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baybemama's Avatar baybemama 11:13 AM 10-24-2011

Until yesterday I had never heard of fpies.  Part of me feels like I'm being an alarmist but the reaction so perfectly fit what happened that I am worried.


My baby boy is 5.5 months.  We are by no means pushing solids but I started giving him some rice cereal which really constipated him so I started giving pears.  He really enjoyed eating but I decided to try oatmeal instead and yesterday gave him a little bit, maybe a tablespoon at most, mixed with pears.  He had a great time with it and then nursed a bit and went down for a nap.  A few hours later we are in the car returning home from our visit to my parents and he starts projectile vomiting.  My 4 year old actually told me he was choking and I pulled over on I-90 frantically running to the backseat.  He was just covered in puke, oatmeal and pears puke.  He was also all sleepy which isn't unusual for him being in the car but I couldn't tell if he was lethargic or what.  He started to cry by the time we got home.  That was unusual although I would cry to if I were covered in puke.  I had groceries in the car so I placed him in the swing where he vomited again. A few mins later he just looked awful.  Pale, dark circles under his eyes.  The most concerning thing was that he has a hemangioma on his cheek which is currently being treated with propranolol.  It usually a dark red color that is sometimes more pink after resting.  Well it was extremely pale so I worried that he had low blood sugar and made him nurse immediately and called the doctor.  She said it sounds like a stomach bug and to keep him hydrated.  He nursed very well and then went down for a nap.  When he woke an hour later he was himself.  Nice red birthmark, totally revived and happy.  Never vomited again and today he is the same, normal baby.


My gut told me he had a bad reaction to oatmeal so I got on trusty google and that's when I learned of fpies. 


My question is, am I jumping to conclusions? Do I just hold off on cereal altogether until much later?  He has never had a reaction to anything I've eaten.  Ever.  His spit-up RARELY has volume to just leaks out the side of his mouth a bit and it's usually cheesy. 


What worries me is it sounds like the reactions can south very quickly and require treatment for shock.  Do I take this info to our doctor and attempt a diagnosis?  I just hate to put him through this again.

scsigrl's Avatar scsigrl 01:50 PM 10-24-2011

FPIES isn't common. I would not jump to that conclusion yet.  5.5 months is still early for food in general.  I would hold off for a while and be prepared if/when you try oats again.  FPIES usually happens about 2 hours after and CAN lead to shock. I would be cautious when you try again (ie early in the morning when you will be at home and can get to the hospital asap if you need to!)