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KKKK74 07-08-2011 07:34 PM

Has anyone tried this ?? Or extensively researched it ?? 


I'm very interested in all opinions.



scsigrl 07-08-2011 07:41 PM

If this worked, everyone with allergies would know about it.

KKKK74 07-08-2011 11:24 PM

I obviously agree with that to an extent otherwise I'd just sign up for it and wouldn't have posted the question - but I also think there are many things that can be done to successfully cure or help allergies that most people don't actually know about. I'm interested to investigate all avenues more.


Many things may not 'blanket cure' everyone  - but that does not mean they don't work at all for everyone. Not saying this is or isn't the case with this - I don't know I've only just begun investigating it today.


Still interested to hear what other know about it.


Thanks Kate

scsigrl 07-09-2011 04:57 AM

I also think it depends on what you call an allergy.


We deal with several allergy like issues.  We have IgE, FPIES, Celiac and IgG issues.   I would NEVER trust something like this, NAET or other "cures" for say out peanut allergy.  I am not saying it may not help people with non-IgE issues cause I think in some people it may help.  

azdesertrn 07-11-2011 08:00 PM

My family is trying this now.  We saw one chiropractor at the beginning of the year who uses the Bax 3000 machine and have had some results but it was getting too expensive and the chiropractor was an hour away so we had to take a break from treatments.


I discovered my current chiropractor I'm going to also does allergy treatments using the machine like you linked to, so we are going to start allergy treatments with him next week.  He is going to give us a discount since I am also seeing him for chiropractic adjustments so it will be more affordable.


My 10 yr old son has mostly behavioral and digestive issues with his allergies and it seems to be helping him.  He used to react badly to corn products yet really really craved them.  Since having the allergy treatment for corn products he no longer has strong cravings for them and seems to digest them ok when he does have them.  He used to beg for fritos, nachos, and popcorn but would have diarrhea from them as well as temper tantrums.  Now he eats them in moderation - the strong craving is gone.  He seems to digest them better but I can't be sure if that is because he is eating less (by choice).  He tested positive for many different things on the Bax 3000 machine, so he still needs a lot more treatments.  They only treat one allergy group at a time.


My husband has had less asthma and sinus issues since he started treatments.  He has numerous environmental allergies so he still needs more treatments too.  He also has a shellfish allergy that hasn't been treated yet - that will be interesting since it will be more obvious whether it really works or not.


The reason we looked into laser allergy treatments originally is because of a glowing testimonial from a mom in a local mom's group.  Her son was cleared of multiple allergies including eggs.  He had had projectile vomiting from eggs, but the day after treatment he was able to eat scrambled eggs with any reaction.  It also improved his asthma.  (Her son was treated by the first chiropractor we went to with the bax 3000.)


I'll try to remember to update once we have had some treatments with the other machine if anyone is interested.  The new treatments will be with the LAX 7000 which is the older version of the LZR7 that was linked in the initial post.

scsigrl 07-11-2011 08:05 PM

So you are speaking of NON-IgE intolerances, not allergies, correct?

azdesertrn 07-11-2011 08:45 PM

We have both types and are treating both with the laser treatments.  My son has intolerances, my husband and I have both IgE allergies and some intolerances.  My husbands allergies are much more severe than mine and he had been seeing a traditional allergist for years for allergy shots, steroids, inhalers, daily claratin etc... prior to trying this.  He is still taking an occasional claratin but rarely needs an inhaler (and has stopped allergy shots and the steroids).  In the past when he has missed allergy shots he really noticed  a change in symptoms, so this is a big improvement for him - its been over 6 months.

scsigrl 07-12-2011 04:07 AM

Were the IgE allergies to food?  When was the last time he was tested for them?  After the treatment?

azdesertrn 07-12-2011 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by scsigrl View Post

Were the IgE allergies to food?  When was the last time he was tested for them?  After the treatment?

No, we haven't been treated for the food IgE allergies yet.  We do have some that we will eventually get treated.  (Shellfish for my husband, strawberries for me)  So far the only IgE allergies we have treated were environmental (mold, dust, various pollens, animal dander.....)  With a limited budget, my husband wanted to do the environmental stuff first since its easier to avoid shellfish than pollen.  I'm excited that with the lower price at the new chiro we can get more treatments done.


My understanding from one chiro is that food IgE allergies are sometimes laser treated with more long term success than food intolerances because what they are doing with the laser is calming the inappropriate nervous system reaction to a substance.  Sometimes intolerances are due to inability to digest something due to lack of enzymes or whatever - if that is the case laser treatments may only help temporarily because if you continue to eat a substance you can't digest well your body may eventually start to react to it again.  Although he also said that by removing the inappropriate reaction the body sometimes learns to digest it better??  He claimed to be getting a good success rate with both.


My husband was being tested for allergies once a year for years while doing the allergy shots.  No, he hasn't been tested by the regular allergist since the laser treatments and I'm not sure he ever will be unless his allergies get worse again.  (too much out of pocket cost if we don't have a need to do it - but it would be interesting to see)  The chiro does muscle testing before and after a treatment to check and see if it worked.


I had a lot of trouble accepting the whole premise.  I first heard about laser treatments years before we started them.  It seemed too star trek like to think a red laser and an electrical signal could treat allergies, but with my husbands worsening allergies I finally decided to gamble and we have definitely seen improvement.  We are not cured yet, but have had enough improvement I am ready to spend money on more treatments.

scsigrl 07-12-2011 05:03 PM

I dunno.  Unless I saw the numbers of someone who had a food allergy and saw the numbers go down I am not sold.  I know how bad environmental allergies are (have had them for years!) and I would be willing to try for that but I don't believe for a second it works for food allergies.  The explanation about nervous system reaction just doesn't even begin to sound correct.  It has to do with the proteins getting through the GI tract and causing an immune reaction.  Last I remember studying (which I will admit has been a long time) the immune system and nervous system while connected, is not connected like that.



emilysmama 07-15-2011 10:51 AM

azdesertrn, I am truly glad that your family is finding relief, because I know how awful allergies can be.


That said, with all due respect, the information about the device described in was a complete waste of electrons.


I have a PhD in Physics, specializing in optics, and have worked with/installed/maintained and built many different kinds of lasers for decades, including all of the kinds described in the website.  (I have also suffered horribly due to allergies, which are now under control thanks to allergy shots, with no thanks to constant exposures to lasers of all kinds.)


The way that the information is written is laughable, especially everything that was written about lasers.  For example, the part about how light is measured in wavelengths and usually expressed in nanometers.  Yes, that is true, but a legitimate company wouldn't write it that way because it's not relevant to convincing people that the device works.  Pretty much every single sentence in that website is weird like that.  I have visions of the author frantically googling key words like "laser" and "LEDs" and "low-level", and indiscrimately cutting and pasting random sentences from the internet.  The author him/herself doesn't understand what he/she is writing about, because there are a couple sentences that are just not factually correct, and the entire thing is just nonsense. The end result is the above link, which a long collection of paragraphs bursting with impressive-sounding scientific buzzwords that are designed impress people who do not have a very strong scientific background.


The website has been written to relieve people of their money, not of allergies or any other medical ailments.

scsigrl 07-15-2011 10:58 AM

Originally Posted by emilysmama View Post

The website has been written to relieve people of their money, not of allergies or any other medical ailments.

Thank you SO much for this.  I think it is important to point out the SCIENCE behind many of these alternatives is not scientific at all!  I could not agree with you more about relieving people of money not allergies.  I think they in large part are playing into peoples hopes and fears of allergies.  Again, if it worked, we would ALL know about it.

emilysmama 07-15-2011 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by scsigrl View Post

Thank you SO much for this.  I think it is important to point out the SCIENCE behind many of these alternatives is not scientific at all!  I could not agree with you more about relieving people of money not allergies.  I think they in large part are playing into peoples hopes and fears of allergies.  Again, if it worked, we would ALL know about it.

I can sympathize because my dd suffers so much with allergies, that I would almost be willing to believe/spend anything. So it really makes me mad that charlatans prey upon desperation like that.


The comments in the web site about the recent developments in quantum physics and Bose-Einstein were just so sad, that they were funny.  Even the stuff about physiology, biology, and medicine, which is not my area of expertise, just sounded so fishy that they smell bad. I mean, some of the individual sentences were not wrong, but they were obviously randomly put together to maximize the number of buzzwords.  It's like whenever someone uses the phrase "paradigm shift" to sell me something, I immediately get suspicious. Or when someone you've just met starts dropping names of famous people, and pretends as if they're best buddies.


The website describes the device as a solid state diode laser with a wavelength of 635 nanometers (also written as 635 nm), with a power of 5 mW (that's milliwatts).  Do you know what that is?  I've got one in my desk drawer right now.  It's called a RED LASER POINTER that I bought from Office Max!  You know, the penlight-sized laser pointers.  If you go to any office supply store, and read the tiny stickers affixed to the laser pointer, you will see all of those exact specifications written in teeny-tiny print. When I bought my laser pointer ten years ago, it was maybe fifty dollars.  Today, if you go to the store and buy one, it will cost you drastically less.


I do thank the original poster for bringing it to our attention. She did us a great public service.  This device is something that very few of us have heard of before, and now that we know about it, we will be aware of it when it becomes widely advertised.

dwink2u 08-03-2011 09:40 AM

I started this with my two sons last year.  One has Asperger's and the other has eczema and peanut allergy issues.  I did not mention the Asperger's to the practitioner because I was curious to see if he charged more if there were more "issues".  Well, sure 'nuff, the one with eczema and peanut allergies was "higher" than the other.  I decided to try it anyway in hopes of seeing results. (BTW, they're both on "conventional" allergy shot treatments).  There are 4 stages to the treatment and in each stage, they're treated for various things.  I did not agree to complete all 4 stages - told them I wanted to see how things went with the first two stages.


The way their treatments went, they were treated for something (eggs, milk, dairy, etc.) and they were to avoid this item for 24 hrs. - they were not to ingest, touch or smell.


We started in Dec. and in Jan., I realized it would be very difficult to keep it up with school and not being able to control what they smelled or touched.  I emailed the Dr. and told him that we would not be completing all 4 phases because of this.  When we started back in the summer, SURPRISE, protocol had changed!  It was now ONLY 3 hrs. they had to avoid the item.  I had never received a response from my email stating this.  I don't think he wanted to acknowledge it.  Yes, red flags really went up.  I was already having serious doubts about it.  My son has one spot of eczema but it goes away in the summer when he's in the pool (chlorine clears his spot).  The Dr. seem so pleased that his eczema spot was "cured"!  I then told him, not realizing at the time he thought he was responsible, that it cleared up every summer.


And, when we first started going, I would get a print out of everything they were being treated for.  I have asked for this twice now and he refuses - telling me he's treating for "everything". 


Does this protocol sound familiar to anyone else who has been doing this? 


Oh, the treatments were about $1,300 for each child and he required payment up-front. 


Would love to hear from others about this protocol - NOT a practitioner who might be lurking here.  I'm very suspicious and no, have not seen any results from the treatments - unfortunately.  I was very hopeful.

Thalia the Muse 08-03-2011 09:55 AM

dwink, he's changing what he tells you based on what he thinks will make you keep going; he's charging $1,300 a pop; and you're not seeing results -- is there a reason why you are considering NOT dumping him immediately?

dwink2u 08-03-2011 10:09 AM

Thalia, it was $1,300 per child for all 4 stages of treatment.  We prepaid (his requirement) so I was trying to complete more of the first 2 stages in hopes of seeing improvement - still giving the treatments another chance.  If we had not prepaid, I would certainly have stopped going.  I definitely plan on asking for a refund for 1/2 of what we paid since we won't be completing.  I do expect a fight there and I'm sure he'll say since the "protocol" changed, he has been treating for issues in stage 3 and 4 also therefore he is not obligated to issue a refund.  I would LOVE to hear from others to see if their practitioner has mentioned this "change".  If he's not being truthful, he will be reported to the BBB and State Dept. of Con. Affairs.  But, I need to know first about protocol "change".

azdesertrn 08-04-2011 08:41 PM

Okay, I wanted to update now that DH has had his shellfish allergy treated and successfully ate a bowl of clam chowder last night!  Clams (and oysters) were his strongest shellfish allergy and in the past he has reacted just to airborne/steam exposure, he was also allergic to shrimp and other crustaceans, but not as severely.  We tested it last night.  First he just leaned over the pot of clam chowder and breathed.....and we waited, then he dipped a spoon in and licked it, and we waited......finally after over an hour of slow tasting, he had a whole bowl.  He never reacted!  We'll be testing more seafood soon, but so far I am impressed.  No swollen lips, red face, hives or asthma flare-up!


We will be continuing treatments at the new place.  Its a series of 12 treatments at this place.  DH has only completed 2 out of 12 there, but also had some environmental allergies treated at the first chiropractor (results of that described more in my earlier post).  DS has completed 6 out of 12 - he has some changes in cravings/digestion, but not the big behavioral changes I was hoping for. His eczema is improved, but that may be seasonal.


As far as some of the posts above, neither place we went asked for payments in advance.  We are paying per treatment.  The current place even offers the first treatment for free.  The avoidance period after treatment has been 3 hours for both places - I thought the 24 hour thing was just for NAET and that laser treatments worked better and had a shorter avoidance, but there seem to be a lot of different systems out there.


On a side note, a diet forum I visit has a like 50 page discussion on curing "allergies" with an ordinary laser cat toy or laser pointer - there seem to be mixed results.  Apparently you shine the laser through the item towards your belly button for 2 minutes and then avoid the item for 24 hours.  I don't think the type of laser is what is important for the treatments.  The treatments from the first chiro used a red laser, the current place uses green, so a completely different wavelength.


And I agree with those of you that said the info on the web page linked to sounds weird.  It definitely wouldn't have encouraged me to try it.  What convinced me it was worth a shot was actual testimonials.


Sorry for any typos, its late and I need to get to bed.

angel657 06-12-2012 02:33 AM

The bax3000 really does work. I have had the treatments and I can not express how greatly it has effected my life. I used to plan on getting sick every day, since getting the treatments a few months ago, I have not had an allergic reaction, I have not been sick, and I've been eating what would normally make me extremely ill (dairy).

CoBabyMaker 06-24-2012 02:31 PM

azdesertrn- Would you be willing to share an update on your family's progress?

yogagrl 07-31-2012 11:45 AM

I went through a similar course of treatments in Gahanna Ohio. It was $1500 prepaid plus supplements. This would be about one month's gross income for me.

I will say that the allergies I knew I had are the same or worse than before, even though the practitioner/ her computer said I was cleared of all of them. Within a month I had reacted to feathers, and as soon as grass pollen season started I had symptoms that- according to my partner- were the worst in over 6 years. Oddly I have had a few new food reactions that I had not had previously- twice now my entire mouth has become inflamed from (relatively mild)  Indian food, which had never happened before.

The practitioner was taken aback when I told her I had not seen an improvement in my allergies. She insisted that grass pollen season had already started when it had not, and that this would make me the *only* client in two years who had not seen improvement.  I think I would be the only client who knew enough about cognitive dissonance to not fall into the trap of thinking, "well, I wouldn't pay this much money for something that didn't work, so it must have worked, right?"

Definitely relieved the wallet only in my case.

ski7700 08-21-2012 12:21 PM

We have tried the laser method, and I think we really wanted it to work, but my son sneezes just as much as he always has.  Luckily,  we were able to get money back from the Dr. that did the treatment. Also, I am not convinced this is sound science.  As we had friends try the same treatment on 2 of their kids - it did not make a difference on them either.  I know the Dr that does the treatment has had some success with other patients (there are hand written testimonials in his office).  So, I guess my argument would be the Doctors that offer this treatment need to guarantee their work.  And I will finish this thread by stating I just heard my son sneeze 11 times in a row.....I can recommend Nasal Crom for seasonal/pollen type allergies.  No side effects, and once it takes hold in your system it maintains a level of tolerance I or my son have not had with any other medicine.

Herbert Hoffman 11-09-2012 09:33 AM

The Allergy Kit does just that. It reprograms the immune system using a cold laser and vials. It's quick, the treatment takes less than 5 minutes and lasts for years. 

If you are tired of watching what you eat and feel that there is a better alternative than abstaining, The Allergy Kit is your answer. Based on more than 14 years of improving on an already successful treatment offered in practitioners offices, NAET, The Allergy Kit is changing lives all over the world.

Check it out and you can be one of the lucky ones that says "I used to have allergies."


[Admin Note: Link deleted as promoting commercial sites is not permitted in discussion threads.]

Jordan Wildman 11-09-2012 04:11 PM

WE started AAT tx with my son, they were expensive and wondering if anyone has experience with this as well. I want to restart

geekaysee 07-24-2013 07:27 AM

I was very skeptical at first about this treatment.  I have had significant success with treatments for allergies (primarly dust mites, dust, mold, pollen).


I wanted to get away from taking meds (I have dry eyes and use Restasis) and also hoped it would help my fibromyalgia.  I have not wanted to do allergy shots since there is a history of anaphalytic reactions to shots in my family. I too went to an office in Gahanna, Ohio.  I have not used any meds for my allergies for the last two years (since I completed treatment).  I have continued to rinse my sinuses daily (i needed to do this while on meds also) with the Neil Med Sinus Rinse.  I use the green packets (which is equivalent to 2 blue packets) which are "saltier".  In the winter I have continued to rinse up to 2 times daily.


Each spring, I find that I need 1 to 3 extra treatment sessions.  This spring - 2013 - was a very bad allergy season in Central Ohio and I returned 3 times.  It can take up to a week for the retreatment to become fully effective. I was sneezing and running all day everyday, and a week after treatment I could work in the garden again.The treatments require you to avoid specific allergens or foods for the rest of the day.  (So I had to avoid being outside (to avoid pollens), or cleaning the house (to avoid  house dust).  If you don't follow this then the treatments will not be effective. This is not a quick fix type of treatment. Your allergies do not magically disappear - there are supplements that are required, there are things you need to avoid after each treatment (as noted above), you need to be well hydrated before and after treatment, there are optimal waiting periods between treatments for best success.  I was careful about following the guidelines.


She has a stronger laser now than she did when I began and treatments are much quicker and more effective.  A bracelet is also offered that helps improve success. Someone I referred to the office had a major problem with cats, and she has also had significant success. Treatments are $125 each - to me a sum that I can budget for. I believe the whole treatment regimen is 10-12 sessions with a discount for prepaying.

depoefan 10-08-2013 05:35 PM

Yes, I have personally tried and more importantly have taken my family members and friends to have it used on them.  It works!

My daughter at 47 years old had been allergic to avocados since college days.  She loves them and was always trying to snatch a bite of mine when we were out eating.  Even a small bite caused her mouth and throat to immediately start severely itching!  As as an RN I am very aware of anaphylactic shock and so, was very concerned about her. I heard about a chiropractor in our town that uses this laser method and took her to him.  He treated her told her to wait 24 hours and then eat some avocado.  She was overjoyed to find that the first bite did not cause any reaction at all so, she continued eating a large piece - again no reaction.  When my son-in-law heard this he immediately made plans to get his allergy to bananas cured.  Again, he ate them as  a child and then in college found they caused extreme itching to mouth and throat.  After a 24 hour wait, he had the same result as my daughter.  He now eats a banana everyday with his morning smoothie.  Since, then I have sent many friends and neighbors to get cured. One friend actually had a gluten sensitivity that was cured.  I know that it works and doctors know that it works.  That is why the medical association has had it banned for Chiropractic use in California.  When anything threatens their pocketbook they get rid of it.

teafairy 10-11-2013 09:04 AM

I had complete relief from all sorts of environmental and food allergies with a type of laser treatment.  I had gone various other routes to no success.  I found out about the laser therapy from a friend who's son had severe peanut allergies that were completely gone after the laser treatment.  She had also tried other treatments for her son that did nothing.  Science is not omniscient.

edensmama 10-12-2013 04:30 AM

Our Nutritionist uses cold laser therapy (not sure if this is exactly the same thing) but it has helped clear allergies I have had.  I thought it was crazy at first!!  Recently i had a reaction to chili peppers, VERY PAINFUL, after seeing the nutritionist and using the laser I was cleared of the allergy.  I healed quickly from the nasty rash and have full faith in this treatment.

homebody315 11-05-2013 11:07 AM

I'm sorry, I had to weigh in on this, even though my sons are now in their 20's. While I did not have any food allergies, for a long, LONG time I WAS extremely allergic to perfume. (Note: regular' allergists disagreed, saying it wasn't a true 'allergy', just a 'sensitivity.' Those same docs also could do nothing to help, other than prescribing rescue inhalers and suggesting I 'try' another 'new' inhaler... that would have cost me $250 a month, which I couldn't afford.). The inhaler didn't help a whole lot, and it was getting to the point I was feeling like there wasn't any sense in going ANYwhere. This ALLERGY was debilitating - one deep breath and I would be coughing for half an hour - and not a polite cough, but the deep, wracking, gut-wrenching kind of cough that sometimes sounded like a seal bark. Between the coughing and breathlessness I would get EVERY TIME I was exposed, my lungs deteriorated more with each attack, and twice I landed in the ER with pleurisy. The second time - just this past summer - I was told I'm now showing signs of COPD. And before you ask, yes, I used to smoke, but quit almost seven years ago. Now that I've given the background...


Five years ago, I had the whole BAX 3000 series of testing/treatments. At the time, I didn't notice a whole lot of change, though my husband felt I was better than I had been. Two weekends ago, I had two days of being exposed to colognes/fragrances that provoked particularly bad asthma attacks, and I left church Sunday in tears. Hubby suggested I call the friend who had recommended the BAX 3000 to see if she had ever had to return for any follow-up treatments for her pet allergies. She had. To make him happy (I was SURE it wouldn't work), I made an appointment with Dr. Ted, the chiropractor who I'd seen five years ago. That was last Wednesday. Since Saturday (I had to stay away from any perfume/cologne odors for 24 hours, and opted to wait even longer), I've been exposed numerous times to situations which would have normally sent me running; coughing, hacking, wheezing and gasping for breath. Each time... NOTHING. I barely even smell the perfumes anymore, unless they're so strong that, as my husband puts it - "I can TASTE it!"


I'm here to tell you that I was as surprised as anyone that it worked. I don't understand WHY it does (which is how I found this page, because I'm trying to find out more info so that I CAN understand it! What I can say is that, THIS time, it sure worked for me. I feel like I might actually have a shot at doing NORMAL things, like everyone else now! I also want to say: if you haven’t gone through it – had a terrible allergy to something and searched for years for a cure without success, UNTIL now! – ...I don’t see where anyone who has NOT experienced that should have the right to criticize the BAX 3000. “There are more things in Heaven and on Earth…” and no one but God is omniscient.

homebody315 11-05-2013 11:11 AM

"ski7700: We have tried the laser method, and I think we really wanted it to work, but my son sneezes just as much as he always has.  Luckily,  we were able to get money back from the Dr. that did the treatment."


Out of curiosity, did you comply with the after-treatment rules? (I remember having to not eat or smell certain things after being treated for them) Second question would be - had the doctor in question had the equipment for very long, or was he perhaps just starting out, and still becoming familiar with it?

Finally Normal 07-04-2014 11:07 AM

Laser allergy treatment WORKS!
Laser allergy treatment works. If you don't get adequate relief it is because there are still more allergies to clear. I took me 3 years to get rid of all my SEVERE allergies. No more epi pen, no more advare, no more ventolin, no more benedryl, no more whole body eczema, still some on my hands once in a while. Probably have to be cleared on some chemicals. No more fibromyalgia. An no more asthma. For over 50 years I have suffered. You have no idea. I can go outside on a humid day, I can go outside on cold days, I can go outside on high pollen days. I am finally normal. Find a practitioner that doesn't charge and arm and a leg. Find a practitioner that can do up to 5 food groups at once. Don't see a one allergy per visit practitioner. It is just a money grab. We have a family of seven. We were all allergy cleared every two weeks for about 3 years to get all allergies dealt with.

BTW ... Not everyone knows about this technique because main stream medicine will shoot it down so fast. A patient cured is a patient lost. No more allergy shots means no more income.
Word of mouth is the best way to find a practitioner.

Good luck ...

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