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Pooping in womb

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What happens to the baby if it poops in the womb? I read alot of people in the Homebirth thread on bathing that said their baby was born with poop on it. I had heard that it was dangerous if the baby poops in the womb. I'd also heard that they poop and pee in the womb and they eat it along with the hair that falls off of them. So, tell me what you all know about this fun subject of poop.
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I don't know. But that's a really good question. I want to know too.
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It's called meconium and it's the first stuff they pass after they're born, usually. Meconium isn't regular poop, and they don't poop the whole time they're in the womb.

DS was born with meconium in his fluid and it can be dangerous if the baby inhales it into their lungs.
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So, since I'm having a UC, how do I know if the baby has inhaled any meconium into it's lungs? Is it something I need to be concerned with? Is it more common if the baby is overdue?
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Well, there's some debate over whether it is inherently more common to have meconium aspiration with postdates moms. The presence of meconium is definitely more common, but is not necessarily a bad thing. If the baby is under some kind of stress, it is likely to inhale some of it, such as with an induction or if there is some kind of cord problem, or the mom smokes or has a crummy diet. Meconium aspiration can happen in babies that come early too, and a little isn't a big deal. But if the baby inhales a lot of meconium, it can block their airways and cause pulmonary distress. So if you have a lot of meconium when the waters break and babe's having trouble breathing or is breathing very fast, a transfer might be a good idea. If the heart rate's okay, and the baby's active, they'll just observe it. If it's having more severe troubles or something pops up under observation, the baby gets an endotrachial tube to try to suction the stuff out.

So that's my rundown on MAS. Please correct any points I've gotten wrong.
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As far as I know - meconium doesn't really happen that often, more often with post dates babies {but that is often speculated as being caused by being induced/artificial stressors on baby.}

Meconium- babies first poo for the first few days - is what hs come to fill their intestines as they have helped process waste while in utero. It is often described as tar-like. Personally - I feel it is best desribed as very much like fudge-like brownie batter. It is thick, deep brow/black, and often will stain what it gets on - often mothers who plan on cloth diapering will use a soft rag inside those first few dipes to catch it/prevent staining of the diapers.

You will know if there has been moconium released by looking at your amniotic fluid, it will have color/odor. Without meconium present - it will appear clear and odorless. If it does have meconium can be as light as straw colored, on to cafe au lait, to dirty/green-ish. See this page on pamamidwife's site to see a baby that had meconium staining of her skin- Do some reading on what to look for immediately/how to asses baby's condition. When they breathe, how they look, what they sound like {gurlge-y, clear, etc.} That should give you lots of info - and will be reassuring that you can tell what is needed.

I personally choose to have a DeLee mucus trap {suction} on hand, they are more effective at suctioning efforts if necessary. One end goes in your mouth and suck- the other goes in babies mouth/throat/nose. Its still not opened , but I don't care. I rather have good tools should I need them - if that need should arise.
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