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August09baby's Avatar August09baby 07:03 PM 04-05-2010
Does anyone have any suggestions for some first finger foods for my 9 month old DS who is allergic to milk, eggs and wheat? Some foods he has tolerated include pureed apples, bananas, avocado, brown rice, carrots, squash and peas. Do I just start with super soft bits of these same foods? I saw these rice "cakes" at Whole foods, but they have traces of milk so need to skip those.

I (sadly) cannot for the life of me remember the transition to more solid foods with my older DS. I guess my mom was correct when she told me to write everything down or I would forget it!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

lil_miss_understood's Avatar lil_miss_understood 08:29 PM 04-05-2010
Hi there!
My DS3 is a couple of months older than yours (born the end of May) and we're doing baby lead weaning (although I fed a minimal amount of purees because he likes his food SO MUCH!! ).

Anyway, we offered slices of avocado and peaches, banana "spears", steamed carrot sticks, peeled peas, brown rice, long thin slices of soft meat (crockpots are great for this), slices of soft (peeled) pears, green beans, steamed zucchini spears... Basically anything that could be cut into pieces long enough for him to hold easily and was soft enough for him to gum to an easily swallowed consistency.
He still only has his bottom 2 teeth but he's eating really well. We offer small diced pieces of tomatoes and cucumbers now when we're having a salad, well cooked rice pasta with a little bit of sauce. Basically, whatever we're eating, we offer to him in a form he can eat.
kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 09:13 PM 04-05-2010
well cooked cauliflower
puffed millet cereal or puffed rice cereal
sweet potato chunks (cooked) or sweet potato fries
baked beans (homemade)
meatballs (or still too soon?)
(the rice cakes we buy don't have traces of milk - not sure what brands you're looking at)
August09baby's Avatar August09baby 10:22 PM 04-05-2010
Thanks Ladies - these are great suggestions. I was worried about the rice puffs because they don't seem to disolve easily (like cheerios do) but I will give it a try.

The baby mum-mums say they have traces of milk so I did not buy them, but I will look for other brands.
DevaMajka's Avatar DevaMajka 11:10 PM 04-05-2010
Ds doesn't like purees, so I've been giving him pieces of food. I usuually cut them into pieces the size of a pea or smaller, but sometimes give him "fry sized" pieces as in blw. He does fine either way, but I'm slightly more comfortable with the small pieces.

He eats:
puffed rice (ours dissolve super fast. The only ingredient is rice)
black beans
chicken (cut across the grain so it comes apart easily)
green beans