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franklin907's Avatar franklin907 05:48 PM 02-02-2010
Has anyone heard of this study?

DS1 eczema is always a battle for us, but we have come a long way since last summer through antifungals, gut healing, probiotics, supplements, LDA treatment, and figuring out more food triggers. We've actually got a couple foods back and on the most recent allergy test, some previous allergies didn't show up(not getting too excited, yet), we did get confirmation on suspected allergies, as well.....but regardless of all that we've done, I can't help but think he's got an overgrowth of staph on his skin. He gets recurrent staph infections, they are happening a lot less since we've started everything above, but they do still happen. I am also pretty sure they are MRSA because he had a MRSA infection 1 1/2 years ago. That one was a very large boil, and now they are more like a little patch of scabs, maybe a couple, maybe a lot! I know that the recent study on bleach baths really makes me think it is so effective because it's killing off the bacteria overgrowth. We did try this (we were desperate!) last summer, but with no success. I've thought about trying it again, but am nervous, it just cracked his skin open and I felt awful doing it, but I was wondering since we've done so many other things since that time if it'd maybe be more successful this time around. We're heading to Hawaii, though, in a couple weeks and I'm thinking (hoping) the sun (major Vit D, yeah!) and saltwater are going to get him better! We've heard from so many people that their child's eczema completely cleared in Hawaii, the Philippines, Mexico, etc. so I can't help but think that points to that bacteria overgrowth again. I know everyone's eczema is different and I'm kind of just thinking out load here, but I know there's a wealth of knowledge on here, so just looking for other's inputs, opinions, advice, etc.......Thanks!

mtn.mama's Avatar mtn.mama 05:55 PM 02-02-2010
Good luck in hawaii... I hope it does the trick! Good to hear about your progress too... do you feel like LDA is helping?
franklin907's Avatar franklin907 06:02 PM 02-02-2010
I think that the LDA, in combo with everything else, is helping. Treating him for yeast overgrowth has been HUGE!!! I do think his yeast was way more out of control than we ever thought and this may have interfered when we started LDA. He has had 3 shots so far, he gets his 4th in a couple weeks. We are sticking with it because we do think in the long run it will help him and there has been a lot of gradual improvements! He's not so incredibly inflamed from head to toe...We may actually start DS2 with it preemptively. He's 7.5 months and we haven't started him on solids, yet, and he doesn't have any eczema, but I don't know about allergies. Dr. Ty talked to the man (Dr. Schrader ?) who developed LDA about starting this young and he said definitely! so we're seriously considering it. Have you guys thought more about doing it? overall, I am happy with it and it's just great to see Dr. Ty, he's a refreshing change!
franklin907's Avatar franklin907 06:40 PM 02-03-2010
I just want to ask again if anyone has any thoughts/experiences/etc. on overgrowth of bacteria/staph on skin as a contributing factor to eczema?...TIA