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Midwives and legal obligation to report UC ??

Pregnant again! Due may 1st ish.

I've been in contact with a midwife but the more I think about it the more I want to do a UC again. I would like to see her for prenatal care just to apease family so its not a stressful nine months like last time and then when it's go time just stay home and turn off all the phones lol

Any one have experience with midwife care and UCs? Like are they legally obligated to report a mother if she mentions wanting to UC?

The midwife I'm talking to mentioned a few different fees (which I'm ok with) but one was a professional fee that payed for a training midwife to be there to learn. I'm cool with the learning but not so much with what that means for me.

I prefer everyone out of the room, no dilation checks, no fetal monitoring (I'm ok with listening with a stethoscope in early labor but once baby is low its harder to hear and that could really trip me up mentally "is the baby not doing well?? Or he's just low??") no water sack poking, no pulling out the mucus plug. Pretty much all the things people want a midwife for I don't want happening. My only reason for wanting a midwife if for the emotional support of a woman that has been there and seen it over and over so that when she says "oh honey you got this!" I can fully believe her.

I've learned about my self that I require validation. I'd love to not require it. But I don't think ill work toward that in the next 9 months.

So I'm torn a little bit.
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Oh I also want to see her so in case I'm UCing and decide to go to the hospital they won't harass me about whether I'm on drugs or not because there's no prenatal care records lol
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I haven't researched it thoroughly, but to *my* knowledge, in the US it is not illegal to UC. So I don't think the midwife could report you for anything. I know after my first UC I took my baby in for a check at the local clinic and the staff flipped and turned me into child services. Child services of course had to check into things. But the lady that came to my house said, "I don't know why I am even here. It is not illegal to homebirth. I would have homebirthed had I not been high risk!" So we had a lovely chat of course nothing came of it.
Each midwife is different...some more hands on that others. Just make sure you check their intentions before hiring them and also, make sure they know what YOU want ahead of time. Perhaps even put it in writing and give them a copy and keep a copy for yourself....maybe even have them sign it, so they cant deny that they knew about it.
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I feel like I'm in the same boat. With my last pregnancy I had a midwife until 20 weeks and then I had to switch to ob/gyn care because of my states laws against homebirth midwives ( I live in Maryland, midwives are far and few and most are afraid to do homebirths because the state is being so nasty to them) I ended preparing for and having a UC. It was the best thing I could have done, I loved it! But like you, I would have liked to have some conformation that everything was normal and I was doing great near the end. However I loved being alone and undisturbed for the majority of my labor.
So this time around, I don't know what to do. I've found a midwife who is willing to do prenatal care and assist in my delivery, but I just don't know. She is a far car ride away from me and she has a partner who would be at my birth too. After having a UC and trusting my body and my intuition 100% I think it's going to be hard placing my trust in someone else for my birth.
And about the legality of it, when a lady from the counties health department came over to do birth certificate work for my UC she was happier with the fact that I had a UC than a midwife. UC is not illegal. You can not get in trouble for it. Call your midwife if you have a problem and then have her come over once you've delivered to check the baby over and do paperwork. Just tell her it happened too fast
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Originally Posted by afr2010 View Post
And about the legality of it, when a lady from the counties health department came over to do birth certificate work for my UC she was happier with the fact that I had a UC than a midwife.
Wow that's super weird! Why would they be happier about UC than a midwife attended birth? That makes no seance lol

I'm my case I've got a midwife with a birthing center. I live in a small apartment and I'm not sure if I want to bother neighbors with my birthing. With my first child I didn't really make noise till the pushing contractions but my lack of experience caused me to not put all my strength behind those contractions so they lasted 3 or 4 hours lol but now I know and would start going for it when they begin. I also realized with my first that if I DIDN'T scream I had even more power behind the push. So I'm wondering if maybe I am capable of quietly UCing lol

But anyway! So the midwife has a birth center but the fee is 1000$ and then a professional fee of another 1000$ I sure wouldn't mind saving that money. I also get state insurance for being low income, and this midwife accepts the insurance for prenatal care. I'd love to see her for prenatal care and save the cash that would cover what the insurance doesn't, and UC.

I've always loved the idea of UCing. It always seemed more real and more trusting in the Creator.
People of course always say "the most important thing is a happy healthy and ALIVE baby"
I feel that UCing is the way to have all of that! Plus a healthy happy momma! But I understand that death is real and possible.. In any situation. I'm certain the lost of a baby would be so so hard and painful but I wouldn't call it the fault of birthing alone.

As soon as (or maybe even before we new) I got pregnant I decided I'd just go with this midwife to apease family and just get through it but the more I think about it I want to UC. I think that type of birthing is just ingrained in me some how. And I want to experience it.

(Can't remember if I mentioned it above but I transferred 20 mins before she was born, in an ambulance, to the hospital. I was beggin for drugs and all the nurses said "oh honey you've gotten this far you can do it!" Lol)
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