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36 weeks too early for a uc?

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I woke up last night with good contractions but they fizzled out. I'm just today 36 weeks and have thought that if I made it here I would be ok to uc. Does anyone disagree with this?- Laura
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I think you will find a lot of varied answers to that question. The answer truly lies within you and what your instincts and baby say.

When I was 35 weeks and had a bought of ctrx I looked way down inside and spoke with the baby. I felt confident that if I were to go into labor that early the baby would be fine. Course now I am here at 40 weeks and nothing lol
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I think Jennie hit that nail on the head. The true message is looking within you.

That said, I had many ctx that were as close as 2-3 mins apart with my DD as far away as 6 weeks before she was born. Sometimes it's just what out bodies do. It may actually mean very little for when your babe will be born.

And, I know that many early babes have been UC'd with much better outcomes than if they were born in a hospital!

I know there are more stories out there about UC Preemie births, those are just the only two I can find right now.
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FWIW, I've done a few 35 1/2 - 36 week births. I think it's fine, just keep an eye on baby. Some babies do really well, other babies need some extra help after the birth.
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