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sunnymw's Avatar sunnymw 12:02 AM 05-18-2008
Hmm let me explain how I feel/felt... see if it makes sense.

I'm about 32 weeks and a few days...

Today I took DS to a birthday party and followed him around (he's 19 months) the huge huge yard. I got tired, hot, thirsty, and light headed, but drinking a ton of water and having dinner (late) didn't really help much. I had 2 cheeseburgers and chocolate cream pie :, this was around 5-6pm.

I also carried DS a good bit which is getting tougher and tougher, but I had to keep getting him out of stuff (he's 21-22lbs).

Anyway, finally made it home and still felt really hot and light headed, and extremely thirsty. It's about 10 pm and DH brought me home a shake from Chik-fil-a but I'm just sooo thirsty and it ain't cutting it : I've had plenty of water today... well probably not quite enough, but as much as I usually get... 6-7 glasses or more (big glasses).

I'm going to try and go to sleep and re-check this thread in the morning, because I am sooo tired... been a long day and had a rough night with DS last night (he didn't go to sleep until 1am, then of course I peed at 3 and 5 and he woke up at 6 screaming, nursed to sleep at 7 til 9) and I anticipate tonight won't be much better (he's sleeping now... but GMIL gave him some of her chocolate cream pie, and by some I mean he probably had most of her slice but at this point I was having painless but irritating ctx and just couldn't keep chasing him everywhere).

Any ideas???

My BP has been fine... it's usually in the 90s/60s or 80s/50s occasionally, give or take some. Last time I took it was at WM, with DS on my BACK in a wrap (so invalid I'm sure), AFTER grocery shopping... it was 101/66.

I feel fine lying down but I have a toddler that isn't cool with that when he's awake!!

I also forgot to take my prenatal vitamin yesterday and today : (I usually take it chugging out of a gallon jug of water, and my water was empty... I know, lame)

I'm sure it's nothing big, I just need a sounding board. Y'all can move this to B&B if it needs to be there, I just put it here because I'm UPing now


augustacherri's Avatar augustacherri 12:37 AM 05-18-2008
I'm 31 weeks and feeling the same way and having similar symptoms.

I think it could possibly be one of two things in your case---have you thought about checking your blood sugar? I tend towards hypoglycemia and feel that way when I have let myself go too long without eating and don't notice it. If you have access to a glucose monitor, it might just help to give you an idea of what your blood sugar is doing during these episodes. I did that for a while with my first pregnancy while I was modifying my diet to see what helped. I think after a few days of checking it at various times, I figured out what was causing the peaks and valleys, as well as the associated symptoms.

Two, I'm sure right now I'm anemic and having all sorts of problems with that, so I just started Floradix today. We'll see how well it helps in upcoming days.

Did I mention I love how UPing makes me feel so free---I monitor my own body and adjust accordingly. It's a wonderful feeling.

I hope you're feeling better very soon!

Hope that helps.
kalisage's Avatar kalisage 05:35 AM 05-18-2008
I had some similar issues this pregnancy, and I know I've got hyperglycemia - mine jumps up, then drops WAY down....

And honestly it sounds like a blood sugar issue, maybe even not be hydrated enough. When blood sugars drop, even after eating (esp depending on what is eaten) - you can still feel very poorly for a while later. 2 things that helped me were high in protein & high in iron diets.

Hopefully you got some good rest, and are feeling great!
sunnymw's Avatar sunnymw 10:47 AM 05-18-2008
Feeling much better this morning

I have to agree, I think it was the diet, especially since our schedule got all messed up and I had breakfast at 9, then a banana as a snack since I thought lunch was at 3, but we didn't eat again until 5-6. I'm also the ONLY person left in my family that ISN'T diabetic (oddly enough, everyone gets it in their mid-20s, except my dad who was BF'd past a year, and he's the only one )

So I'm going to watch my diet a little closer and def. eat some more iron rich foods. At 28 weeks my iron was 11.25 and at the beginning of pg it was 12.0 I believe.

Thanks guys

And I also love the feeling of freedom... I realized that when I was under someone else's care and had issues, I had a lot more anxiety about them. Weird...
Blucactus's Avatar Blucactus 10:50 AM 05-18-2008
I'm not currently pregnant, but I have blood sugar issues & your description pretty well matches what happens if I don't eat enough/often enough. I get hot, dizzy, lightheaded, nauteous, and my heart beats too fast. So I make it a priority to eat often. Like every two hours. I always take food with me when I go somewhere. HTH!
MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 11:34 AM 05-18-2008
It mainly sounds to me like you just plain overdid things all around, yesterday--food, lifting, heat, on your feet too much.... "Overdoing it" is easier and easier to do during last trimester! Especially when also chasing a toddler all day. Sure, you are Wonder Woman , but even WonderWoman has her limits!

From here on out, you probably just want to take things a little easier....for instance, be the last to arrive and the first to leave parties. And expect to feel crappy, and to need to rest/restore, after a day like that.
sunnymw's Avatar sunnymw 01:24 PM 05-18-2008
Originally Posted by MsBlack View Post
It mainly sounds to me like you just plain overdid things all around, yesterday--food, lifting, heat, on your feet too much.... "Overdoing it" is easier and easier to do during last trimester!
I gotta agree. I feel like I'm still recovering from our trip to Savannah 2 weeks ago, at 30-31 weeks. Holy cow, I didn't even walk that much when I WANTED labor to come with DS1.

The only bad thing about UP is I can't tell DH "Hey, the DR/MW said to take it easy or I'll go into labor"

........but no one else knows I don't have the MW anymore, so they are more than welcome to take over for the day!