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The Birth Story of William and Micah

Mom was planning an unassisted birth at home and had a great uneventful pregnancy. She wanted a peaceful water birth and was excited to go into labor!

March 11, 2008

4:00pm- Mom calls to let me know she is having contractions. They are about 5-8 minutes apart. We talk about what she wants to do. She is tired and wanting to rest so she is going to nap and call me back. I remind her to make sure to drink lots of water.

5:40pm- Mom calls back to say that her contractions haven’t slowed down and that she thinks she wants to get into the birthing pool. I told her I would be on my way soon and get my stuff together.

6:30pm- Arrive at your house and go to work setting up the birthing pool. I set it up in Mom’s bathroom and it takes a little while to pump up... by hand!

6:45pm- Dad and Tommy decide to go to the park and play for awhile as the weather is so beautiful. Mom does a few contractions on the couch while she is online.

7:00pm- The pool is finally pumped up and we get the hose hooked up and start filling it up! Mom is alternating between her bedroom and the bathroom dealing beautifully with contractions. She is listening to her IPOD as well.

7:08pm- Call Billie to let her know that Mom is in labor and for her to be ready when we need help cleaning up. I leave a message on her phone.

7:13pm- Billie calls back to let me know that she is sick and in bed. She probably won’t be able to make it, but to call her when the babies are born to double check.

7:15pm- Pool is ready and Mom gets in! She says that it feels great. The contractions are about 3-4 minutes apart.

7:35pm- Mom drinks a vitamin C water to keep hydrated. She checks herself for dilation and guesses she is at about 5-6 cm dilated.

7:41pm- Dad calls from the park to see how things are going. Mom is doing fine. Her contractions are still 3-4 minutes apart. She is having bad back labor, but doesn’t want any counter pressure for it. She alternates between cold packs and hot water from the hose to help it.

7:58pm- I dump buckets of cool water out of the birth pool and then put hot water in to get the water warmer. Mom alternates between hands and knees and lying back against the birth pool. She still seems in good spirits and comments that she feels the baby move often.

8:15pm- Dad and Tommy come home from the park. They peek into the bathroom. Dad asks me how much longer it will be and I let him know that I have no idea. Mom doesn’t comment on her dilation or give any indication of time frame. He and Tommy decide to get into the hot tub out back and Dad says to come get him when it is time for the baby to be born.

8:50pm- Mom has the urge to push. She reaches down to check her cervix, but makes not indication of how progressed she is. She says she can feel the bag of water.

9:02pm- I send a text to my back up to let her know that Mom is pushing and pushing well!

9:04pm- I go and get Rob and Tommy out of the hot tub. I let them know that Mom is pushing and she seems to be grunting as though she will deliver soon, so they should hurry!

9:20pm- Mom is still pushing and Dad and Tommy are now there watching. She feels a bag of water bulging out of her and it is soon visible to all of us. She continues to push in the pool.

9:33pm- Mom says that she can feel something wiggling around inside the bag of water and that it doesn’t feel like a head. She can’t tell through the bag of water. The bag of water is about the size of a newborn’s head. She asks Rob what is down there and he says he can’t tell.

9:35pm- Mom decides to break the bag of water and asks for something to do it with. I open her bathroom drawer and offer her a bobby pin out of it. She says that will work fine.

9:36pm- Mom breaks her bag of water and pulls back the membranes. She asks Dad what is there. He says that it is a foot. Mom says that is fine and she can do a foot, just not a hand!

9:38pm- I call my back up to let her know the status of what is going on. She asks if we want a midwife on the phone to help out. I ask Mom if she wants to get a midwife on the phone and she says yes. I hang up with my back up and wait for a call from the midwife.

9:44pm- Rose, the midwife calls in to help over the phone. I put her on speaker phone and set the phone on the bathroom counter. At this point William has his legs and bottom out, as well as the cord. Mom is still in the water and pushing. Rose asks Mom whether the cord is still pulsing and she says that she can feel the baby moving. Rose suggests that Mom get out of the tub to push. Mom is hesitant and decides to remain in the tub for a few minutes. She is unsuccessful in getting him out there, so finally decides to get out of the tub. Rose says that Dad should wrap the baby and cord in a towel and support the body. He should allow the weight of the baby’s body to put pressure on Mom’s cervix but make sure not to pull. Mom’s pushes seem much more effective now that she is out of the tub and it isn’t long before his hands and head emerge as well! I am in and out of the room with Tommy and probably missed additional instructions.

*9:56pm- William is born! He is not breathing and Mom is rubbing him and suctioning out his nose with her mouth. He does not appear to be responding. His extremities are blue and the cord doesn’t seem to be pulsing, or is pulsing very slowly when Dad checks it. Rose says congratulations and hangs up.

10:00pm- William is still not breathing and 911 is called. At this point I am in the other room with Tommy and not aware of any timeframe of events.

10:05pm- Dad yells “HELP!” towards me and I come running from the rec room into the bathroom. He says that he can’t “do both” and I am not sure what he is referring to. He hands me the phone as I look over Mom’s shoulder and see another baby! Micah was born! I get on the phone with the 911 operator who tells me what to tell Mom as she performs CPR on William. Micah appears to be healthy and strong and after having cried is lying quietly on Mom’s leg while Dad rubs his back. He is significantly bigger than William, who is very small. We estimate Micah’s time of birth to be 10:02pm.

10:06pm- The paramedics arrive and I quickly step out of the way and take Tommy to the back of the house so we aren’t in the way. They apparently begin resuscitation on William and plan to take him to Hospital. Mom says that Micah is doing just fine and she would like to remain at home with him. The paramedics don’t feel that this is safe and force them to go to the hospital as well. I remain at home with Tommy until Grandma and Grandpa can arrive to take over. When they do, we clean up as best we can and I head over to drop things off at the hospital for Mom, where you have both been admitted to NICU. William weighed in at 4 lbs 10ozs and Micah at 7lbs 1oz.

What a birth! You both are so handsome and strong. You have overcome so much and are both home after having been in the NICU. I pray you both continue to grow strong and healthy and that your lives are full of joy.

* Although William was born at 9:56pm, his birth certificate lists 9:58pm as his time of birth. Mom needed to fill out paperwork before we had our phone records to show the actual time!
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Beautiful story! Congratulations Mama on two babies!

Wife to Chiro DH, TTC #1 since May 07 Hoping for a after many losses
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Thanks for sharing! How nice for your doula to share her version of your story!
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Congratulations, Mama! Thanks for sharing your birth story! It's was beautiful!
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