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Im just curious whether or not this is a good reason to UC. I just know what will happen if I have my baby at the hospital.. Ive had my other two children there, and while everything was okay, it was far from ideal! I just dont think I can afford a midwife.. but Im scared to UC. Mostly because Im not sure I will be able to relax enough and stop thinking so that I can labor. Dh would be there, but he would not be very educated about it because its just not his thing. He doesnt understand why I just dont go to the hospital. Would a doula friend be able to attend a UC, or is that unethical for them, or wrong some way? I would definitely need someone there for support. What if I labored at home for as long as possible, with intent to go to the hospital.. but decide that I would just rather stay home? Does this ever happen? Sorry for all the wacky questions.. Im really just trying to decide on what to do and how to have the best birthing experience since this will likely be my last.
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I don't think I would decide to UC because of money but I also know many midwives that barter for their services, or can work with payment plans. As a doula I would attend a birth, but with clear guidelines that I would not take responsibility for the medical outcome (since that is above my head and scope of practice) but I'd be happy to support. And yeah, the decision to stay home after planning to go to the hospital happens, but usually with people that were kind of on the fence, and were prepared enough at home that it would be safe.

There are midwives out there that will support UC if there is an emergency (like staying out of the house/room, etc.) but being there all the same - I have that agreement with my midwife friend (my preceptor) that she will only be my doula - unless something is so serious I can't handle it (my DH is *not* into doing it and would prefer the safe-guard. Since I'm pretty sure I want to be alone anyways, and she is so out of the way I think it'll work). Maybe you can ask the midwives in your area? I always figure it's worth a shot.

I don't know if that helped, good questions...

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Not being able to afford a midwife was one of the MANY reasons I decided on UC. It was definitely not the leading reason though. If I really wanted a midwife, I would have gotten the money. But I didn't. Although I must say, that in looking for a "cheaper" midwife..I came to find this forum somehow.

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Originally Posted by shell024
Not being able to afford a midwife was one of the MANY reasons I decided on UC. It was definitely not the leading reason though.
Same. Midwives start at $3500AU here and no insurance will cover it. But after talking to the closest midwife, who is a 90 minute drive away from my home, I decided I didn't want her there anyhow!

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I didn't even consider having a midwife, but I'm sure it would have been hard to get the money together if I had wanted one.
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Well, not being able to afford a midwife was part of what pushed me into *seriously* considering an unassisted birth, but there were many other reasons as well. I think it's important to know if you really want to UC, or are just going that route because you feel you have no other options. If it's the latter, keep looking until you find other options.

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I went straight from the hospital to the UC boat with out taking the midwife ferry. :LOL Mentally, I considered a MW for perhaps a week, feeling daunted that the HB mw's in NY are underground, and then settled onto not wanting anyone around me at all during labor. I don't know that if I had found a MW during that time if I would have had a second hospital birth (which went "well" but was utterly dissapointing) and I don't know if we could have pulled it off financially at the time, but for UC money never held a sway in my choice.
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I was unable to *find* a midwife... I had been considering UC (been reading Laura Shanely's book lol) and when we couldn't find a midwife my dh was the one that actually suggested UC. He knew and understood my reasons for not wanting a hospital birth. We've had 3 so far and they've been awesome!

I would suggest before making a decision, sit down and write out your fears. If you need to talk with someone about them pm me but it's a good idea to get your fears out on paper and in real words rather than this looming cloud that really isn't defined... once you've done that you can see what fears have a medical basis and which ones are emotional... the medical ones you can research, find out the likely hood, the symptoms and the treatments and the emotional ones you can talk with a friend about or pray etc... the things you usually do to get over an emotional issue. After you've done this then decide if UC is right for you... are the medical issues still fears or did your research dispell them? If they're still fears you need a midwife or doctor. Fear is a major inhibator of labor and if you don't feel confident in your decision can prolong labor.
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Not being able to afford the midwife was a factor, though it wasn't the deciding one. If we felt we needed a midwife we would have found a way to have her somehow. I think the $$ issue was what got us thinking creatively, though, and pretty quickly (for a variety of reasons, not just $$) we agreed UC was the way to go.

I UCed my fourth baby - first two were insurance-paid hospital births, third was a midwife paid out of pocket, but by #4 DH was unemployed, we had moved to a new state, old midwife was 2 hours away (which would have meant she wouldn't have made it for #3, though #4 did end up taking longer to show her fuzzy head) and we were just that much more confident about our ability to do it by ourselves.

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