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Ds has multiple severe IgE allergies.  (He can react to trace trace amounts of an ingredient and has an epi-pen for 5 different foods because his allergies are so severe.)  His diagnosed allergies right now are: soy, peanut, tree nut, wheat, milk, egg, and some other legumes. 


Away from home, he is allowed single ingredient foods only (ie., a banana or something).  At home, I am very careful what ingredients I use and possible cross-contamination.  I'd like to make a recipe calling for worchestershire sauce.  I'm a little concerned with the "natural flavors."  Does it contain any allergens?  I hate to try it and wait for a reaction given how severe his reactions are.

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I am pretty sure there is wheat or gluten, and soy in worchestershire sauce. I would do it. While I miss the flavor of it sometimes, I think it is mainly umami and I can usually recreate that somehow.

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I agree, i wouldnt do it until ive checked it out w the company.

But i will say that Lea & Perrins isnt the only business in town. I actually dont use L&P because of the CS. Theres Frenchs, Annies Organics, a few small boutique brands - ones an orange label w an oak barrel, ones a purplish label w a wizard... Even Target's house brand has a W sauce. I use Cajun Power (, which does not have natural flavors listed. It does have "herbs", and "spices", but no "natural flavors" or "caramel color". I can find it somewhat locally, but i'd be willing to order it if I couldnt anymore, because it tastes right (which some of the others don't, really).

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You can whomp up your own Worcestershire if you want to really control the ingredients--it's mainly the tamarind and anchovy that provide its character, IMO. This recipe is a decent template, and the soy sauce is mostly there for color and salt. A splash of fish sauce (not half a cup!) is a plausible stand-in for both that and the actual anchovy, with salt to taste.

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L&P is the only worcestershire which reads GF and SF on the label.  (Wait, there might be a couple generics, too . . . don't know which). I don't know if it *is* SF for sure, you'd have to contact the company.  They claim it is GF.  The natural flavorings could certainly hide a non top 8 allergen in the US.


From the website:  Vinegar, Molasses, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Anchovies, Water, Onions, Salt, Garlic, Tamarind Concentrate, Cloves, Natural Flavorings, Chili Pepper Extract

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I'd call the company and ask if it is produced on shared equipment with all your list of allergens. I've rarely had a company not be able (well, willing) to answer that question with top eight and all but a few have researched and answered for our not top eight anaphylactic allergy as well (sesame). If they won't answer or I couldn't contact them I wouldn't use it.

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We avoid it because ds2 is allergic to seafood.When I have a recipe calling for it, I usually replace it with salt, a dash of basalmic vinegar and a bit of sugar or honey to balance it out.

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DS had a terrible reaction in the summer before he was diagnosed.  I attributed it to the HFCS at the very least as he has a corn-A

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