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We had our baby boy last Tuesday morning ( 2/27/07) at 1:13am unassisted. It was awesome! I have been on here reading and posting very few times, so not sure if anyone even really remembers me, but I took a break near the end just to read.
My mom flew in on the 25th in the evening, and after putting the kids to bed, I started to feel early labor contractions. So after making sure they were regular, we decided to just go to sleep and see how things were in the morning. In the morning of the 26th, I noticed things were about the same in length and frequency of contractions...nothing too bad, just letting me know baby would be coming. My husband had duty the night before, and his ship was scheduled to be underway for the week...leaving at noon. So I called him and let him know things were happening. He got off the ship and came home around 9am.
It was pretty lazy all day long. I made some tea for labor. My kids and I made a carrot cake for the baby's 'birthday'. I put my 2 yr old down for a nap around 2pm. I fell asleep for about an hour with her, then my husband and I left for a walk in the neighborhood. My mom stayed home with my 4 yr old son. The walking didn't last long because I had to pee so bad! So we turned around and came back home.
Around 5pm we made dinner and that's when things picked up a little more. During dinner I stood up a couple times and bent over the table for Jason to put some pressure on my sacrum, and after dinner we headed upstairs to labor privately. My mom put in a movie for the kids and had a 'pajama party' with them on the fold out couch.
They came to visit me periodically to check us out, because we had told them we were having our baby that day. My mom was a huge help in bringing me water throughout the labor and anything else we needed. Jason was amazing. He really stood up to the plate and was there for me in a way I had never seen. When we got upstairs, he had prepped everything without me knowing. The candles were lit and everything was ready. It was so romantic.
Things moved very slowly. There was a time when we laid on the bed to rest between contractions b/c it was tiring. I got in the shower 3 times during this labor...the water kept turning cool, so I would get out and labor and wait for it to get hot again. I spent a lot of time on the toilet.
My water started trickling about 11:20pm. That's when things escalated to transition. Even then, Jason told me that I was a LOT 'sillier' than when we had Suzanne two years ago. The rice pillow I had made was awesome. The hot compresses were not so much. I LOVED the birth ball. I leaned on it a lot. I rocked in my glider between contractions, then I would lean forward and halfway stand up over the birth ball which was on the ottoman of the glider.
At around midnight, there was a gush when I had to pee and I instantly felt the urge to push, but it wasn't overwhelming. So I pushed a little when I felt like it. I got in the shower one last time. I changed positions quite a bit in there and pushed when I felt like it. I got out and went to the bed, and I started to lose faith. I was so tired. I wanted to rest for a minute, but my body wouldn't let me. I was afraid of the size I felt when I was feeling like my body was pushing the baby out. I started to doubt, and that's when I lost it a little.
My mom had the kids sleeping by 11pm, so she had been upstairs with us out of our way. At this point though, I needed her. My mind was starting to go and tell me things that I knew wasn't true but was hard to focus on what I needed to. I asked her for scriptures on fear. She came through with some really good ones that I could apply to the situation.
I faced the mirror in my dresser on my hands and knees as 'squatty' as I could. I started to help my body push instead of holding the baby back. I got some real good pushes in, but I felt him slide all the way back up when I stopped. It was so disappointing. I did it again and I felt like he was crowning, so I said something to Jason, but he said 'no baby, I can't see the head'. I wanted to cry. I was so upset. I thought for sure this baby was not coming out. The next time, he came all the way to his eyes...and I could feel myself stretched out around him. I was supporting the front part of myself, and my husband was supporting my perineum. My body pushed one more good push, and the head was out. YES! He made some noise and that was all the motivation I needed. Next time I felt my body pushing him, I pushed too. The shoulders were really hard to push out for me. It seemed much more difficult altogether than Suzanne or Kyler. But thank God, the baby was out and here!
Jason said 'OMG, Heather you have another boy, we have another boy!' He was almost in tears. He had been able to catch the baby and passed him to me once I rolled down from my position. We had blankets and just sat for a while admiring each other and our baby. It was so awesome. He was born in candlelight with just people that love us and our baby.
So, then we waited a while and nursed. I couldn't tell if the placenta had detached or not. I thought it had not. The cord was still pulsing after 45 min. I didn't really know what to do. I hadn't thought about how long is too long to wait to birth a placenta. I was unsure if my cervix would start to close up but I wanted the baby to get all his cord blood. I did call a midwife friend to ask her. She told me how to check whether placenta was detached and how long I probably had. I checked the cord one more time, and it was limp, so we cut the cord and I birthed the placenta into an old ice cream bucket. Old but clean though....
We cleaned up the baby a little just wiped the blood off him. There was no vernix left at all. Interesting since I was 'supposedly' 38 wks. I am doubting that now. We got him wrapped up in a blanket and kissaluvs. I took a shower while Jason cleaned up the bed and random clutter and my mom held Gideon and rocked him. When I got out of the shower, all was done, and we were ready for bed, but first we weighed him with a fish scale and an afghan. 10LBS!!!!!!! and 22 1/2 in long!
My other two were 7lb 10oz. and 20 in long...
We went to bed and my other kids met their new baby brother that morning at around 7am. We laid around in bed all morning, but got dressed and went to brunch around noon at IHOP. It was great.
The after birth pains were unreal, but we got through it. I had NO tearing whatsoever . My bleeding is down to a spotting after a week. I drank a placenta smoothie that my husband made for me.... That is love, cutting up my placenta and making my smoothie. Then he buried the rest of it in the backyard under a future garden. I have been feeling GREAT! My mom is still here to help me, so I am getting lots of rest still. My kids are loving their new brother. The baby nurses like a champ...literally grabs my breast with closed fists and pops that nipple in just right the first time.
We went to Vital Statistics on Friday since my husband had to go back to work today. We had no problems getting him registered for a birth certificate. only some health dept nurse came in and assumed I was unaware of my resources I believe. She was telling me I wouldn't know if I had an infection from peices of placenta left inside me (yeah right....and like I don't know how to examine a placenta....) so I should see a doctor. telling me that I probably had gestational diabetes....(not her call, and I believe the due date was wrong because of the lack of vernix and peeling of the skin...besides he came out with long fingernails.) and telling me that my baby and I were at risk for diabetes in the future becaus of that. Also, she wanted to give me a list of pediatricians for the baby. I told her we were military and already had options...thanks very much...we were aware, etc......
overall though, no problems with that.
here's my birth announcement...
we're so glad we uc'd and up'd and if/when we have another one, we'll be doing it again.
Thanks for all the info and discussions available to me through the pregnancy. This is a great community and really helped me.
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Congratulations on your new son! My first was over 10 pounds, and I was just shocked when they told me! It's better not to know before hand, eh? Sounds like you he had a lovely birth- thanks for sharing your story.

JENNY, 38~ preschool teacher, birth activist, sun worshiper, singer, married for 17 years and mom to

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I love a good birth story, sounds just awsome, congrats.

 Midwife & Mom to Gracen 9 luxlove.gif, Avery 6joy.gif Urijah 4superhero.gif Greta Sue, 9-9-10babyf.gifuc.jpg  Oh Baby! 1sttri.gif Due in April

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Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Gideon (Love his name)!!!!

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How beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story- what a special, intimate moment!

And welcome little one!

Mama to my spirited J, and L, my homebirth: baby especially DTaP, MMR (family vax injuries)
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What a beautiful birth story!

Enjoy you new baby.
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Sounds like a beautiful birth! Congrats on your UC!

~Lanie mom to Layne, Liam, Maren, Meridian, and Melora
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What a lovely story


//definately sounds post-dates to me too. bah-humbug on the diabetes thing.
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What a wondeful story! Made me get all teary-eyed at the beauty of birth. Thanks for sharing and Happy Babymoon!
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Yay! Congrats on your new baby!
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Awesome, awesome, awesome! Inspirational, to say the least!
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What a wonderful story My third babe/1st UC was a 10lb baby too. (No gest diabetes here either : lol)
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awesome! congratulations!
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Congratulations! Welcome Gideon!

Missionary, birth-worker, midwifery student
Mama to love.gif DD (9yr), DS luxlove.gif (3yr), & 2twins.gif UC twin DDs (5yr)

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Congratulations! What a perfect birth story

Nicole | Mom to Ciara & Oliver | Finally living aboard & loving it!
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