peroxide for blood cleanup out of fabrics

·      Plastic bowl to hold placenta




Recommended Baby Supplies

·      Infant car seat in car with straps adjusted for newborn

·      Newborn-sized diapers and outfit

·      New jar of un-petroleum jelly/oil to protect from Meconium

·      A space blanket to transport the newborn

·      Neonatal stethoscope a newborn- you will only be able to pick up the sounds with this.



Minimal Recommended Equipment for Acquisition

There are two different methods for cutting the umbilical cord. For a standard method, use the taper candles and matches for light, and the disposable surgical clamps and scalpel for cord cutting. Alternatively, you may use the lit candles to gently char the cord, which is a proven method in emergency situations that protects against tetanus and other complications where sterile medical equipment is not accessible. These are the absolute minimum supplies I recommend, and would advise pregnant mothers to have this kit accessible at all times.



·      5 Pairs of sterile exam gloves

·      10 Disposable plastic lined underpads

·      5 Sterile Gauze pads

·      10 Alcohol Prep Pads

·      1 Sterile Bulb Syringe

·      2 Gallon plastic zip seal bags

·      2 Receiving Blankets

·      1 Cotton Newborn Hat

·      2 taper candles

·      1 package waterproof/windproof matches

·      Sterile disposable surgical cord clamps

·      Sterile disposable scalpel for cord cutting

·      1 trash bag

·      5 disposable newborn diapers

·      1 CPR Infant Rescue Mask

·      1 Pinard horn/ Fetascope

·      1 Calibrated obstetric drape for measuring blood loss

·      Small bottle of Astroglide lubrication for examinations

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I would say my list tends to grow the more babies I have!  I didn't have a whole lot (or need much) for any of my births, but it's still nice to have all of this stuff (especially postpartum stuff) all together.


Here's what I have this time:


Tablet, to videotape

Cell phone

Space heater

- Waterproof mattress pad, to protect my favorite chair after the birth

- Blankets and a sweatshirt for me

- Towels, to help absorb mess

- Underpads, to catch mess during birth and postpartum

- Garbage can, mostly for puking in

- Mini water bottles, because I always want water when I'm in labor

Hair tie, for tying my hair back

Small mirror, for watching the baby crown if I want

Ribbon, for tying off the cord

- Scissors, for cutting the cord

Bowl, for catching the placenta

Placenta Out

Blankets, including receiving blankets, for the baby

Clothes and newborn hats for the baby

Diapers, both cloth and disposable

Scale and tape measure, for measurements

Large pads, for postpartum bleeding

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Hey Mama! We're due in a week or so and here's what I've got ready:


Birthing Pool ($38 one we'll throw away)

Scissors (still need to grab shoe laces)

New wash cloths

Shower curtain for bed


Chux pads (asked a friend who's a nurse to grab me some)


shallow rectangular bucket (for Sitz bath, $3)

Sitz bath for PP

receiving blankets

NB hat

Shepard's Purse Organic tincture (in case of hem.)

Motherwort Organic tincture (for moods and hem.)

Evening Primrose Oil/capsules (Taking orally to ripen cervix, and for perineum massage in labor)

RRL tea for now and to make ice cubes with to suck on in labor

Robe (super cozy that I don't mind messing up for right after delivery)

Birth ball (borrowing from a friend)

Birth Certificate info packet from CO services to send in immediately after birth

Notepad of positions that are best for certain times, labor notes I find important for my fiance to have on hand in labor


Best wishes to you!!!

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this has been greatly helpful! thank you everyone for your lists.

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Oh yes, I also forgot to mention that I've gotten a birth pool and yoga ball in the past but never used them!  I think I might like those things if I had a longer first stage, and if I liked to move around more during labor.  But for the most part, I usually find my comfortable spot and stay there until I'm pushing!

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2 cord clamps

new scissors 

foot printer and keepsake birth certificate


That is it this time usually we do the kiddie pool but our house  has a huge tub, so I will use it for labour if it feels right. 

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That is interesting Almi, I am really curious about how I'll feel in the pool, etc.

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I've actually been liking to hop into the shower lately when I have contractions.  Mostly because I think, If I'm going into labor today/tonight, I want to be clean...it'll get me naked ahead of time (instead of having to strip in the midst of hard labor), but mostly I do it to warm up my feet!  I keep my house really cold, and it's old and kind of drafty with lots of hard floors. =P

Otherwise I haven't really ever had a want for water during labor, and for some reason the idea of water birth never turned me on much.

Originally Posted by ElektraofMars View Post


foot printer and keepsake birth certificate



That's such a good idea.  I always forget about that part.  I'd do that now, but I'd feel weird having it for my fourth and not my others! :(

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