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First Time Mother-to-be

Hello, guys! I am entirely new to this page so still trying to figure it all out. I suppose I am primarily searching for support and tips on having a completely unassisted birth- with my first child. It is nearly impossible to find people around here that even support a home birth- unassisted is unheard of. I'm too afraid to even open my mouth in most cases so the support is lacking. Any first-hand experience stories or tips to help prepare me? Thanks!
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Welcome and congrats! You do have to be careful how you approach the topic in person. Homebirth with a midwife is becoming somewhat normal, most people likely say that's not for them but they don't freak out. Maybe if someone is supportive of natural birth and homebirth you could voice the desire for UC as more of a fantasy than a plan and see how they reacted.

I wanted to UC but it didn't end up happening, just 3 very empowered natural births with most of the labors alone unhindered, 1 hospital, 1 home, 1 at a midwife's house.

Here are a bunch of birth stories: UC roll call and birth stories
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Hello and welcome! I am currently pg with my 6th child. My first was a hospital birth. My second was a birthing center birth (I didn't entirely feel comfortable with UC yet). My third was my first UC. Then all births after have been UC. And I am planning my 4th UC.

The biggest thing that I suggest is fill yourself with as much knowledge on the matter as you can. Outside of being useful to you (as well as builds confidence in yourself), it helps others know that you are not going into it blindly. The internet is filled with tons of how to and what if information. Also, with being your first child and first UC, I would strongly suggest a back up plan just incase things change last minute (whether voluntarily or medically). You can look up on line about different birth kits and options. I personally don't buy a kit, but instead piece one together individually. You can check out kits at (as well as other sites).
Here is what I typically have in my kit:
(which I put in Rubbermaid until ready to use- have it ready a few weeks before your due date, so you know you will have it in time incase you go early.)
-bottled water to drink (although you might want to have cold water instead)
-for my first UC I had all of the what if scenarios printed out and put in water proof paper shields incase we needed them and couldn't think straight
-it would also be good to have emergency numbers on hand well as list of who you want contacted in order of importance
-water hose to fill pool (if you choose to birth in pool)
-faucet adapter (check ahead of time to make sure it actually works!)
-candles and music (just to set the mood)
-mirror (so you can see down there if you want)
-some form of oil for lubrication (you could use, baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil or whatever your preference is)
-disposable chux ...(great for super easy clean up) ...don't get puppy pads as they have chemicals on them...get ones approved for diaper changes
-A LOT of towels/wash clothes that you don't care if they get stained ( I went with black....although make sure they are not going to dye out if they get in the hot water of the pool ...made that mistake my first lot of people go with white)
-alcohol and peroxide for last minute sterilization if needed (>germophobe<)
-sharp scissors (sanitized and stored in baggy along with next 2 things)
-sanitized braided embroidery thread (to tie off cord before cutting)...there are other options..this is just what I use
-sanitized small rubber band to tie off cord stump once cut (clamps can be purchased, but I don't like them....or there are other options as well)
-container to put placenta in
-fish net or pool skimmer to fish out stuff
-rubber gloves (although typically only used for whoever helps clean up if they are picky about sanitation)
-peribottle (and new container of antibacterial soap...most on this site wouldn't recommend that...I just do that because that is what the hospital said with my first and it has worked fine for me with all of my births)
-hair ties if your hair is longer
-my bikini top (so I am not birthing completely naked....this time I believe I am going to buy a swim suit cover up that is a dress)
-my change of clothes for after birth
-depends disposable undies
-baby blankets, hats, mittens, clothes for baby after birth
-wipes and first diaper
-flexible measuring tape to measure baby
-fish scale to weigh baby (and sling to hold baby in while measuring)

That is all I can think of from my kit....many ladies do much less, although I like to be over prepared.

If you plan to do water birth in a pool, then it would be good to have water boiling on stove in several pots...because if you labor for a long time ...the water might get cold. Also if you do a new pool, blow it up ahead of time and let it air out...if plastic...IT WILL STINK! Also good to do a trial run of how fast it fills up and how long it stays gives you an idea of what works for well as how deep it is on you.

Also things like blow up floatie rings or beach balls are nice to relax on in the water. Yoga balls and birthing stools (a normal stool could work fine too) are nice as well. Or if you do a bathtub birth, the blow up pillow is nice (I have also heard of people just using a normal pillow covered in a few trash bags and duct taped).

-Bathtubs-Most of the time bathtubs are not ideal for birthing unless very large and coated with something to make it softer (such as towels/blankets). Jacuzzis can be nice. Bathtubs and Jacuzzis are nice for easy clean up and relatively easy to keep warm ....although bathtub would need to be drained some and refilled to maintain temp...but pools might as well.

- Kiddie pools (fishy/aquarium pool seems to be most suggested but I haven't used it)....some can work great...just keep depth in mind...I think the general rule is at least 24 inches deep...they can be a cost effective way to get a water birth...they are somewhat a hassle to drain...but still might be good to have a large bucket handy to dip out water...especially if needing to drain a little water to add hot water during labor

-Birthing pool- obviously they are more expensive but many people swear by them (more support and padding)...I personally have never forked out the money for I cant say. To my knowledge, they are not any easier to drain than a kiddie pool...although again..just guessing. I would assume that heating and filling are going to be about the same as kiddie pool options.

-Rubbermaid (or other brand) Trough/stock tank- I have never used this...but many like it. I would just suggest making it more comfortable as with the bath tub..I have seen people put pool noodles sliced like a hotdog bun on the sides for extra comfort...filling and heating would be the same as above two options...although they do have a low drain spout that might make draining easier (but again just guessing) . Depending on your height and flexibility, you might need a step stool to get in and out...but again just guessing (this might be true for other tall pools as well)

-some people get really creative with birth pools....just google it and you will see all kinds of options

-Birth in bed or other dry location- well whatever floats your boat...or lack there that was lame ;P I personally prefer waterbirth...but that is just what feels right to you...just make sure you are prepared for all options (maybe cover your bed in plastic a sheet with old sheets on top (with normal sheets under plastic for easy making of bed))
If not in pool, heating pads are nice to help ease contraction pains.

I think I am knowledge nuggeted
But I think that give you a good start. Hope it helps! If you have any questions feel free to ask! =)
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This is a great list. I'm going to print this off. I'm still considering a UC, and I love reading these posts.
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I'm so glad I found this list! Thanks @BlessedOne ! I'm going to print it out as well to add to my birth folder..
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In case you're curious about my status: I'm Kate, I spend every miraculous day with my darling soul mate JB and we are expecting our first baby (boy!) ...

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Nice blessedOne! There was stuff on your list I had forgotten lol
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I am glad I made the list for myself
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I pretty much made other people set up the birth tub and I concentrated on gathering all sorts of tasty foods I wanted during the birth. And I made a little pack of clothes and stuff for the baby for the first two days so I wouldn't have to locate anything or think about it.

I second the idea of introducing the subject of uc to selected people by talking about it as if it were just some funny desire you had and you're letting them in on a little joke/secret. The kind of person who might support you won't look totally horrified.
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But in general I keep birth things private, and just speak in vague terms or lie. I find no ethical problem with that when I'm keeping my personal space safe for birth.
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Great question now I can swipe tips from this forum post
I'm also a first time mom and UC planner. Check out my thread (Firs Time Mom UC --my plans) in case you see something you like and want to swipe
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Awesome list I'm so glad I stumbled across this post , thank you
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