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rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 08:41 PM 04-07-2008
Hi all, hope it's ok to post this here.

Zoe Anna S. was born yesterday at 3:57 PM via c-section...it was easy and perfect and so is she. She gets the distinction of being our smallest baby at 7 lbs. 12 ounces and 20 inches. Surgery was 23 minutes from start to finish and was smooth and complication free. I went home a little bit ago. She looks just like Avery and is pretty laid back. We did have a harrowing night of gas bubbles but if that's as bad as it gets I'll take it!

More details to come...settling in...

Thanks all for the well wishes and support.


runes's Avatar runes 08:44 PM 04-07-2008

welcome to the world, little Zoe!
foogoomomma's Avatar foogoomomma 08:45 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your healthy newborn!
Changed's Avatar Changed 08:46 PM 04-07-2008
onderful! Congratulations Marie!!!
Viola's Avatar Viola 08:48 PM 04-07-2008
SusanElizabeth's Avatar SusanElizabeth 08:49 PM 04-07-2008
OH- I am SOOOOOOOOO Happy to hear this!!!!! I was worried. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You don't know me but I have been following your story very closely. Lots of love to you and your family. Her name is beautiful.
Aurora's Avatar Aurora 08:49 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations! Welcome sweet little Zoe!
tpott4's Avatar tpott4 08:55 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.
homebirthing's Avatar homebirthing 08:57 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations on your sweet Zoe!!
TheaGraham's Avatar TheaGraham 09:05 PM 04-07-2008
Welcome Zoe!
AlmostCrunchyMama's Avatar AlmostCrunchyMama 09:06 PM 04-07-2008
Im glad everything turned out for the best.
crittersmom's Avatar crittersmom 09:07 PM 04-07-2008
Welcome Zoe! I get so giddy when I say that name,Its my DD's name too.
*mama moose*'s Avatar *mama moose* 09:10 PM 04-07-2008
congrats! I'm glad everyone is doing well! Welcome Zoe
CallMeMommy's Avatar CallMeMommy 09:11 PM 04-07-2008
YAY!!!!! I've been obsessively checking for updates, I'm so glad to hear everything went well! I hope you realize your fan club will be expecting pictures at your earliest convenience
kaylee18's Avatar kaylee18 09:16 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations! And of course it's okay to post here.

Originally Posted by rmzbm
No regrets, about anything, and I am not sad at all.
Awesome! :

I wouldn't trade the whole process for anything...it was worth it. And I am equally glad that I didn't give in to what I still maintain was medical incompetence and arrogance and, in the end, got my birth on my terms.
I totally agree, it wasn't time yet, when they were all getting after you. You got through it, and you knew when it was time. Celebrating with you.

I conceived her for HER, and that's EXACTLY what I got.
I'm so, so happy for you. :
ewins24's Avatar ewins24 09:17 PM 04-07-2008

I'm so glad she is here and just fine.

to you for a speedy recovery.
boobyfeeder's Avatar boobyfeeder 09:23 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations! Welcome little Zoe!
moonfirefaery's Avatar moonfirefaery 09:24 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations! I am so glad for you! I am sorry you didn't get your UC, but I am glad you had a safe, easy birth and a perfect little baby girl! You know, with her only being 7lbs, I think you definitely did right trusting your instincts in waiting until now to have the C-section. I can't wait to see pictures, and I hope you were treated well at the hospital! Wishing you a fast recovery!
newfiemomma's Avatar newfiemomma 09:26 PM 04-07-2008
Originally Posted by SusanElizabeth View Post
OH- I am SOOOOOOOOO Happy to hear this!!!!! I was worried. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You don't know me but I have been following your story very closely. Lots of love to you and your family. Her name is beautiful.
This is exactly what I was gonna say!

Happy Babymooning
gretasmommy's Avatar gretasmommy 09:27 PM 04-07-2008
Welcome, Zoe!

Happy babymoon!!!!!!!!
Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 09:30 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations! Welcome Zoe!
DaughterOfKali's Avatar DaughterOfKali 09:31 PM 04-07-2008
Congrats! Welcome to the world, Zoe!
mom2fourgirls's Avatar mom2fourgirls 09:32 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations!! I have been checking for updates rather often, lol!
Welcome to the big world Zoe!!!!
delicious's Avatar delicious 09:36 PM 04-07-2008
congratulations!! i'm so happy to hear that she is here. thanks for the update, and happy babymoon to you.
laoxinat's Avatar laoxinat 09:36 PM 04-07-2008
Yay Marie!! and baby Zoe!
Ligmom's Avatar Ligmom 09:37 PM 04-07-2008
congrats on the birth of your daughter, zoe i am so, so happy to hear that you are both well and wish you a wonderful, beautiful time getting to know her and slurping up all that yummy newborn sugar. :
Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 09:53 PM 04-07-2008
Happy Babymoon. Congrats on your perfect baby girl. s and wishing you a speedy recovery.
momileigh's Avatar momileigh 09:54 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations to your whole family! Thanks for the update!
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 10:07 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations on your baby! No matter how it turned out in the end, you did what was right for you, and you are an inspiration! Wishing you a quick recovery. Enjoy your healthy baby!
ReikiMommy07's Avatar ReikiMommy07 10:13 PM 04-07-2008
Congratulations, Marie! And a big welcome to baby Zoe! I'm sure she'll be as strong as her mama! Enjoy your babymoon, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration to all of us!
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