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Personally, I would have a breech uc. Dr's and mw's don't seem to have as much experience in these situations anymore. I think everyone's comfort level is different too.
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I'd personally want to UC a breech than have any manner of attendant with me. I feel that if a baby remains breech, there is a good reason for it, that we may never understand.

I would never attempt an EV, it sounds downright brutal to mom and baby IMO, and even OBs know there are risks associated with it.

Even the spinning babies website rubs me the wrong way :

I do like the website for the technical explanations/drawings though.

I love love love http://www.breechbabies.com/

But the thing is that those policies are not based on science.

Yes, they are based on fear of the unknown b/c well, we as birthing women have allowed it to become unknown! Just a select few of us (compared to the whole rest of western society) are clinging to the knowledge, the truth of breech (or anything else) in the hopes that it will be passed down and survive and (in my daydream world) thrive.
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I would never attempt an EV, it sounds downright brutal to mom and baby IMO, and even OBs know there are risks associated with it.

Even the spinning babies website rubs me the wrong way
Jesse ~ I agree with you on this. During my entire pregnancy my daughter was in the breech position (up until just before labor began) and I really had to face this common perception that many have that you just HAVE to do something about it! Docs, midwives, mothers....everyone I read about or spoke to had this amazing and passionate belief that you've just got to do EVERYTHING WITHIN YOUR POWER to change the baby's position. I found this unsettling at best, and downright scary at worst.

What I came to in my own journey was that I personally saw nothing harmful in keeping my body healthy with yoga and good postures, but that purposely and actively trying to force my baby into another position felt wrong. The thought of doing something like that felt violating. And it felt as though it didn't honor the sacred environment my baby was sheltered in. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it's how I felt.

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I would absolutely still UC if my baby was breech. For me I would consult with an experienced person of knowledge, for most that would be a good midwife, and ask that in the event of any complications may I call upon them for assistance. Fortunately for me, I have a person that I would trust to do such. Although, if there was no one trusted to consult with, I would still UC unless my instincts told me otherwise.

I was frank breech, and my mother's OB turned me after I was descended into the birth canal, wrapped my cord around my throat, almost sent her for an emergency C since my heart rate was decelerating due to the cord, and ultimately butchered her and used forceps and a vacuum to extract me. It took her almost 6 mo to heal, and years to not have pain. 22 years later my mother still has nightmares. I don't have much faith in most OB's I would have been a perfect breech delivery, with little to no trauma.....

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I have thought of this question a lot too. My first baby was breech, born vaginally in a hospital, naturally with no complications. My next three babies were born at home with a midwife, headfirst. My first OB encouraged me to try vaginally, and was very supportive. I don't know what I would have done if one of the others were presenting breech, because I've never heard of anyone else who would encourage or even "allow" a vaginal breech birth. I think our Ontario midwives are required to transfer care of their patients to an OB with a breech birth.

So I've thought often that I would probaby try to have the baby unassisted at home, while trusting that my instincts would let me know if I did need some extra assistance or if something felt wrong. We weren't living very close to hospitals for our home births, so if my baby was breech, I would probably try to find a place closer to a hospital to birth my baby.

But I do believe in a woman's body to naturally give birth successfully to breech babies...I did!

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I gave birth to my first child at home unassisted and the baby was breech. I would like you to know that I knew the baby was breech when I chose to birth unassisted. It was not a surprise breech. I realize that this was an unusual choice in that I had an "untried pelvis" and I am petite. The doctor noted on my records that my pelvic measurements where inadequate to boot(so this measurement is a guideline for what seems to be adequate not what is in fact adequate). As well, finding an attendant who has experience in vaginal breech birth is difficult and they generally are not hands off enough. My mother gave birth to a breech baby in a hospital in a rather traumatic birth experience that entailed a length recovery.
The attendant should never touch the baby or mother, especially during a breech delivery, unless the baby needs to be broken down or the head has not delivered and the infant is deprived of oxygen for too long. But, an attendant is a risk factor in that they often jump the gun and pull on the baby or intervene with damaging results. Most attendants can't keep their hands off, even well meaning midwives/doctors. And it is hard for an attendant to sit on their hands in a situation like this. The risk of birth injury during a breech birth is much greater and is as Dr. White said, " At the hands of their would be rescuer."
An attended breech birth carries risks, as does a c/s. I you are properly prepared, able to remain calm during the birth, the infant is full term, and the head measurements(if known by u/s) are normal, I would not do it any other way, but UC.
I do think that you should read up on breech birth. Do not let anyone touch you or the infant(unless absolutely necessary and make a calm decision here not a rash one fueled by fear), and know the time constraints for delivery of the head once the umbilicus is birthed(but again do not let this dictate hasty action without due cause). And this is a big one IMO and difficult since breech birth often is accompanied by unusually uncomfortable back labor(worse than my posterior baby even), do not push with your contractions(to the best of your ability). This allows the cervix time to fully dilate before the presenting part(butt or feet) enter the birth canal. I only gave one push to birth the baby's head and only after DH tried to gently apply pressure to my perineum to "unhook" the baby's head(the chin was resting on the perineal skin). If you are want you can pm me for more info. Also, I had my next child sitting breech up until just before I started pushing. The baby chose an uncomfortable time to turn with contractions coming so close, but again that is a possibility. I assumed after that(and midwife friends have said as much to me) that sitting upright in my pelvis is simply more comfortable for the baby.
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