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StrongBeliever's Avatar StrongBeliever 05:08 PM 08-08-2007
Wanted to revive this thread just because I think it is soooo cool. : Also, I wanted to ask for a suggestion on length... Anybody have any idea as to how long it ought to be? I loved the comment about the bow... It's funny, but I can totally see myself tying a bow.

And theres not really any going too thick, right? If people use shoelaces and all... I wanted to weave one out of embroidery floss, and have five people(counting baby) who I would like to have a color for, maybe a sixth string to make the braiding easy and even.

**guest**'s Avatar **guest** 05:34 PM 08-08-2007
so anyone has photos? even of a completed tie, not on a baby? i still have hard times imagining it, i'm not crafty at all.

also, dh's biggest worry, it seems, is cutting the cord. he cut the cord in our hospital birth, and said it was very stiff, and our home scissors won't be sharp enough. is the cord less stiff after you wait a bit?
skyblufig's Avatar skyblufig 06:07 PM 08-08-2007
Originally Posted by annabanana View Post
also, dh's biggest worry, it seems, is cutting the cord. he cut the cord in our hospital birth, and said it was very stiff, and our home scissors won't be sharp enough. is the cord less stiff after you wait a bit?
We had no trouble using regular kitchen scissors. Oh, and we used dental floss to tie the cord. It was either Tom's of Maine or Desert Essence. Minty fresh!
open_sunflower's Avatar open_sunflower 10:08 PM 08-08-2007
woot woot !!
I was jsut asking about this in another thread. What an amazing thing. To braid together thread , what an amazing little keepsake picture that would make. Gosh, I cant wait.

2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 12:43 AM 08-09-2007
I need to see a picture. I have both cord ties and clamps from InHisHands, but I might be tempted to braid a tie too if they are cute enough. :
MamaRabbit's Avatar MamaRabbit 01:33 AM 08-09-2007
I did end up braiding the cross-stitch floss. 9 strands thick, about 10 in. long. We ended up using plastic clamps about 3in away from the belly button to begin with and later tied with the floss and recut. My thoughts on it... plastic clamps hurt the babies tummy so you want it off ASAP. BUT, our problem was, we could not get the floss as tight as we wanted it. Then it stuck to everything or got poo on it. Ended up trimming it really short. Then their stumps fell off too soon and were bloody and gooey, I think because of how they were tied. Not good. Not sure what would've worked better.

Here's a pic of the ties.
tsfairy's Avatar tsfairy 03:19 AM 08-09-2007
Seeing this thread pop up again reminded me that I still hadn't gotten any embroidery floss to make my cord ties! I hit Joanne's tonight and found something that I think might work at least as well - hemp twine for beading. It's a little thicker and stiffer than embroidery floss, but it's much softer than most hemp I've seen. I found a pkg in the clearance section with several really nice colors. Any reason the hemp might not work?

I also realized that my birth kit (ordered for DS1's planned HB) has cord ties instead of clamps in it like I had thought, so I may just skip the pretty ones.
StrongBeliever's Avatar StrongBeliever 12:29 PM 08-09-2007
Awwww! MamaRabbit, your pics are SO cute! Too bad they turned out to be a pain in the tush... The ties, not the babies. Do you think had they been thinner that they might have tied a bit better? Tighter or whatever? They are super cute... Worth it for the photo op I think even if they were pesky.

I think I am going to go ahead and do a three strand, and maybe make it about six inches long... Enough for a *little* bow.

Tsfairy... I think hemp should work great if it is fine/soft enough. Also, I believe hemp is supposed to have natural antimicrobial properties(though don't know if that holds true for bleached or dyed hemp) which could be a good thing on a button-stump.
2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 01:57 PM 08-09-2007
They *are* cute! Yeah, now that I think about it, when we used a cord tie with dd it was trimmed really short. The bought ties are thin too - like dental floss.
StrongBeliever's Avatar StrongBeliever 02:18 PM 08-09-2007
I was worried that a very thin tie... Like floss... Would cut into the cord, but I suppose not. I'm thinking a three strander would be thin enough to be tight but thick enough to be pretty.
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