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Lady Lilya's Avatar Lady Lilya 12:15 PM 12-10-2007

georgia's Avatar georgia 01:37 PM 12-10-2007
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fionashappymama's Avatar fionashappymama 10:23 PM 11-23-2013

I have a friend whose son is almost 2 and he has a SS without a BC...just is obviously possible. I also have another friend who doesn't have a BC but has a passport and her son is in public school. So there you go folks. There are ways around everything. PM if you have questions ;)

Laura Spilde's Avatar Laura Spilde 04:59 PM 02-04-2014
I would support the idea if I knew that my children could maintain ways to find income without the need for the BC. For example, writing books, craft sales, farmers market and more. Sometimes those jobs are very difficult as need for transportation is necessary to maintain the independence and there are times when people are hassled around so much that they will need a driver's license for something.

It seems to me that anyone over the age of 18 who does not have a drivers license is "bad" in the USA. If I knew I personally could live without birth certificate and husband too......I would consider not getting a BC ever. This world just doesn't revolve around reality and goodness but fantasy and scorn from time to time.
Laura Spilde's Avatar Laura Spilde 08:57 PM 02-04-2014
I don't know if this was posted long ago.

As long as the child knows how to count how many dandelions are on the courthouse lawn......he can certainly get a free education that way. no professional skills necessary. no bc necessary either.
fionashappymama's Avatar fionashappymama 09:16 PM 02-10-2014
late ggegegettgetting my bc so i thpught somone on. this thread may have decided at one point against bc then decided to get one and have advise. i am filing for a delayed bc in ca and i do not havevthe documentary evidence they require so has anyone else had to go infront of the superior court to gey one? That is what I'm facing with a 13 month old. i could not return to the county she was born until now and i missed. the year mark. sorry about the typos. this is my new verizon smart phone its a pain!
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 06:49 PM 02-12-2014

22 yrs ago I got a delayed birth certificate for my son. He was born at home, UC.


1. I got a form from a stationery store called an affidavit of birth.  I filled it out and had it notarized.


2. When my son was born, I paid to put a notice in the local newspaper. Newspapers were used more way back then!


3. I took my son to the pediatrician for a newborn exam and the office wrote a letter for me noting that I was there with my son on such and such day - and I kept the receipt for the payment of the visit for a new patient.


When my son was four I submitted the form. No problems. He has worked, traveled overseas, and gone to university. No problems.


A footnote:  I do recall years ago in the late 1960s lots of women had their babies at home and refused to get a bc because they did not want their sons drafted into the military for some future war. The military draft is no longer a threat, but one of my friends learned that if she waited long enough, she would have to go to her congressman to get an act of congress to give her son a birth certificate. There is always a way. Good luck.

cadydid's Avatar cadydid 10:45 PM 02-16-2014

I think the idea of paying for healthcare out of pocket is being taken really lightly.  Both of my kids have broken bones.  My daughter, who broke a leg jumping over some rocks, ended up with $20,000 of medical bills.  Our son's bills (broke an arm while playing with his friends) will probably total about $10,000.  Our part will be a couple hundred for both.  Even negotiating that down, between both kids, that might bankrupt some families.  Maybe it'll never happen.  It's a roll of the dice, but my kids are not the only ones I've seen in casts.  Accidents happen, and while you can support their immune systems to try to prevent other things, you can't really prevent a fall. 

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