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Metasequoia's Avatar Metasequoia 11:58 AM 08-21-2005
In preparation for what could be a very speedy birth, what do I *really* need?
Last Dd was an hour, so I don't think I'll have too much time to get things together. Labor is very intense right from the get-go. Do I really need to bake the sheets & blankets?
I need something for cord cutting - shoelace or is a clamp better? Is there a birth kit that I can order that has just the bare necessities?
I think I'll put a plastic sheet on the bed & some old sheets on top of that, if I can fit the clean sheets under the plastic, I will so that I don't have to change the bed afterwards (or Dp.)
Are there any "tricks" out there that any of you can recommend?

alegna's Avatar alegna 12:30 PM 08-21-2005
Forget baking anything. Most midwives even don't bother any more. A shoelace is fine for the cord. Sounds like you have things under control!

happy birthing!

cathicog's Avatar cathicog 12:38 PM 08-21-2005
Just taking the sheets out of a hot dryer is enough. You can make the bed with the good sheets, lay plastic, then put your birth sheets on top. I think with our UC we didn't even bother with that. I just birthed on plastic and Chux...(on the "good" sheets. It was fine....) shoelaces work fine, and I have a special pair of Fiskars I use to cut them with=they are my sewing scissors!! Still have them after all these years!