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barefoot mama's Avatar barefoot mama 01:32 AM 11-06-2007
Originally Posted by 2bluefish View Post
I've got this weird idea that my baby might be afraid of being born - I got this idea from Miranda Castro's homeopathic book. This baby was conceived immediately after we had our ritual bath and converted to Judaism. I always felt that it was significant - that this baby wanted to be born Jewish. Then thinking about reincarnation, it occurred to me that maybe this soul has lived through a rough life already and is nervous about coming back into this world. I was sitting on a swing at the park today watching all the sweet innocent children playing, and I looked over and saw a sticker someone had pasted to the park swing. It was a picture of a Nazi throwing the star of David in the trash and said "Clean Up America" and said something about a socialist organization. Shit, this world can be scary - how do you assure your baby that there is something here worth giving a try? I don't know if it is really a question or just a thought I had for sharing with those capable of thinking outside the box.
Have you talked to your baby and told them that it is safe? My last babe was afraid to be born. My dh finally said- It's OK, we love you, you're safe"- during labor and my water broke and baby was born immediately after.

Also, how about a few doses of Aconite?

crittersmom's Avatar crittersmom 04:11 AM 11-06-2007
I do think there is something to that.Tell your baby that he/she is safe and that you will protect and teach.
Thinking of you all.(((hugs)))
Today is my oldest son's bday. Hes very mellow.
mykidsrock's Avatar mykidsrock 11:47 AM 11-06-2007
Just sending you some love and support mama!!
2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 03:47 PM 11-06-2007
I don't have Aconite, but I took a few doses of argentum nitricum, and I do think it helped. I was displaying a lot of signs of a argentum constitution even though that isn't my own constitutional remedy - I thought perhaps I've been mirroring the baby? But I felt it move down and start working with me when I took it, and I also felt it changed my mood to be more positive. It'll be interesting to see if after the baby is born if it displays that constitution.

And I've been meditating on all the nice things I will be able to do with my baby and the plans I have for his/her childhood. I did notice a distinct feeling of relief once November arrived. We don't normally have cable TV so I've been watching alot, and all the Halloween programming really seemed to bother me. I gave up reading novels, because the struggles and hardships in the books really seemed to depress me too. This might be a sensitive child.

I might be getting close - *knock on wood* - ptoo ptoo - I've cramped all night and all morning. I keep trying to remind myself of the stories I've read of women who do most of the work without having really hard contractions - so not to be too discouraged that I'm not feeling hard stuff yet. Doesn't mean I'm not close.
TinyBabyBean's Avatar TinyBabyBean 04:02 PM 11-06-2007
from your october due date club.

i've been thinking about you and your baby lately.

i think our souls have time to think things through before going onto our next life so i am thinking he already did think about his choice to be with you and your family. but i guess some things are not always that simple, or they are just that simple. maybe there is a certain date that has a lot of significance for him that he wants to be born on. or it could be more involved than that and near the end needs some extra reassurance that no matter what happens and no matter what life brings he has your love forever and remind him of what a loving experience you will give him as his mother. sometimes we all just need that extra reassurance.

my thoughts are really with you.
yvonnemlv's Avatar yvonnemlv 06:57 PM 11-06-2007
OR maybe he's just REALLY testing your resolve to not induce birth this time, lol!

I could see my son doing that.
paphia's Avatar paphia 07:49 PM 11-06-2007
Maybe your baby just loves it where he is! He's got you all to himself right now. Maybe he's not ready to give that part up yet. Tell him he'll get all the booby and slinging that he wants once he's out.

Sorry you're not done yet! I went into labor when my OB scheduled an induction for the next morning. I always wonder if there had been no pressure, if that would have happened.

Anyway, with all this early work, you still may get to wake up pushing or find you had your baby in your sleep. :

I'm glad you're feeling more positive. I can't believe that sticker you saw at the park. It's amazing how some people think and live. And I'm glad I don't associate with anyone like that!
celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 08:03 PM 11-06-2007
Just sending you a Hope your little one is safely in your arms soon!
MrsAprilMay's Avatar MrsAprilMay 10:22 PM 11-06-2007
Originally Posted by paphia View Post
Maybe your baby just loves it where he is! He's got you all to himself right now. Maybe he's not ready to give that part up yet. Tell him he'll get all the booby and slinging that he wants once he's out.

That reminded me of a Hathor cartoon!

I hope you have a beautiful labor exactly when your baby is ready! (And I hope you baby gets ready soon!)
crittersmom's Avatar crittersmom 01:48 AM 11-07-2007
Little One, us Aunties are ready to ooo and aww over you too!
Thinking of you Mama!
Milkymommi's Avatar Milkymommi 02:15 AM 11-07-2007
Stopping in to check on ya... I've been stalking you through your pregnancy It's hard to believe you're about to have another little one and that I was just pregnant at the same time as you just over a year ago. I remember saying ( like it was yesterday) how I thought it was pretty crazy that I suspected I was pregnant too again but didn't end up being. You go girl!!! Major baby birthing vibes!!!!
lactivist's Avatar lactivist 02:21 PM 11-07-2007
Thinking of you!
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