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passionatepreggers's Avatar passionatepreggers 12:19 AM 01-26-2007
Things have been pretty hectic (you know, new baby and all.. ), but I finally have some pictures and a name.. Phoenix Rhain (pronounced RAY-in). I am in love and in awe.. I will post a birth story soon. I can't thank all of you enough.. You have been so wonderful.

WARNING!! I am naked in these!

cristeen's Avatar cristeen 12:28 AM 01-26-2007
barefoot mama's Avatar barefoot mama 12:35 AM 01-26-2007

A beautiful babe!
Aliviasmom's Avatar Aliviasmom 12:41 AM 01-26-2007
JanetF's Avatar JanetF 01:56 AM 01-26-2007
Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! Don't expect them to last long on photobucket though, they don't like birthing mamas unless they're dressed...

Thanks for sharing, I love them!!
cottonwood's Avatar cottonwood 02:09 AM 01-26-2007
Well heck, just transfer them over to Flickr then.

Wonderful photos, thank you so much for sharing them with us! I like the ones of you kneeling especially, because it shows how close you are to the ground. You don't happen to have gotten any photos of the baby just upon emergence?

By the way, awesome tattoos you have there.
amyjeans's Avatar amyjeans 02:14 AM 01-26-2007
congrats mama! that is one BIG baby!!!!!!!!!
shoes's Avatar shoes 02:33 AM 01-26-2007
You did GREAT mama!!!!! I'm so happy for you and your family and can't wait to read the birth story!!!
Nyamae's Mama's Avatar Nyamae's Mama 03:04 AM 01-26-2007
Totally made my day, seeing your beautiful family! Congratulations!!!!!
passionatepreggers's Avatar passionatepreggers 03:05 AM 01-26-2007
I wasn't aware of photobucket policies.. I'll have to look into flickr. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of him coming out.. It was just my husband, my son, and my friend, Crystal. Steve was catching, Aramis is only 2 (and was busy illuminating my crotch with a flashlite ), and Crystal was holding me up.. I was squatting with her behind me, arms under my armpits when he came. It was the absolute best position for me while pushing. During the rest of hard labor I was on my knees, and have the rug burns to prove it! I was crawling around and roaring like a lion . Anyhow, there were no hands to take those pictures .I wish I had some. Oh, and he wasn't big, actually. The day after his birth we had him weighed, and at that time he was only 6 pounds, 11 ounces, 19.5 inches.
pamamidwife's Avatar pamamidwife 03:18 AM 01-26-2007
beautiful pictures! i love the fact that your babies have something beautiful to look at (besides your face!) when nursing. your tats are gorgeous!
jennica's Avatar jennica 03:32 AM 01-26-2007
Congratulations! I don't really belong over here, I just like to lurk, but I had to tell you your pictures are awesome! Especially birthedit2 and birthedit9. Both of those really tell a whole story. I love your kids feet in the one pic, and how your son is cradling the new baby with his legs and looking at him so intently. You should submit that one to Mothering and try to have it published
sally Z's Avatar sally Z 05:04 AM 01-26-2007
lovely pics
Romana's Avatar Romana 12:43 PM 01-26-2007
Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

dd 10 mos
augustacherri's Avatar augustacherri 01:06 PM 01-26-2007
Beautiful pictures! I love how your son is so serious with his flashlight in the pictures---very cute! Congratulations!!!
LavenderMae's Avatar LavenderMae 02:16 PM 01-26-2007
Those are great pics. I love the one of your ds1 that looks like he is watching for the babe to come out, it's so precious. The one of your older ds holding his baby brother is beautiful!
lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 03:19 PM 01-26-2007
WonderWild's Avatar WonderWild 03:55 PM 01-26-2007
Great pictures! Your kids have thick beautiful black hair.
momof421's Avatar momof421 04:06 PM 01-26-2007
MammaKoz's Avatar MammaKoz 04:47 PM 01-26-2007
Congratulations, what a gorgeous baby boy! Those are beautiful pictures and I love your tattoos!
MamaFranklin's Avatar MamaFranklin 06:53 PM 01-26-2007
He is so gorgeous! I love the picture with Aramis holding him... his feet curled up under the baby! Yummy!
mother culture's Avatar mother culture 01:38 AM 01-27-2007
OH MY Made me all teary! So beautiful with that shiny warm new baby with mamas hands and flowery breasts to greet him! Thanks so much for shairing!
I would love your story for my website! PM Me if interested!
GooeyRN's Avatar GooeyRN 01:53 AM 01-27-2007
beautiful pics! I wish I looked HALF as good as you while pregnant!
FireflyFan's Avatar FireflyFan 03:59 PM 01-27-2007
Nicole B's Avatar Nicole B 09:01 PM 01-27-2007
What a beautiful peaceful birth!

Looking at those pics I couldn't help but think of these nursing bras I once saw that had bright colors under the flap to keep babies interest when nursing... have no need for those bras cause your beautiful "skin art" is sure to keep ANY baby's attention!
What a beautiful family! Enjoy your babymoon!
taylor's Avatar taylor 10:18 PM 01-27-2007
Congratulations! Beautiful pictures. I love your tatts, too.
Spark's Avatar Spark 11:04 PM 01-27-2007
So beautiful!!! Thank you!!!

Blessings to you & your family!