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3lilchunklins 08-13-2014 07:44 PM

preterm labor concerns...
I awoke this morning at 6 am, really unusual for me. Then I was having a horrible back ache that I recognized from labor, it was almost constant but there were brief breaks. So I got up and drank a bottle of water and just chilled on the couch. I think the change of position and drink helped it calm down. And the baby was super active, I think he was freaked out.

So my question is, what are some good natural ways/remedies/herbs/ supplements to prevent that from happening again? Or just to stay proactive on keeping LO in longer. I'm 26 weeks....

BlessedOne 08-14-2014 12:18 PM

I don't really have any advice although drink plenty of water. I know with my last I had severe back pain for a couple of weeks, so much that it sent me to the hospital (which has to be pretty bad for a ucer! lol). They said I was dehydrated and that drinking more water would help. I personally don't think that is what caused it, I personally think that was just the end result of me being bed ridden for days before I finally went to the hospital. I think it was either caused by me moving boxes prior or sciatic nerve pain. I personally think the latter of the two. Maybe check out that and see if the symptoms seem to line up with what you had. But obviously staying hydrated is very important too! Hope you feel better now!

3lilchunklins 08-14-2014 01:52 PM

I definitely have a hard time staying hydrated. So I do have to make it a point to drink drink drink.
Upon some investigation, it looks like a deficiency in magnesium can be the culprit and being under a lot of stress depletes your magnesium....
So I need to destress and I got a calcium and magnesium supplement and some alfalfa, so hopefully that will do the trick.

BlessedOne 08-16-2014 12:29 PM

yes hopefully!

I know I have had major issues staying hydrated this pg. Been battling a UTI the whole time....blek.
I know I have had some BH, with this pg (which isn't too normal for me). They normally have only came when super stressed or been working too hard. But I know they are BH because they are at the top of the belly and only feel like someone is pinching my muscle kind of hard. The other pains, I have had are round ligament. Pretty much all of the pains, I have felt are normal to pg, but not something I have dealt with with all of my other pgs. Thankfully none of the things I have mentioned have been much of an issue.

With my last pg...the back pain was in the lower back and felt a lot of like when I have had back labor....I didn't feel really any contrax or pain in front....but when I went to the er...they said I was having contrax....but I think it just showed that way on the monitor because I would tense up when my back would spasm. They were very concerned that I might have been in pre-term labor (was 34 or less at that point)...but they checked to see if I was leaking or dilated and I wasn' they pretty much just told me to drink more water and put me on bedrest for 2 weeks...not that I actually stayed in bed that whole time =S

3lilchunklins 08-24-2014 11:56 AM

Just in case anyone ends up reading this because they're in a similar situation to me, I think I figured it out!
The leading cause of preterm birth is an undetected infection. So doing hydrogen peroxide washes and then probiotics twice daily vaginally is supposed to get everything straightened back out. I'm planning on continuing probiotic use at least once a week for the remainder of pregnancy. Its supposed to kill group b strep too!

BlessedOne 08-26-2014 11:38 AM

What kind of infection? Urinary track? Yeast? other?
The only reason why I ask is that I have been battling a UTI for months now! I have been taking probiotics for the past couple of weeks and it hasn't seemed to make a difference. I am not going to take anti-biotics, as any time I have had interactions with them, I have had reactions.

nedurak 08-27-2014 02:01 AM

A UTI for months? You do realize that those can cause serious kidney infections that are linked to prematurity and low birth birth weight if they go untreated that long, right? Probiotics have been shown to be effective, but they're clearly not working for you.

BlessedOne 08-27-2014 09:00 AM

what exactly do you suggest? take the anti-biotics that I am allergic to? I cant even touch them without it triggering at least a small reaction and of course that reaction is WAY worse if I actually ingest them.

Yes, I have been dealing with this for months. Has it been bad? No, I just notice that if I don't drink a lot of water in the day that I get the burning sensation. I have had way worse uti's in the past. This one is nothing more than a bother. Yes, I would like to get over it but I am not the slightest bit concerned with kidney infection. Again, this isn't my first time ever having a uti. I am well versed in the signs, symptoms and all of the traditional treatments. I have done everything that I can except take the anti-biotics that I have had allergic reactions to. I have contemplated even taking them just to get completely rid of this. But I am told that I shouldn't because the reaction will be way worse than the first time. And I have realized that over the years, I have become even more sensitive to it. The first time I took the drug, it took days (almost a full week) to cause any reaction. I chalked it up to being out in the sun (since it said that when on that drug you shouldn't be in the sun). So next time I had a uti, I took it again. First pill, I had that same reaction that took days to acquire before and this time I wasn't in the sun at all. And then later on, even having the slightest contact with it has caused slight reactions.....thankfully in those instances just a rash...not the severe swelling like the times I ingested it. My daughter was prescribed an antibiotic and I just was the one handing it to her and it caused me to have a slight reaction. And when my husband was on it, I made sure not to touch it, but even with just kissing him shortly after him taking it, I had a slight reaction. So I don't want to chance ingesting it again. Thankfully the two times I did take it, even though there was severe swelling, my air ways stayed open enough for me to breath. But unfortunately with my brother (he is allergic to it too), when he had a reaction to it, it shut his airways and he had to get emergency medical help. I don't want to chance it.

I am trying my best to drink plenty of water. Of course with being pg, we require even more water...and that is why I have had such an issue. I have been drinking cranberry juice and taking probiotics. I have been reducing sugar intake as well. I don't know of any other options for me at this point. If you have an idea, feel free to give it to me. I am all ears (that would be funnier if you had ever seen me after I took that whole face swells to laughable proportions....not that it is funny at the time, but I can laugh afterwards =S )

dueinsept14 08-27-2014 01:52 PM

Not sure if it will help but maybe look into garlic? I use Kyolic original. Also Natra bio bladder irritation drops may help but NO IDEA how they are DURING pregnancy but for sure after. Could look into testing urine PH and trying to naturally keep that in ideal range.

nedurak 08-27-2014 11:22 PM

"what exactly do you suggest? take the anti-biotics that I am allergic to? I cant even touch them without it triggering at least a small reaction and of course that reaction is WAY worse if I actually ingest them... I don't know of any other options for me at this point. If you have an idea, feel free to give it to me."

You obviously shouldn't take drugs that you're allergic to. Allergies to antibiotics are pretty common, but it's fairly rare to be allergic to all antibiotics. It's very likely that there is another antibiotic that would be safe and effective. To figure that out you'd need to get a culture to figure out what the bacteria is sensitive to and possibly a skin test to find an appropriate antibiotic to take.

"Yes, I would like to get over it but I am not the slightest bit concerned with kidney infection."

Why aren't you concerned? It's very common for untreated UTIs to spread to the kidneys. Sometimes it happens very rapidly and then it's a major emergency. Or it can spread more slowly and you might not even know that you have a kidney infection, since the symptoms can be very similar to the UTI. Given enough time chronic infections can do a number on your kidneys, setting you up for some really unpleasant problems down the road. And if you're pregnant untreated infections can lead to preemies and low birth rates.

The fact that you haven't suffered dire complications from untreated UTIs in the past doesn't mean that you're immune from the risk of that happening in the future. Sorry if I'm coming across as blunt, but I don't really get the sense from your posts that you understand how serious this can be, and that makes me very concerned. Untreated infections are nothing to play around with, and this goes double for pregnant women.

"Not sure if it will help but maybe look into garlic? I use Kyolic original. Also Natra bio bladder irritation drops may help..."

Garlic is great. It (along with things like cranberry juice and probiotics) can do wonders when it comes to preventing UTIs and for staving them off in the early stages. Once they hang around for months, though, you really need a different plan. Same goes for the drops: they may help the symptoms, but you need to address the underlying cause.

3lilchunklins 08-28-2014 03:47 PM

I second the garlic suggestion, maybe colliodal silver? Taken orally and rinse over the vulva. You could do the peroxide rinse over the vulva as well, but beware, it does burn. I've been making a paste with probiotics and using that vaginally and my contractions have just about completely diminished. Just regular old BH now. I wonder if semi high doses of Vit C would help as well. Oh yeah and I also read about doing salt water rinses vaginally to kill infections. HTH blessed one!

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