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I'm not currently pregnant and not even planning to be so for a while longer as our son is only eleven months old, but as we approach his birthday and I revisit the first time I looked into his face, I am thinking about beginning to contemplate a freebirth the next time I am pregnant.

Our son's birth was a homebirth attended by my partner, my sister, our two midwives and their assistant, who also happened to be a friend of mine and a doula. I labored for over 36 hours and pushed for close to four hours.

These are the things I remember that I have ambivalent feelings about:

*I never desired or asked for a cervical check during my pregnancy, and I suspected I might not even want cervical checks while in labor but reserved the right to change my mind while in labor. My midwives did not state or ask to do a cervical check and let me know that they don't request or offer them but they are happy to do them at my request. I thought I felt some mild pushing contractions after laboring for about 12 hours and they let me know they don't offer cervical checks but are happy to do them at my request. I was curious to know how much my cervix had dilated at this point, but I chose not to have them check at that time. A while later, I again felt what I thought were pushing contractions and thought about it again and wanted them to check for cervical dilation. It was open about 5 cm and that was about what I expected. The cervical checks did not hurt me, but I had kind of hoped to avoid them altogether. I'm not really sure about why I chose to have the cervical checks, but I just felt like I wanted to know. I remember feeling very disappointed when a few of them indicated my cervix had not really dilated at all. I began talking to my cervix and asking it to open, but that disappointment never really went away.

*Before I began pushing, I remember thinking and saying that I was afraid I wouldn't know how to push. Then when I began pushing, one of the midwives used her fingers in my yoni to push down towards my rectum so I could direct my pushing. I didn't mind this at the time, but as time has passed, I realize that that was an intimate sharing of my body that no one but my partner and I had done before. It wasn't without my permission, but I feel awkward about it now. I know that midwives have seen many a yoni and probably felt them, too, but birthing our baby was almost a sexual experience for me and that's what makes me feel awkward about it.

*Throughout the end of labor, they gave me some homeopathics. I have the birth record they wrote down, but I can't find it right now. I think they gave me some pulsatilla, and I know they gave me cimicifuga and the other cohosh in the last few hours to help things get going since I had been laboring for over 24 hours by that point. I am fine with the cimicifuga and other cohosh because I knew what they were, but I wasn't sure about whatever else they were giving me. They said it was for the pukiness I got early on the second morning. I guess I just wonder if I really needed them or if my body would have done okay on its own.

*Our midwives thought I should eat something the afternoon of the first day of my labor, but I honestly had absolutely no appetite. After they offered me a peach and something else smoothie, which I found way too acidic and not appealing at all, we agreed on cottage cheese and some banana. It was hard to eat because I moaned so much throughout my labor and I think my throat was swollen. Thankfully, I didn't puke the first batch, but I think I puked some of the second batch that they coaxed me to eat early the next morning before we started the cohoshes. Puking during a contraction really bites, by the way.

*After pushing in various vertical positions (on their birth stool, in the birth tub, leaning over the birth ball, squatting by the side of the bed, lunging by the side of the bed), our midwives suggested I might get into a "McRoberts" position (aka on my back with my knees hugged to my chest or lithotomy). This was also not uncomfortable, but in retrospect, it was not a position I would have chosen for myself and I do not like the associations it brings up for me as far as submission to having birth done to you. I know that this is just a feeling I have about this position, but I just didn't like it.

*Immediately after our son was born, his cord was already limp and he was not responsive and not alert and not breathing. It seemed like an eternity to me, but when watching the birth video a few months ago, it was probably less than a minute. I don't remember his apgars, but his 5 minute one was at least a 7 so he was okay. His cord was not particularly short and he had good heart tones through all of the previous 28 hours or so of occasional monitoring, and one of midwives thought perhaps my placenta had started detaching during the final descent. My feeling is that this was entirely possible. In the seconds of his non-responsiveness, they used a de-lee (sp?) to suction meconium from his mouth and nose to prevent aspiration. He hated this and turned away from it. They also used blow-by oxygen.

*The postpartum visits by our midwives and their assistant were satisfactory, but honestly, I wanted something more. The birth of our son was the last time we saw both midwives and their assistant at the same time, and I was really disappointed by that. I can understand only one of them coming for the 1 day, 2 day, 1 week and 2 week home visits, but the 4 week visit and the 8 week visit were both at their office and only one midwife was there each time so I never got to process the birth with them all. We allowed them the privilege of being with us as we birthed our new family, and we welcomed them into our lives during the whole pregnancy, and although I understand fully that midwifery is their livelihood as well as their passion, it was like I lost friendships with them all when I ceased to be pregnant. I have read the threads here at MDC about this, so I know it's not a just-me phenomenon. I guess I wonder about what the three of them feel are comfortable boundaries. The past few weeks, I have found myself contemplating asking them all over for lunch so I can talk to them and process the birth, but it seems silly after almost a year. It makes me cry just thinking about having them over, and I don't know why.

*One other thing about the postpartum period: I'm not sure how this came about, but our street address and our mailing address are different, and so mail the midwives sent to us about their annual client summer picnic never got to us and we missed it, which made me extremely sad, and then our son's social security card was apparently sent back to the office from where it came. Also, they didn't include the information about how to go about getting a birth certificate or that they would file for the social security card in their client information binder, so I ended up having to research that information and ask the midwives about it on my own. I just wish it had been written out for me in advance.

I know these are all just little things, but I have become increasingly aware of even the slightest things being considered interventions, so they just don't feel quite right in retrospect. I'm not even sure that I would want a freebirth that was just my family, but I know the next time I birth, I will look for an attendant with a much more hands-to-herself philosophy, someone who will be okay with maybe sitting in the other room if I want that or be okay with providing her assistance should my partner or I request it.

It feels good to physically type all of this out. I'm not sure how long I will leave this entire post up because of some of the private things I mention, but I welcome your thoughts about what I've detailed above and additional considerations I might entertain as I begin thinking about freebirth.

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Claudia, I think that everything you said is so right on. There's so much to process after a birth. I think that the whole paragraph about cervical dilation, etc., is especially true of attended births. Especially for first-time moms, it's easy to get into looking to another person to give you feedback - whether its from their "expertise" or a cervical exam - on how you're doing, rather than asking your body and your baby.

to you. I think that it's amazing that you're even looking at this the way you are. I love UC birth/freebirth and feel that it's so logical.
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I don't know if this will help you or not...

My first ds's birth was good, really, really good...but most standards (hospital, CNMs). Buuuutttttt.......there were so many "little" things that I did not like. Things that most people consider par for the course, but that were disappointing, upseting, or even disturbing for me.

The thing I LOVED so much about my second ds's birth...freebirth! I've never called actually it that...was that this complient patient didn't have to think about anyone else's feelings/time/expectations. I was so obviously and completely in charge of the task of giving birth. My dh and two friends who were there, were just that...there. I asked for what I needed and directed them in what needed to be done and I trusted that they were happy to help in whatever way *I* thought was appropriate. They respected me during one of the most vulnerable times of a woman's life.

This whole scenario (the part about my dh and friends honoring me by not interfering) met a very deep need in me and was quite healing in that respect, though I only just realize that now... :

See there? Are you converted? UC all the way! :LOL

Tracy, doula and Army wife and homeschooling mama to A and E
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feel free to stick around and ask questions.
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I know these are all just little things, but I have become increasingly aware of even the slightest things being considered interventions, so they just don't feel quite right in retrospect.
I agree. It may seem like little things, but all it takes is one little thing to turn into something big. Birth is an emotional and spiritual experience that I feel should only be shared with either yourself alone or with loved ones.

Thank you for sharing your birth experience. Also, it's never too soon to think about any future births you may have. Take a look around - you may be surprized (and delighted) at what you find.
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Claudia, I don't have time to write out a detailed response right now, but I just want to say that I do have plenty to say about it and I will be coming back to reply in the next couple days.

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As it says on Laura Shanleys site...

"If you want the job done right, do it yourself!"
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I don't want to hijack your thread but it's a very timely one for me. I'm kinda on the same page as what you're describing although my birth ended up being very traumatic and I feel part of it was my MW's actions.

I look forward to hearing more from everyone and just wanted to say hi and I hear you!
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So, why do you think these are "little things"?

Your confidence in yourself and your body was undermined.
Some of the midwives' advice made things harder or more uncomfortable for you.
You felt something of a physical violation.
You felt emotionally abandoned.
You suspect some of their actions might have been unnecessarily invasive.

None of that is little.

I think we all tend to downplay the importance of our feelings when we know that no harm was intended, and when we can't put our finger on a result that is easily identifiable as life-changing (like death, mental illness, divorce, etc.) But sometimes the little things -- that is, the more subtle background things -- can have just as much effect on us, if not more.
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I am in awe of you! I think I am done bearing children and long for the feeling of confidence and trust a freebirth would have given me.

I am a midwifery student. But, I think the goal as a midwife should not be to transfer the management of birth from OB to MW, but to teach women to unassisted childbirth or freebirth..... sounds better to me, since most women would be assisted by their partners, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, friends.

Take back birth, trust birth. I think you are choosing an honorable path.

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