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we are planning an unassisted birth, but have also been seeing midwives prenataly.. it is almost time i would get a gbs swab.. i am sure there is a few threads on here already abou this.. but i am looking for some feedback about this test. Seems to me having it done and testing positive would bring about a huge amount of fear, but having a positive test, without clinical factors, or without added risk factors like fever or prom, that the risk of a baby getting gbs are not that high, and not getting a test and still not having these risk factors the risk of gbs is still not that high..1 in 200 i believe...
I had this test with my other kids, it was never an issue, but this birth we are limiting the tests and procedures and trying to just have faith in the process of birthing, in natural remedies as well..
i know there is always someone who knows someone who almost lost a child or did looses a child when discussing any of these interventions.. I am just looking for some feedback abou the test in general..
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I personally would think that preventing yourself from having GBS would be your best course of action. I have heard that using garlic in your vaginal canal will clear it out and I sure other people could offer some better suggestions. That way it is not something you need to worry about and you can decline the test. Just an opinion.

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Well when I was pg with Tyme my midwife was telling me that she would have me take some vit c and echinacea sometime before I was due. I can not remember how long before I was due or how long I was going to do it. I ended up getting really really sick, and I had to get on antibotics(I hate going to the Dr. but I was so sick that I knew I needed to go), and so I didn't have to do it because I think it was like 2-3 weeks before I was due. I wish I could remember. Sorry about that. I am sure that some of the mama's here can give you some great advice!

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FWIW, I didn't do it. I figured if I had enough of the risk factors develop I would be hyper-watchful. If I didn't I didn't. I didn't do any testing though

Good luck with your decision.

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How soon after the birth are you planning on having your baby see a doctor? I ask because my midwife said that if you are GBS+ and unable to get antibiotics during labor (for whatever reason) or you're GBS- but have other risk factors (such as water broken for more than 18 hours, fever during labor, etc) that you should have your pediatrician do a blood test the next day to determine if the baby caught anything. No need to give the baby antibiotics or anything, just a simple blood test.
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I did not have the test done, water ruptured when I started pushing. I don't know if I ever had a fever in labor, I felt fine but was really hot while pushing. (hey... it's strenuous exercise!)

DS did get sick when he was, I think 10 days... fever (under 102) green stools, was nursing poorly. I just felt that something was wrong. We took him to the ped (who I trust a lot) and decided to give him an antibiotic shot proactively, but not do a spinal or anything more invasive unless it didn't work. Within 24 hours of the shot, he was fine, and when the bloodwork came back, she called and said it definitely was bacterial, and likely to have been GBS, but no way to know for sure.

If I had it to do over... I would do the same thing. I think abx in labor would have destroyed the experience, and it doesn't always work anyway, and it increases suceptibility to e. coli and other bacterial infections. But, I'm also coming from a place where I have a baby doctor who I trust very much, and who will not do anything invasive as a first resort. The vast majority of other Dr.'s would first admit the baby to hospital and give a spinal tap...
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I also did all that I could to prevent GBS & I didn't test. I had a mainstream pregnancy last time and had tested w/a high colonization.

*probiotics, fermented food, and primal defense 3x/day, starting around 32w
*echinecea & astralagus tincture, couple times daily starting @32w
*garlic lemonade
*excellent diet (kale, kale, kale )
*meticulous wiping
*vaginal cleanse from Aviva Romm's book (I lent the book out), but it had thyme, yarrow, calendula, rosemary, lavender oil & sea salt in it. Also started around 32-34w

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here is my question for you what would you change if it came back positive?

I agree with the previous poster live culture food- possible instilation of live culture directly to the vagina if you had been positive in the past.
good diet
in your birth tub you could add the herbs or even a couple of herbs like uva ursi and lavender......
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well i have seen midwives prenataly and we plan on calling them to come after the birth.. the main thing that would change should I do the swab and find it positive, I feel is theri treatment of me...something I can handle, yet still affects my energy and babies in my opinion..
I came into this pregnancy nervous after two loses.. I feel the energy i am surrounding myself with going into the delivery should be that of light..If i was gbs positive I may do things differantly *if* i have other factors come up in labour that would increase the risk factors for babe..but even that would be out of *what if* fears.. something I would rather not have rule my choices..
I never have been pos in the past.. i am just trying to carefully and with intention weigh out the tests and procedures i am being offered (opposed to saying no to everything on auto pilot).. I like to think even if i refuse it, I have thought it out...gotten some feedback.. read as much as i can if fitting..
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Hawkfeather -- I tested + with my 2nd pregnancy, but negative with my 1st... But knowing that a snowball effect was possible, not to mention the fear that this test instilled within myself, I decided to pass on the screening during my 3rd and will again with this pregnancy. I was aware of the risk factors and made sure I had a protocol of my own that I would follow if I found myself presenting with any of the risk factors... But as it turned out, I went well past the 37 wk mark, my BOW released just 2hrs prior to the actual birth, no fever on my part, etc... Just my .02 cents.
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