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Hi everyone! Just wanted to provide a quick update. Our third baby boy was born on Dec 16th at approximately just after midnight! Successful UC! Everything went great! I started feeling something around 3 p.m., low back pain but it came and went within the hour. Then I felt some water gushes and we were at our oldest son's church Christmas show so we had to make a quick exit but it had just ended so it was perfect timing. That was about 5:30 and we got home popped dinner in the oven and things were still really slow so i decided i would go to bed about 8 p.m. since i'd been up early since 6 a.m. unfortunately as soon as I laid down the contractions got stronger and closer together so dh decided to fill the tub. A few glitches with that since he did not prepare for it like i had asked him to, waiting until the last minute to bring the garden hose in and turn the hot water heater up LOL. So we boiled water and filled it. around 9 p.m. i was still puttering about getting stuff ready boiling scissors bringing an old crib mattress downstairs to lean on during labor. i'd say by about quarter to ten i was in my own little world with really bad low back pain and pain down low during each contraction. All my kids are posterior so i knew this is why i was feeling this and i never feel contractions in my abdomen, but they are horrible in my back and down low.

i was already going into this exhausted so it felt like a long time and like i could not do it anymore pretty quickly. then all of a sudden it thought i wanted to push but it came and went then a few contractions later i'm screaming i'm pushing! And throughout the last little bit i kept saying this is a boy he is a boy i know it. Anyway it took about 3-4 pushes and he literally shot out of me LOL. Dh was super surprised. our older two kids, ages 7 and 3 were present for almost the entire birth as they were too excited to go to bed. They saw their brother be born and were so happy and it shows that they are super bonded to him already. So dh brought him out of the water and gave him to me and i rubbed him. he was a bit floppy for a few seconds but within about 15-20 seconds had pinked up and was crying. he was moving around immediately after coming out of me so i knew we had no concerns there but it was good to hear him cry almost right away. i felt the urge to get ouf o the pool right away which surprised me and within a few minutes we decided to cut the cord as it had gone white. Dh was a bit concerned because he felt the cord was grey from the start but i really am not all that concerned given how quickly our son breathed and responded. And i could feel his movements all through labor so i know he was okay. We did have a doppler but opted not to use it as things heated up as it was too disruptive. i had also found the heartbeat in early labor but it was hard to find so i didn't want to freak myself out for no reason.

We did end up calling the midwives about an hour after the birth as my placenta wasn't coming out and my abdoment was still soft although i wasn't bleeding a lot. i sat on the toilet and walkeda round but it still wasn't coming although i felt it had detached. midwife was a different one on call and she said to squat and push and it came right out. it was heck trying to get a midwife to return out call as their answering service was terrible and telling us our midwife wasn't on and who was her secondary. Well we aren't supposedt o know that they are. The midwives came the next day as it was very late by then and we didn't want them to come since all was well, my uterus was firming up etc. She was a bit upset saying we should have called at least when i felt the urge to push and we said it happened very fast that i got into active labor and suddenly felt the need to push, it was 3 or 4 pushes and he was out. If DH had been on the phone at that time he would have missed the birth. They did accuse us of planning a UC and we played dumb of course LOL. I wasn't having any of their nonsense this timea round, especially after the 38 week home visit during which they told me basically every little reason why they would try to transfer me to hospital and i realized that i would be inviting the hospital into my home if we called them for anything. So it finalized our resolve to only call in an emergency and obviously 911 would be called first if that was the case.

Baby has been awesome, smaller than our first two which were monster babies in comparison at 9'1 and 8'7, this little guy was about 7'5 the next day when he was weighed but like his brothers had a huge head and is very long LOL. i don't believe i had any major tearing, a bit of mild stinging the day after and that's it. no issues, i feel really good although tired, i feel that how good i feel is a result of being at home and not stressed. Also, not havin that stupid pitocin shot and having the placenta deliver naturally really made me feel alert and responsive not sluggish and like i was going to pass out. i didn't have the rubbery legs i had last two times after that shot.

We are all very happy this went so well and we would not change a thing. having a bit of an issue getting his health card since nobody but dad witnessed the birth but we are working it out. his brothers are super attached and its so nice to be home the past few days, except for a quick trip to the chiropractor.

Even with how intensely painful the two and a half hours of active labor were, i look back on the experience and smile each time. my other two births were 24 hours and about 6-8 hours. This one sort of started around 3 p.m. i guess but didn't rev up until about 9:30, and baby was born at midnight. i think my transition was very fast and i was pushing before i knew what was going on and i didn't even believe i was there yet. would explain why i kept saying i could not do it anymore and not that much time had passed since the start of labor beginning.

another difference is we tied the cord with hemp cord and it has been drying out so much faster than the stupid clamp! softer against baby's skin too.

anyway little one is nursing great and is doted on by his older brothers. wishing the rest of you UC'ers the best of luck and hope you will update us on your births as well.
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Yay!! Congratulations!! My last two have been posterior as well...back labor is no fun. I have a feeling that this one may be posterior as well, due any day now! Thanks for sharing your birth story. <3
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Great story! :-)

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oh thank you so much crunchy! LOVE to hear successful UC stories, especially coming from the women I've been chatting with over the last few months on this glad all went well for you! I'm due anytime as well and excited for it...congrats and enjoy your babymoon!


was thinking maybe I should have hubby crank up the water heater as well...might be a good idea!

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Congratulations! joy.gif Beautiful story.

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