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I realized today that I've gone through a very long journey in a very short period of time. The first month or two of pregnancy were like any other. I found out I was pregnant, I became very excited and happy, and I was a little fearful. Mostly because we're really not in a financial situation where having another child is logical. But, I believe that the Fates never give you more than you can handle and so I accepted this pregnancy with open arms. Afterall, I always wanted more children...I had just planned to wait a bit first. lol

Then around the third month reality set in. Alongside some very tricky food problems (I was having trouble eating meat and then eventually eating anything cooked. I was constantly throwing up because of this) came about memories of Orion's birth. The things that happened at hte hospital, the emotinal tourmoil, the cecerean, the fear, and so many other things. Things I had put out of my mind shortly after we came home from the hospital. And then, while looking for a midwife or OB I discovered that there are few who will "allow" a VBAC. The fear started to become a panic and I didn't know how I would ever survive.

I was so afraid of so many things but mostly I realized how deep of a fear I had of birthing in a hospital again. Every fiber of my being told me that it would be the very wrong thing to do. Something I cannot endure. Frankie thought I was being a bit foolish or hormonal or something. I don't know, maybe in a way I was. All I know is that the thought of birthing in a hospital made me hysterical.

"I would rather give birth in Balboa Park than Balboa Hospital!" I had cried one day.

Then a friend of mine, upon my telling her this very tihng, told me about unassisted childbirth. She showed me some webpages of women giving birth by themselves in their own homes or outdoors. An option was opened to me that I had considered but thought crazy until I found that others have done it too. I was calm. But the calmness didn't last.

After a while I realized I had even more fears. There were times when I would cry because the fear was so intense. I remember one day I was in the shower and I was just wishing it would all be over. That I could go to sleep, and the next 6 months or so would just pass by me and when I wake up the baby will be in my arms. I couldn't bear this fear. Fear of the hospital, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of having to make such a difficult decision, fear of doing everything wrong, fear of hurting the baby because I don't know enough, etc. It was overwhelming!

Every day I would read birth stories and birthing facts. I would talk with people who had given birth unassisted. I also talked with doctors and midwives durring this time. Eventually I stopped trying to talk to any doctor or midwife because they just fed my fears and made it all so much harder. But, I did do research on the things they told me, to help calm those fears.

I don't remember the actual point when my fears began to subside. When I was no longer terrified and was willing to trust my intuition and my body. Something I had always believed in doing but until that point was afraid to do where my baby was concerned. I wrote out all the facts I had learned up to that point and I realized I had nothing to fear. Yes, I was still afraid but it was a manageable fear. I think I was about 5 months along then.

The fears would come and go for the next few months. Each time they surfaced I would do research on whatever I was afraid of. This helped me to conquor those fears. Research included everything from borrowing books at the library, surfing web pages (written by doctors, nurses, midwives, and mamas), and talking with other UCers and UBACers.

I began to prepare for the birth emotionally and physically as well as financially. emotionally I did my research and began meditating and connecting with my baby and myself. Physically I ate right and would do prenatal yoga (haven't done that in a while but I try). And financially I learned to cut corners, make baby clothes, how to make and use cloth diapers, and how to make baby food. I've also been preparing recently in my home by setting down some routines so I can keep my home organized and clean and not feel overwhelmed.

I also was prepared through my dreams. I had many wonderful dreams and looking back on them I can see they were a reflection of the personal progress I was making both psychologically and spiritually. At first in my dreams Frankie was helping me. He would either support me or he would catch the baby. Then, he just watched with Orion as I gave birth totally by myself. Then he was sleeping as I gave birth and woke up the next morning to his daughter in bed with us. Then he was at work and came home just intime to see his daughter born. And then he was out to sea and not able to bet here at all. Each dream was of my progression from the need to have someone with me to the knowledge that I can do this by myself if it comes to that. I so want him there but more because he is a part of this baby and so he should rightfully be a part of the birth. But, if circumstances make it where he's not going to be here (he's actually supposed to be out to sea from the week before to the week after the baby is due) then I know I'll be alright.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant. And I just conquored my last fear. Fear of the baby being born before it's time. I've been experiencing prodromal labor but my intuition is steadfast in telling me not to worry. Last night while meditating I saw that the baby isn't ready to be born yet and the knowledge that she WON'T be born until she is ready came to me so strongly. Yet, at the same time I feel prepared to handle a premateur birth. I know that if she were to come early that I can easily birth at home and just go to the hospital if there appears to be any problems I myself cannot handle.

I am filled with an overwhelming sense of calm. I feel that everything I have experienced up to this point has prepared me for more than I can explain. Even the birthing horror stories I was told have helped to prepare me. I don't think I have every felt more sure of myself than I do right now.

Thank you my friends for you have helped me in this, even if you don't realize it. From talking with you here to reading your stories and your posts...it has all helped. So have some books I've read which were borrowed from a friend on unassisted birth and the video "A Clear Road to Birth". You are all so beautiful and I feel honored to know you.

Sometime within the next month or so I will be posting a birth story for all of you to read. Know that it was your assistance in helping me reach this goal that will allow that birth story to come about. : )

*big hugs*

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Glad to see you here! It was very interesting to read about how you came to this decision. I wish you the best birth you can have.
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Thanks hon. I'm so excited.
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I can't wait to read your birth story!

(((sending you positive and peaceful birthing vibes)))

Blissful Mama to DD-(5), DS-(6) and someone new due in November!
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Your story was incredible! I am so happy for you. I have to say that I can relate to some of it–like the hysterical fear of the hospital perfectly, despite the fact that my last (and only) child was born at home with a midwife. I am sure you will have a fine birth.

It has also been a relief to see what you have gone through because I am starting along that path now, at about 18 weeks along. I had a midwife and had a DISASTROUS experience due to her behavior late last week. The last time I spoke with her, she denied what she had done and LIED to me repeatedly. So our "partnership" is over.

Do send us your birth story when you can. I am sure it will be wonderful.
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Jessie -- Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful, inspiring story (thus far). I wonder if most women who decide on uc go through similiar journies -- I know I did. Researching, deciding and becoming comfortable with up/uc has been one of the most magical times in my life. I believe being pregnant can be an incredible spiritual journey if you let it -- and that's what I've found with the women in this forum. It was wonderful reading your experience and I look forward to your birth story!

computergeek2.gif  Spirit Baby Intuitive (and really cool chick)

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your story really moved me in many ways...

First I was pained by the fear you had of the hospital. It breaks my heart to know that you had such a horrible experience and were hurt so terribly by the people that are there to assist you that you were crippled by the fear of it. It brought me to tears thinking about the fear and emotional turmoil you went through and that so many more women will go through and have been through.

Then to see how you walked through that fear. Like a goldsmiths refining fire that fear sent you to search yourself, and in a quest for knowledge. It makes me smile to hear how you worked through your fears, much the same way I worked through mine. My heart is glad to see how you have taken this monster of fear and tamed it and turned it into a your own pet of confidence.

I look forward to your birthstory and wish you tremendous joy through it all!
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Thank you guys for your very kind words. As each day brings me closer to giving birth I feel more and more excited. I'm still getting prodromal labor though it stalls frequently. I know that my body is preparing for birth and so while it's uncomfortable it's not painful or unbearable. I find it so strange that some women find this to be such a hard stage in late pregnancy (those who get prodromal labor that is). I kind of like it. Maybe it's just the way I view birth vs those "other" women (the ones who aren't prepared and are afraid).

I have been having some weird "symptoms" such as light headedness and a few dizy spells. Rather than blow them off as just "end of pregnancy stuff" like I would've with my son, I've done a bit of research. I realized that I haven't been getting as much protein as I should and I'm sure that there are some other nutrients I'm a bit dificient on. I haven't been paying attention to my eating habits and these "symptoms" are a reminder that not everything is as it should be. Kind of like a little shake that says, "Hey! Wake up and do what you're supposed to!" lol

To me all of this is part of the joy of being unassisted. If I were seeing a doctor I know I would probably fall into the mindset that many women (and men) do. The whole "if there's something wrong than the doctor will know." Well, the doctor doesn't always know and this pregancy has shown me that. It's allowed me to be so intouch with myself and because I pay attention now I feel that I am better for it, and so is the baby. (Though I did ignore these recent symptoms at first and could've kicked myself when I realized that. But, she's very active and I feel confident that since I'm back to making sure I have everything we need going into me that she'll be just fine).

*big hugs* Soon...oh so soon.
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