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scrabblelover's Avatar scrabblelover 08:11 PM 05-19-2005
I'm wondering did you get typed before you were pregnant? Do it at all?

i'm not pregnant yet. But of course all of us who want a UC seem to constantly be reading, posting, questioning - isn't that why we are so wonderfully intelligent?

Just wondering how you handled this, also any other tips from UP would be appreciated about anything prenatal. i believe my body will take care of itself, so why worry over it. Also did you tell people you were not getting "real" pre-natal care?

hottmama's Avatar hottmama 08:33 PM 05-19-2005
You don't know your blood type? Ask your mother, she probably knows. I am RH+ (o+) so I don't have to worry about it.
scrabblelover's Avatar scrabblelover 09:07 PM 05-19-2005
i don't know my type and i don't think my mom does either. Do you just tell your RH from your blood type or is it a seperate test?
MamaTaraX's Avatar MamaTaraX 09:27 PM 05-19-2005
It's from your blood type. If you are A-, then you are Rh-. If you are A+, then you are Rh+
Namaste, Tara
Arora The Explorer's Avatar Arora The Explorer 10:00 PM 05-19-2005
Now the real question... what difference does it make to you? Personally, I'm RH- and my partner is RH+ AND I've never had RhoGam. We get out of the way and let my body do it's thing. No tugging on the cord, no clamping of the cord, no forced pushing of the placenta, etc, etc, etc. The result... I've had two children and I'm not RH sensitized. I'm expecting my third and won't get Rhogam now either.

Oh, just a though, if your partner is RH- your RH doesn't matter. It's only if your partner is RH+. But, even still, I don't think it's a good idea to ever mess with the cord or the placenta if you can help it!
scrabblelover's Avatar scrabblelover 10:24 PM 05-19-2005
Arora, i agree with you completely - i truly believe in letting nature take it's course. I don't believe in putting any drug in my body unless it is necessary (and my rules for necessary are strict!).

i really wanted to hear more people say that they hadn't done it, because i've been siding with that belief in my research. Plus neither my husband or i know our blood type and since we are planning on UP/UC i don't really want to go to a dr. or clinic and alert them to my situation. i prefer flying under the radar.

Thanks for your personal experience.
AugustLia23's Avatar AugustLia23 10:28 PM 05-19-2005
I completely agree with Arora. I am RH+, but if I were - I would not get a rhogam shot. Many people don't get the shot and are fine. Just like the PP said, get out of the way and let your body do what it needs.
littleteapot's Avatar littleteapot 11:55 PM 05-19-2005
I'm positive and so is everyone in my family and his, so this isn't a worry of mine. But I am curious: what are the side effects of the Rhogam shot? What are the risks? Have long term studies been done to determine the effects on the fetus?... I know little to nothing about RH- treatment, because it wasn't something that I needed to know, but people tend to just take the shot because it "saves lives". Well... apparently so do vaccinations and eye goop at birth, and we don't do those - so what's the story with it?
hottmama's Avatar hottmama 01:23 PM 05-20-2005
My friend has a mentally retarded aunt who lives my friend's mother, and she claims it is because her grandmother was RH- and didn't get Rhogam- is that really possible?
Zamber's Avatar Zamber 02:35 PM 05-20-2005
Originally Posted by hottmama
My friend has a mentally retarded aunt who lives my friend's mother, and she claims it is because her grandmother was RH- and didn't get Rhogam- is that really possible?
It personally sounds to me like someone is trying to scare you (but I could be wrong).
Xiaohua's Avatar Xiaohua 01:27 AM 05-21-2005
As an Rh- mama (dh is Rh+) I have done much reading, research and soul searching on this one. I believe there *are* risks to getting Rhogam, as well as risks to not getting it. I found this book to be incredibly informative in making my decisions about Rhogam. Although it may be a little too detailed for some, it explains very clearly what the Rh-factor is, how it affect pregnant women who are Rh-, whether there are risks associated with Rhogam, how to tell which Rh- women are at most risk, and how to minimize your risks if you don't want to get the shot. ANYTHING you read published by the mainstream medical profession is going to be biased, so don't bother there. I am a firm believer that 3rd stage management should be *very* hand off, and that this can make a big difference in Rh sensitization in the next pregnancy.

I should add that I have had 4 babies, two of which are Rh+ and two are Rh-. I opted against prenatal Rhogam in my last pregnancy (UC) but would have considered the postnatal shot had the baby been Rh+.

sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 03:48 AM 05-21-2005
If you are curious, when you donate blood with the Red Cross they tell you your blood type.