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capsgirl08's Avatar capsgirl08 12:59 AM 04-27-2010
My almost 2-year-old has started coughing at nights, sometimes so hard he wretches, gags, and vomits. I am scared this is turning into asthma.

Besides avoiding his known food allergies and sensitivities, does anyone have advice as to what else we can do? I have spent the first 2 years of his life looking at foods and diets, and I have little experience dealing with environmental stuff.

He loves running around and playing. It recently rained heavily, which is great for those pollen sufferers, but bad for people sensitive to mold, like me, and I'm afraid my son.

I do hot water washes and dye/fragrance free everything. I should limit stuffed animals, I know.

Some people say more exercise is better for asthmatics---haven't looked into that at all yet. Anyone know about that? I remember the kids with asthma always being told not to overexert themselves...

Anyway, I am still wondering if maybe there is something else foodwise going on that I haven't uncovered yet. He's been having runny noses as well, so that could be food related...but the coughs worse at morning and night make me think environmental.

As always, thank you for any insight or thoughts. They are always much appreciated!!

yogachick79's Avatar yogachick79 01:58 AM 04-27-2010
Do you have a regular allergist that you can see? Someone that can deal with the food as well as give you some info on the possibility of asthma. I've found that my dude just doesn't handle things as well as my other two. He was born "full term" but wasn't really ready when labor started at 37 weeks. He had RSV, has asthma and several food sensitivities (no food allergies thank goodness).

If he's having breathing difficulty you need to get him in quickly. They may give you a nebulizer to have around which has been a life saver for us.

FWIW, I have a good friend whose little girl had the same thing that you are describing. Horrid coughing fits, sometimes with vomiting. They were sure that it wasn't asthma because there was no audible wheezing, but it turned out that it was, and was exasturbated by her seasonal allergies. Again, just make sure that you in to the doc.

capsgirl08's Avatar capsgirl08 02:12 AM 04-27-2010
Thanks for the support and reminder of the urgency --- DS is turning 2 in a coupl eweeks, and I've been trying to hold out until his 2-year check up.

We did sort of have a regular allergist, but I stopped seeing him after I got tired of the crazy first time mom treatment. I know there are a couple others in town that other parents have suggested. I've just continued doing what seems to work for us and haven't seen anyone since (which is about a year ago).

I get the coughing fits with cold weather too and when I was pregnant I was suddenly diagnosed with asthma because of the coughing. I never realized until then that coughing fits could be asthma...I'd always imagined someone who couldn't breathe in or out...although I guess it's a similar sort of thing.

Anyway, thanks. He's sleeping thankfully now. Going to look seriously into finding an expert for us...
kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 10:01 AM 04-27-2010
I would get him checked for asthma. It might just be environmental allergies, and the post-nasal drip clogs his throat and makes him gag/vomit. My kids all had coughing from environmental allergies that were NOT asthma. But you should make sure. And it might be time for environmental allergy testing so you can control them if you can (dust, AC, pets, etc.)
lyterae's Avatar lyterae 11:16 AM 04-27-2010

We are in this same place.. but a couple more years down the road. DD is 4 (dairy intolerant, hayfever and peanut allergies) and has been having coughing fits for over a year now. The pediatrician didn't think there was a problem, after almost 9 months of having the doctor ignore my concerns (coughing all night and day to the point of nearly vomiting is not "normal") we finally found a new doctor.

So far we have had x-rays done of her lungs and also of her tonsils and aednoids, and she is currently on an inhaler and nasal spray. Things aren't 100% better but, she's sleeping through the night again and isn't coughing ALL day. I'm not sure what our next step is.
Therese's Mommy's Avatar Therese's Mommy 04:10 PM 04-28-2010
Is it only when he is laying down? My dd once had a bad cough like that only at night when she was laying down and it was an ear infection. She would cough until she threw up It could be a drip as well. Perhaps you could elevate the head of his bed. That being said, I definitely would follow your gut if you suspect asthma because it is nothing to fool with.
capsgirl08's Avatar capsgirl08 01:08 AM 04-29-2010
Thanks, all, for your thoughts. He does cough more than just when lying down, although that is when it happens most. I wondered, though, if it is because he will sometimes nap in the bed with his pollen-ridden clothes and then again at night -- and not the act of lying down -- that triggers the coughs. Needless to say, I've returned to the vigilant sheet washing and even have him nap in his diaper.

I found a new allergist farther from the one we were seeing. I didn't have a good experience with the first 2 we saw, so here's to hoping that third time's a charm.

I will write again with an update. Thank you, ladies!!!