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Mama to 4's Avatar Mama to 4 03:10 PM 11-23-2005
hi (nak)

our dear baby was finally born November 1st @ 6:04 am!

weight: 12 pounds
length: 22 inches
Name: Charlie Linden

I had a c-section and dont know if i should post here. Perhaps over in "pregnancy"? I feel like I am no longer "welcome" here but i want to share birth story!

I am fine and the baby is wonderful!


mamabearsoblessed's Avatar mamabearsoblessed 03:57 PM 11-23-2005
Just delurking for a COgRtULatIOns!!!!!! Happy : Charlie!!!
How wonderful your healthy Babe is here and in your arms !
Congrats Mama!
Artisan's Avatar Artisan 04:00 PM 11-23-2005
Congratulations to you! A new baby is always a blessing. Why not post his birth story on the birth stories board?
notyourusual's Avatar notyourusual 04:11 PM 11-23-2005
I think you should absolutely post your birth story in here!
milk4two's Avatar milk4two 04:31 PM 11-23-2005
Congratulations! That's one big baby. I hope you will post your birth story; I can't wait to read it.
MamaTaraX's Avatar MamaTaraX 05:33 PM 11-23-2005
Of course you are welcome here! Heck, I plan a midwife-assisted birth (though I don't want her doing any assisting!) and I post here Share your story here or if you feel more comfortable, the birth stories page. Either way, congratulations to you and welcome to the world little (big and healthy!!) Charlie! Happy Babymoon!!

Namaste, Tara
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 10:56 PM 11-23-2005
Congratulations on your wonderful baby! I hope you've been having a blissful time getting to know each other.

(It is a bit sad that you don't have a nice UC story to give us all some inspiration. )
Mama to 4's Avatar Mama to 4 11:32 PM 11-23-2005
thanks mamas!!! (nak again man i waited a looooong time to get to say that)

well i think i will post it in birth stories and figure out how to link.

love to you all, this board was my LIFE for about 6 months, and it has sucked to feel weird coming back, but mostly i have been too busy : )

all i will say for now is that i become more humble and gracious each day i am a mother, and less and less of a quick-judging know-it-all. I dont think my story belongs on this board because of the pregnant mamas who come here for inspiration, although i do not feel ashamed or like i failed at anything at all. I also dont feel like reading a bunch of stuff about "what i did "wrong"", i am not feeling strong enough for that in my post partum post surgery sleep deprived state, I know that the word c-Section sends some folks into such a frenzy that they cant even realize (im guessing) how much they are attacking a new mother! (none of you here but i have been around the other boards this summer..... and YIKES)

Well again love to you all and i thank everyone for the support and words of kindness and wisdom through my pregnancy! Baby Charlie is a serene little soul and we love him to death!!!!!!
laurata's Avatar laurata 03:19 AM 12-05-2005
Welcome baby Charlie!
Arora The Explorer's Avatar Arora The Explorer 11:29 AM 12-05-2005
oh! how did I miss your birth announcement!?!? Glad this got bumped back up!

Congrats on your big big newborn! Welcome baby Charlie!!!

I'm so sorry that you didn't have the birth that you wanted for Charlie and for yourself. But, it sounds like you really followed your heart and did what was best for your family. That's UC at its finest I think!
paloma's Avatar paloma 02:21 AM 12-08-2005
Surgical birth is a part of birth, it is part of your experience. I welcome whatever you would like to share, and respect what you do not wish to.

Welcome Charlie! Hoping you are well.
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 02:32 AM 12-08-2005
Congrats on your big boy!

I think you should post it here. Uc is a mindframe as well as an event.

This is where you belong