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i had my first mw assisted, and i think i will have my next with a mw and student too, but ONLY if it can be "uc style", meaning no vitals checks, no talking to me, no touching the baby AT ALL, just sitting quietly on the other side of the room, taking heart tones occasionally.

i want them there to clean up after the birth, to smooth the way if i need to transfer, and because i feel that it is really important to have a student at my birth because midwifery students need to see and learn about UC style birthing. i think my generation of mw are being taught a higher level of intervention than is necessary, partly because of our law and partly just because. i want to do my part to change that. plus i get a kick out of "teaching" people lol.

it is really important to me that no one talks to me or touches the baby besides dh (and my sister if she is there). the only part of my mw assisted birth that really bugs me now is that people were talking to me while i was pushing and they rubbed down my baby right after he was born. yuck.

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Originally Posted by nancymom
How did you stop the bleeding? My friend just had her twins at home and hemmoraged very badly and the midwife gave her 2 shots of pitocin. What are other natural options to stop the bleeding?
While I haven't looked too far into why I bled so much (I might if I get pregnant again) - the first thing I did was to lay down and put my feet up so that they were over my head. I then knew I had to have baby try to nurse. If she didnt' latch on like she did, I would have gone to the next level and taken a bite of placenta (Maternal side) . A fell asleep and woke up and chugged down a great deal of water. It was after this I passed a good sized clot and bleeding literally ceased to a halt (aside from normal post partum flow afterwards)

And that was all I did. I didn't have any herbs on hand, and I'm not sure how I would feel about having them around if there's a next time. SOrry to have missed your question until just now. : I've heard different herbs (can'
/t think of any names lol), eating a bit of placenta and nipple stimulation can help clamp the uterus down.
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I had a hospital birth for #1, UC for #2, and car birth for #3. I had a mw during that pregnancy, but when my water released 7 days before labor began, my midwife (German) had to release *me* from her care, so I was going to wait until the last minute and go to the military hospital, birth and go back home.

I chose to have a mw mostly because #2 (who is 21 years old now) was a severe shoulder dystocia and required EMS assist to get going - horrifying experience and I definitely got scared. Because my former husband was in the military, they flipped out, too, and the CPS-equivalent (in Tacoma, WA) did come and investigate our family, but we were exonerated.

With #3, I labored solo - and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it. I do *not* like to be touched in labor, or told what to do, and I learned that during the first two babies' births. Aimee was a car baby, we stayed at the hospital for 3 hours and went home, without checking out AMA (important to my former husband).

(A tiny aside: because I *did* birth in the car, at the foot of labor & delivery... because I negotiated an incredible birth plan with all parties involved, unheard of at the time... because LLL friends who'd just had babies watched from the day room... because I was known at the hospital as a doula [even though there was no such word or thing at the time]... because I taught childbirth classes and was a LLL leader in the community... word spread like wildfire in childbirth classes and mom's support groups and the woman I was "destined" to meet came to a LLL meeting 2 days after Aimee was born *specifically* to meet me (her cb teacher raved about my experience) so I could help her choreograph her perfect birth. She and I have been partners for 20 years now. :LOL So, while it might not have been my Perfect Birth, there were MANY aspects at play I never could have anticipated when I chose a midwife earlier in the pregnancy.)

I learned a lot from my own births, but continue learning. Always learning.

Barbara E. Herrera, LM, CPM
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Both of my children were planned UP/UCs. All of our children will be.

Mom to Eoin (11/02), Eilis (09/04), Eamon (07/07), and Ellery (04/10)
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My last (fourth) baby was UC (after two hospital births and a midwife-present homebirth). I would absolutely assume UC would be our default for future babies, but I would also evaluate each pregnancy/birth situation separately and make my decision anew each time based on circumstances. Does that make sense? So it's possible that I might do something different if I felt I needed professional support, but I would assume I would not until the situation indicated otherwise.

But I'm done with babies, now (DH was snipped last May) and so all I can do is feel good that at least one of my babies was born in the way that spoke my heart.

Amanda, mom to Everest (12), Alden (10-1/2), Ellery (7-1/2), & Avery (6)
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1-4 were hospital, 5th hb w/ mw. My 6th was a UC, my 7th was a hb w/ a mw. We uced because we had moved from our mw and could not find one we were comfortable with. It was a great experience that I wouldn't change for all the world. But we had shoulder dystocia (after watching the video again it was 8 or more mins before his body was born) not to mention he was 13 lbs. We moved back and were able to hire our mw again. She is as hands off or hands on as each client needs her to be. I remember w/ my first hb she and her dd (her assistant) were right there for me, this last time I had to ask them to check me to please make sure I was in labor. In hindsight I really believe we were led back to her. I had gestational diabetes and she really kept me in line during the pregnancy. We also had a severe case of shoulder dystocia, the worst she had ever seen. Emma was very floppy and not breathing at all, her 1 minute apgar wasn't even a 1. My mw and her dd were wonderful, they did not for one minute have to stop and think "what do we do now" they got her going and she is a happy and healthy 6 month old now.

I really don't believe that dh could have handled that situation and I truely feel that we may not have Emma now if we had UCed.

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