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I know there have been a lot of threads on the link between swollen/enlarged adenoids and dairy (and other) allergies/intolerances, but have a few questions that I have not seen addressed in recent posts.

Our 4.5yo DD has enlarged adenoids and now has a 30-40% hearing loss. Her speech has not been affected, but the prolonged hearing loss does concern me. We took her to an ENT that has, of course, recommended an adenoidectomy (sp?). Her hearing has gotten even worse over the last couple of months, despite rounds of nose drops and antihistimines.

As we are currently overeseas and prefer to have any surgery, if indeed necessary, done back in the US, DH and I have agreed, then, to reduce her dairy intake to see if that helps. It will be very tough, as our DD is a dairy addict and there are not a lot of alternative products where we are (non-dairy "cheeses" and yogurts, though rice and soy milk are available). That does not leave us with many substitutes. She does seem to like the soy milk so far, but she eats yogurt and cheese on a daily basis, not to mention all of the hidden dairy products. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect that we will have to eliminate all of it and avoid all such products at home for DH and I.

I do have one question, though. While I have seen dairy connected to enlarged adenoids, would it be possible that this is the only symptom of an allergy or intolerance? To my knowledge, she has no other symptoms from dairy.

While I have not completely disregarded the possibility of surgery, I would like to see if there are alternatives that would work for her. I saw in another post that soy can also cause enlarged adenoids, which leaves us with rice milk, I guess...Are there other possible allergens/intolerances we should investigate before surgery?

While I would really like to look into these alternatives, a part of me does not want to waste months and months of time, as she is currently suffering, in terms of her ability to hear. I am feeling a bit conflicted between avoiding the the procedure at any cost and restoring her hearing as quickly as possible. I would also hate to put her through a restricted diet if it is unlikely that she has an intolerance. And, yes, I would also hate to put her through surgery if we could solve it by diet alone.

So, basically, what I really need is a lot of encouragement from all of you to at least try to eliminate dairy, despite the difficulties, and to provide guidance on what else we should be looking at, in terms of diet.

Oh, and one more question...If we should be looking at other allergens, can we do it all at once, or do we have to do it sequentially, one at a time? I think that if we cannot identify a dietary source within the next month, DH is going to push for surgery (and I cannot guarantee my own resolve).

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My doctor said he wouldn't address my DS's adenoid issue until the food intolerance issue was resolved (there was no hearing loss involved though). Once we got all the foods out of DS's diet, the snoring and all that went away.

If you're up for an elimination diet, go for it. Take out dairy, soy, gluten, and corn (though I haven't actually seen corn implicated in ear/adenoid stuff, it is one of the top 4 intolerances, and according to some people, the cause of all the other intolerances). If you do it sequentially (taking out one at a time and adding back in before removing another), you might not figure it out at all, if it's more than one thing. And taking out some but not all doesn't usually help either. Intolerances are an inflammatory response to food. Sometimes it's inflammation in the stomach/small intestine, sometimes it's inflammation of the skin like eczema and rashes. Sometimes it's mucous production like in ear infections, etc. Some people have one symptom, some have another.

Keep a food journal during this time of all foods/drinks ingested.

Does she have eczema? poor sleep? strange bowel/pee habits? circular rash around her anus? excessive drinking? bedwetting? high needs?

I would do it before surgery. Because if you do the surgery and you haven't found out the food culprit, if there is one (likely, in my lowly opinion), then you'll just have more symptoms to figure out later.

Because she eats so much dairy, I'd think it's likely. Don't think about directly replacing dairy (and don't try goat milk until you know for sure that all her symptoms are gone; many people can't have goat milk either). Think of other foods.

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A belated thanks for your response. She does not seem to have any other symptoms that you asked about (though, LOL, she is definitely "high needs").

We have cut out the dairy for now, but will also look at eliminating soy (she loves the soy milk I bought so hopefully she will also like the rice milk) and gluten (I guess I will have to buy rice pasta), though it will be very tough (I suppose it is "very tough" for everybody) since options are more limited here. I get what you are saying about not just "replacing" the eliminated foods with "substitutes" but I don't want to deprive her of her favorite types of foods. I will have to think hard, though, about other dietary options first as it seems so overwhelming to me right now, asi want to make sure that she gets all the necessary nutrients as her current diet it pretty well balanced. I will go through the boards here to get ideas, but if you have any online resources that would help with meal planning, etc., it would be appreciated.

We have an appointment next month to get a second opinion, but I do not expect a traditional doctor to tell me anything different...

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hello, I just wanted to pipe in, for what it's worth, to say I had adnoid problems with hearing loss as a child and ended up have my adnoids removed and grommits put in my ears (and found that experience very traumatic)

I really encourage you to eliminate the dairy-- I wish my parents had known to do that for me. For the record I don't tolerate sheep or goats milk well either although yogurt and butter is not a problem, seemingly.

Because my son seems to be intolerant as well and because my younger brother who had the same coloring as my son (blue eyes and reddish blonde hair) had such severe excema/ asthma/ allergies we avoid dairy in our house apart from butter and yogurt. He has never had any problem with his ears whatsoever and the excema he began to get as a newborn disappeared as I eliminated trigger foods from my diet (I was breastfeeding)

Being dairy free isn't an easy transition especially if your diets are heavy with dairy products. There are some great vegan recipes out there-- and I personally find it better and more satisfying to omit "replacement dairy foods"and go for recipes that happen to be vegan and are delicious, too.
Soya is not ideal IMO as a food and I try and avoid that as it's mucus forming/ difficult to digest/ controversial as a health food (there are threads on MDC about soy and why it's not great). The best milk we have come across is oat milk and we get rice milk as a treat.

Good luck, I hope you are able to sort out your daughters problems.

Zoe, mama to Thomas 1/06
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Originally Posted by zoe196 View Post
The best milk we have come across is oat milk and we get rice milk as a treat.
What is oat milk?
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Well I'll tell you our experience.

My daughter had hearing loss due to fluid on her ears. Not infected or anything, just sitting there. We removed dairy & gluten and the fluid level decreased dramatically. She can now hear fine. Listening is another story.

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