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Hi this is sassie, I have a another question. How should I go about breaking my water? I know me I won't go into active labor or dilate until my water has been broken. Like I have said this is my 6th baby and in the last 5 births my water has had to be broken so what do I do. sassie
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you will go into active labor and dilate, it'll just take longer. All babies come out eventually.

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For the love of all that is good and holy, do not attempt to rupture your membranes. They are there for a reason and they will break on their own when they are good and ready. I've had six babies and for most of my births the membranes didn't rupture until I was pushing.

I'm really curious as to why you would be attempting a UC if you don't believe that your body will labor and birth a baby without intervention?
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is this an april fool's joke?

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You don't' break them you let your baby be born in a caul.
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Originally Posted by LavenderMae View Post
is this an april fool's joke?
i sure hope so

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I don't know if it was related at all, but the day before my water broke at 36w5d, I had been trying to check my dilation/baby's position, and I think I may have scratched at the bag a bit. My waterbroke in the middle of the night, about 12 hours later. I wouldn't recommend that as a way to try to break waters though, it does unnecessarily increase the risk of infection.

I have heard of midwives I know going and breaking the water of a woman who knows that it will bring her into labor. They will go, break the water, then leave again to allow labor to start.

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I imagine this is an April Fools joke, as most UC mamas know to trust that their bodies will work and to trust the process. And if they are worried that they need a little help, they turn to RRL tea or 5W or some such. Still, I feel the need to mention that breaking one's waters is rather dangerous. The risk of prolapse or cord compression goes way up when the bag is broken artificially, as well as the risk of infection being HUGE.

Happy April Fools Day though! You had me going for a second!

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I helped with a birth of a mom of seven this was 8 and she was under that impression as well! I don't break bags so she was out of luck! I told her if god wants it broken he'll break it! It broke as the head came out two mintues later!!
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You don't have to break your water and you shouldn't try. My last baby was born in the sac (then it breaks) fwiw.
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I know me I won't go into active labor or dilate until my water has been broken.
I guess you should go to the hospital, then. If you don't think your body can give birth naturally, a UC shouldn't be your priority, IMO.

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Wow, I'm not really sure what is going on here; I feel that the comments posted have been somewhat negative and are not really addressing her question.

I, too, had my water broken with both labors. The first one was a hospital birth and the second one was a UC. In both cases, I stalled out in transition for hours and the baby's head just wouldn't make a good connection with my cervix despite position changes, etc. I had a stubborn cervical lip in both cases and I was just experiencing great pain without any break. Once my water was broken in both cases, I immediately got the urge to push and the baby's head made good contact with my cervix, pushing on that lip. It was a wonderful help. I understand this about my body and am certainly not opposed to employing this if my labor has the same pattern as my other two. My only regret with my UC is that I didn't ask my husband to do it earlier, as it probably would have saved me three hours of extreme pain at nearly full dilation(labor up to that point had been manageable).

My husband did it by using his fingers to guide some hemostats to my cervix and pulled on one edge of the membranes until it ruptured. This time, I got an amnicot from InHisHands.com, just in case.

Obviously, I would recommend leaving your water intact as long as possible--preferably until it breaks on its own. There are certainly risks that can be serious, and it should be approached thoughtfully and with caution. However, it really helped me tremendously.

Best birthing wishes!
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Never did understand the "need" for having your water broken. It will break on its own when it needs to, or not and the baby will be born in the caul.

This really seems more like a joke than a real question.

Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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If this is not a joke then this is a bit worrying. Breaking your water increases your chances of infection and c-section. Gosh I hope the OP doesn't try it. My water broke with #4 as I was pushing. I wish she were born in the caul. I think that's friggin awesome.

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with baby being born with the bag of waters still intact. In many cultures, a baby born in a caul is considered to be destined to a life of greatness!
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