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Stayathomemommy's Avatar Stayathomemommy 09:45 PM 06-12-2008
I am trying to deal with some fears of what happens afterwards. I tested GBS positive and am planning a UC. did anyone take the baby in to the pediatrician after the first couple of days and get a lot of grief?? i am pretty sure all would be OK if i didnt have GBS but because i do they take it VERY seriously here and i am afraid would call CPS.

accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 09:49 PM 06-12-2008
just call it an "oops" and they'll see that you're taking care of your baby since you want to get it checked because of your GBS status. that's being responsible.

i'm sure it won't be a big deal if you don't treat it like a big deal.
Rockies5's Avatar Rockies5 10:09 PM 06-12-2008
we treated it like no big deal. Took baby in the next day. that appt went fine, but when the records got to the office (went to the Sunday clinic as it was a Holiday) the sh*t hit the fan and we were hassled, threatened and our records were illegally withheld from us. Several drs and nurses personally called to try to scare dh into bringing the child in to see another Dr (once the head ped. heard about the UC he took it upon himself to get involved). We were treated as if the child wasn't ours--there was a TON of suspicion and I felt we then had to tread carefully. I knew my rights. Though I should have been home baby mooning I went alone for several hours several days straight and argued with records and drs until I got what I needed for the BC. I felt it ruined the experience, and frightened my husband enough (though he had been elated and so very proud of our planned UC for the first day) to never discuss or consider another one.

*because I know someone will be curious and want to know, the reasons I went to a ped at all were
- we needed one more form of proof of birth for the BC
- more importantly I had a feeling there was something off with his heart
- he was premature and having breathing/feeding issues
- all our children have jaundice and because of the prematurity and feeding I wanted a dr who had seen him at birth so we'd have easy access to at-home treatment, if needed
(treatment was needed--we did the bili bed + lights for very high bilirubin at home for 10 days, he did/does have a heart condition and he was 3 weeks premature with a severe tongue tie and GERD)

He's 4.5 now and awesome. tough little boog.

In retroospect I think I would have been better off having my DEM simply miss the birth (instead of "firing" her, but do the well baby check afterward and fill out the BC forms)
Intertwined's Avatar Intertwined 10:21 PM 06-12-2008
I loved having a MW for this birth for this very reason. We didn't really get hassled or a hard time. Several stares and some heads were shaken in my direction. But getting the paperwork done was a HUGE pain in the butt. More so for having a DEM in a state where midwifery is illegal than in Kanasas with a UC ironically. Illinois treated us like UCers though, so same deal. It was horrible and lengthy and just a PITA.

Anyway, we went at 2 days post UC to see the family doc and it wasn't too bad. They asked me where she was born and I said "at home" and left it at that. When asked if I had a midwife 'or something', I said no and then changed the subject. Mostly I just got oogled at.
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 04:39 AM 06-13-2008
I have never had a problem. I usually just say say we didn't make it to the hospital, so we need a dr check for a well newborn.

I get a lot of "your brave" and "so scarry" comments, but never hassles.
ReikiMommy07's Avatar ReikiMommy07 08:10 AM 06-13-2008
Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
just call it an "oops" and they'll see that you're taking care of your baby since you want to get it checked because of your GBS status. that's being responsible.

i'm sure it won't be a big deal if you don't treat it like a big deal.
Hopefully, this is true. However, a ped could also say--and I'm pretty sure one would-- "Why didn't you take the baby to the hospital?" with that "DUH" look they give people...

I suggest taking babe to an ND, chiro, or MW after a few days, if you want to go anywhere at all.
heathenmom's Avatar heathenmom 10:14 AM 06-13-2008
I had a uc and was gbs+. It seriously never occurred to me that that would be an issue, and it wasn't. Our ped is AWESOME. He's also my acupuncturist, and knew that I was seeing a midwife for prenatal care. I saw him twice for moxi (dd#2 was persistent breech) but never mentioned my gbs status (not intentionally - it just never occurred to me to mention it). DD was born on Saturday night. I called Monday and asked if I could bring dd in for a check -- we told them we didn't make it to the hospital in time, and since everybody was fine we just stayed home. The receptionist was a little flumoxed by the situation, but the ped didn't bat an eyelash. We met him in the parking lot going in for our visit and he gave me a big smile and said, "She turned?" I said, "Yep!" And that was that. He said she was perfect and that we did beautifully and sent us on our way. Did I mention how much I love that guy?

I agree with zoebird: act as if it's perfectly normal and just about everybody will treat it that way, too.
KariM's Avatar KariM 11:37 AM 06-13-2008
I didn't use a ped, but instead used a family doc.

He was fabulous!

We brought Meghan in at around a week and told both his office staff and the doc that she was born at home without medical assistance.

He was in awe and asked a few questions, but not in a judging way. He's the father of quite a few children himself and it sounds like he respected our choice.

He even said to my DH at one point in the conversation that they (the births) usually do occur without complications and if there had been a true emergency we were only a few miles away from a hospital!

Now this doc also does still do hospital births and he's not an OB so it seems like he does seem to understand how the natural birth process works. It probably also helps that he's fairly well on in his years.
Stayathomemommy's Avatar Stayathomemommy 12:28 PM 06-13-2008
thanks for all the stories. I hate to think i wouldnt stay home just because of what "might" happen afterwards. But thinking of those hassles always scares me off. last time i seriously didnt stay at home because i thought getting a birth certificate would be a hassle. found out later it wouldnt have been. for me staying at home means i dont have to deal with all the crap and if i have to deal with more crap its almost not worth it to me. i know thats kind of silly.

anyway, i have one pediatrician that i have already talked to that would probably be cool after a UC so if i go into labor before my due date when he is still in town i will be more comfortable staying at home. if its after while he is on vacation i will probably go to the hospital. ARGH>
paquerette's Avatar paquerette 03:02 PM 06-13-2008
I'm thinking they are likely to want to do blood draws and possibly even hospitalize the baby until they get results due to the gbs thing, esp. if you go in the first few days. I might wait until a week or so. Or maybe the ped won't know about that? They're not going to have your records, right? So if you don't tell them then they don't know.
elisent's Avatar elisent 03:21 PM 06-13-2008
I would probably claim an oops, and since it's not your first just say that baby was doing so great and everything went so well that you didn't see a need to rush to the ER straight after. If they ask if you were worried about GBS just reply "What is GBS?" with a mama-who-doesn't-have-a-google-md-degree look.
UnskulinMama's Avatar UnskulinMama 03:54 PM 06-13-2008
Our ped gave us quite a bit of hassle and spent most of the first visit (@ 4 days old) accusing us of neglect... : It was not a fun visit at all, but I wanted to have her on the record and get the newborn screening done so we put up with it.

He insisted upon doing an eye "swab" and getting it cultured to check for bacteria (because she didn't have the eye antibiotics at birth and I couldn't possibly know "what's going on down there" ... oh surprise surprise it came back negative. He did ask about my GBS status and I have no doubt that if I said I didn't know or that I was positive that he would've thrown a fit and possibly called CPS or done something along those lines. To be honest, if he doesn't have your records I'd just say you tested negative.

I personally would not claim an oops.

Edited to add... Despite the hassles, I still would not change our decision to have a UC for the world!
Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 08:30 PM 06-13-2008
Anglea! I can't believe you're due so soon! Seems like you just found out you were pregnant!

If I were you, I would familiarize myself with the signs of early-onset GBS and watch baby for it myself. Chances are EXCELLENT that baby won't get it and you can avoid going to the ped. for a well baby check for at least a week or so, at which point GBS will not be a concern anyway. If baby does show symptoms, well, then seek medical treatment and take what comes your way. Unless baby is sick, I don't expect that they'll pay much mind to what your GBS status was, especially at a week postpartum.

I'm not planning to consent to GBS testing for this, among other reasons. But I bet I'm in a better place than you are in that my doctor knows that we're not planning to come to the hospital unless we need it and she already knows how crazy I am (what, no Quad screen and you don't want ANOTHER ultrasound? )
MyBoysBlue's Avatar MyBoysBlue 12:36 AM 06-14-2008
I had a Doctors appointment already scheduled for the next morning so we took him in and the doc was amazed and not at all critical of us for staying home. She seemed to think that it was wonderful. I UC'd but did back up care with a family doc.

She actually called a pediatrician to ask what to do in this situation as she had never encountered a GBS positive Mom who didn't get the antibiotics; Small town doc. It was suggested we took DS for a blood tests to see if he picked it up. We were told what to watch for if he did get sick but they weren’t concerned.

For us it turned out great. But if I had gone to the other doc I had been seeing it would have been a totally different story. It really depends on the doctor.
MamaRabbit's Avatar MamaRabbit 02:19 PM 06-14-2008
The ped was totally OK with an oops birth. Filled out the BC stuff for us. When we saw her 2 years later bringing in our UC twins at 2 days old, we just told her we stayed home on purpose. She already knew my reservations about the hospital, OBs, etc. and just said, "you made the choice that you needed to do to protect your babies." WOW

So yeah, finding someone respectful of your choices before you need their services may be a good option.
pumpkinyum's Avatar pumpkinyum 09:21 PM 06-14-2008
If you are GBS+, what do you do when you UC to prevent infection in the baby, since this can be fatal to the child?
momofmine's Avatar momofmine 09:40 PM 06-14-2008
Originally Posted by pumpkinyum View Post
If you are GBS+, what do you do when you UC to prevent infection in the baby, since this can be fatal to the child?
You should look up the actual statistics on the transmission of GBS. It does happen, yes, but it is not common, and, in my opinion, it is not a good idea that we are dosing all these women in birth with antibiotics to prevent something that is rare. All those babies that are getting abx through their mother during birth, and not getting the good bacteria they need coming thorugh the birth canal b/c mom is getting abx. I mean, it is a very personal choice, of course. If someone feels better doing the abx, then that is an informed choice they can make. I just think we have no idea what we could be doing by giving all these abx during birth.

Plus, you can test positive, then not actually be positive when you give birth, or vice versa. I tested positive during my first pregnancy, got a shot of abx, and I believe it cause major problems for my first DS. Yeast, colic, gut issues, food sensitivities, that I believed were all set off by me getting abx in labor (and probably not starting off with the best gut health, from past abx, etc.) For my second child, because I had tested positive the first time, so I took probiotics for my entire pregnancy and ate a very low-sugar diet, only sprouted grains, etc. I tested negative the 2nd time. I think they often just give abx anyway for subsequent deliveries in the hospital when you test positive the first time. I had a homebirth though.

I would not even do the test next time, because I wouldn't give abx anyway. I would do the same thing, though, take probiotics and eat a very specific diet to ensure the best health I could, avoiding sugar, etc.

That's just my experience and my opinion now because of that experience.
Stayathomemommy's Avatar Stayathomemommy 09:41 PM 06-14-2008
i am doing lots to treat the GBS. tons of garlic, probiotics and hibaclens (sp?). This is what many lay midwives use to successfully treat and eliminate GBS.

I am also going to demand a retest on my 39 week appointment to see if what i have done so far has helped. if i come up negative then i will have no reservations about a UC and i wont be lying when i go to the ped for a well baby visit and say that NO i am not GBS+ unfortunately she may remember me calling a week or so ago asking about GBS protocol after birth so i cant really lie.

thanks for the support ladies. i am keeping UC as an option and feel more confident everyday that i can do it. i have almost everything i need "just in case" too
Shelsi's Avatar Shelsi 11:07 PM 06-14-2008
What about calling some of the homebirth midwives in the area and asking if they could come check up on you guys a day or two after birth? I mean that is what would happen if using a mw, kwim? Maybe one would be willing to do that?

Other than that, personally I would just lie and say I was not GBS positive regardless of whether I am or not.

When I took dd into the doc at 3 weeks old (first doc visit) the ped asked me if I was GBS positive and I just told her I didn't do the test, she said OK, and we moved on with the appointment.
june'smom's Avatar june'smom 12:18 AM 06-15-2008
I went in and interviewed the pedi before ds was born. He was totally fine with the idea of a UC and filled out all of the paperwork for each child without any hassle. I certainly would not go to a doc that I didn't know or who wasn't supportive of my choice. In WI we are required to go in for the BC, so I did my homework before. I love the ped that I found, so it wasn't a big deal at all.
Stayathomemommy's Avatar Stayathomemommy 02:21 AM 06-15-2008
oh believe me if there was a lay midwife in town i would have her at the birth!! there are none, we dont even have a doula, and i am one of the crunchiest people in town and know every other crunchy momma here.
sg784's Avatar sg784 11:36 AM 07-08-2008
pigpokey's Avatar pigpokey 04:21 PM 07-08-2008
I would see if you can use a family practitioner rather than a pediatrician unless a supportive ped falls out of the sky and maybe even then.

I think the pediatrician culture has more of a 'but for us the stupid parents would kill the kid' mentality.
Funny Face's Avatar Funny Face 06:47 PM 07-08-2008
Could you take the babe to someone other than a pediatrician? A chiropractor, family doc or something? They're usually less of a hassle.
SublimeBirthGirl's Avatar SublimeBirthGirl 09:43 PM 07-08-2008
I went at one week. I had set it up in advance & told him I was planning a homebirth. He never asked about midwives.
paphia's Avatar paphia 10:08 PM 07-08-2008
My ped's office nurse just asked if I'd had the baby at home and I said "yep". But then I had a mw who offered to do the BC stuff for me since I guess it is a hassle here in NV going to the registrar's office in the capital, getting notarized letters. It was very nice of her. Maybe you can call around and see if anyone would be willing to do the bc stuff with you and seems laid-back about it? My ped is really great and laid back about everything I do/don't do with my kids. There were no questions about uc or gbs. I'd cut the cord myself, I think it was kind of a long stub, didn't phase her or anything. Also, ds was having some funny mec poops and she told me to keep an eye on it for 24 hours. We ended up doing a vit K shot at 5 days at the mw's office at the same time as the pku but I'm sure we could have also done it at the ped's office and it would have been okay.

I think having a hcp that you know is easy going about your child's health really helps. And they do exist - I hope that this is the case for your babe's ped.
umami_mommy's Avatar umami_mommy 11:26 AM 07-09-2008
i used the mw for a newborn exam and then waited 3 months to take the baby in. the doc knows my feelings about exposing healthy children to doctor's offices in the middle of winter. and so there wasn't much hassle. i very excitedly told him that the birth was really fast and we didn't have time for anyone to get there. (true, my UC was not planned but my DH and i knew the possibility of it in the winter with the mw so far and my fast labor)

the doc was excited for us. but he is a family doc (which i recommend over a ped any day) and used to catch babies in china.
mwherbs's Avatar mwherbs 11:42 AM 07-09-2008
we have had peds fire clients who were GBS+ and had a homebirth- actually I have also had a doula client who with her first baby had late onset GBS and with her second birth (the one I was at) she had a birth center birth and that ped not only fired them as patients but I was there and she read her the riot act and then sent a registered letter- she would not continue to care for the older child either!!!

I hate to say this about Yuma but there is a politician there who is also a ped and he is very outspoken about out of hospital births--- I don't know what his reaction will be if he is your ped.
Serenyd's Avatar Serenyd 12:09 PM 07-09-2008
Our pedi we have used for 5 yrs with my other son and we have a good relationship. All she said was, "was it a good experience?" She seemed interested but I didn't volunteer a lot of details and it was a hurried visit (as usual) so we didn't get very far with that. She just did a newborn check on the baby and it was fine.
thefragile7393's Avatar thefragile7393 03:45 PM 07-09-2008
Originally Posted by mwherbs View Post
we have had peds fire clients who were GBS+ and had a homebirth- actually I have also had a doula client who with her first baby had late onset GBS and with her second birth (the one I was at) she had a birth center birth and that ped not only fired them as patients but I was there and she read her the riot act and then sent a registered letter- she would not continue to care for the older child either!!!

I hate to say this about Yuma but there is a politician there who is also a ped and he is very outspoken about out of hospital births--- I don't know what his reaction will be if he is your ped.
Um, that's just wow. And scary. I birthed at the birth center in water with GBS diagnosis (have no clue if it was there when ds was born) and my former ped didn't bat an eye. Dosn't surprise me, Tucson has some VERY close-minded peds.....I swear I seem to have met all of them. Docs being politicians really don't mix either.