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PeachBaby's Avatar PeachBaby 06:46 PM 07-30-2009
So DS and I both finally got back our IgE and IgG test results. We both tested negative for about a dozen things each. DS is ebf, 7 months, currently no solids. Kathy, I know you mentioned that because DS is ebf with no solids, the testing may not be accurate. But how about in my case? I know for certain that I react to shrimp (oral) and dairy (digestive) and wheat (tiredness, oral). But I tested negative for those for both IgE and IgG. So is there some other intolerance that I have that the IgE and IgG don't test for? Or what am I reacting to? The allergist just said that where I react (e.g., the mouth), it is just inflammed and so I should take medicine to heal the inflammation.

kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 07:51 PM 07-30-2009
What was the test? How accurate?

What is the oral reaction? Inflammation in the mouth, or outside the mouth? Is it a contact reaction?

I would definitely wonder about the accuracy on the baby if he hasn't had any of the foods directly.

Reactions trump results. They say that the GOLD standard is elimination and challenge. So if you have a reaction, then you have a reaction and you should avoid the food. I guess you should be thankful that it's not an IgE reaction (which can escalate and become anaphylactic), though with shrimp being a mouth inflammation reaction, I'd still worry. At least it's a top 8 allergen, so it has to be declared.

Also, if it were me, I'd probably find another doctor or another test... what kind of doctor was it?