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mytwomonkies 01-17-2012 06:32 PM

I'm thinking that me and my daughter, and possibly my other daughter, have a salicylate sensitivity. We are all 3 gluten intolerant/possible celiac and casein intolerant, among many other food intolerances. I'm pretty confident I can handle the dietary restrictions since it's really not that different than what we're already eating, really just means choosing some fruits and vegetables over others and a few other adjustments. We already don't eat processed foods or processed meats etc. The one thing I definitely need help with is choosing hair and body care that is both gluten free and sals free. I've already tried the no poo method, did it for 6 months and am not really interested in doing it again for certain reasons. Since going back to shampoo, even though we're using 100% natural gluten and soy free shampoo, I'm having the dry itchy scalp again. My daughter is always complaining of her skin itching, from head to toe. We use castile soap which is definitely not sals free. I like using natural products but it seems like they all contain sals. Any help would be much appreciated!

mytwomonkies 01-17-2012 06:48 PM

Anyone use this?

Cyllya 01-17-2012 07:13 PM

Doctor Bronner's Magic Soup? It's natural, and the peppermint and lavender scents won't have sals and are approved on the Feingold Program. The bottle doesn't say "Gluten Free" though.


The Feingold Association also sells a list of stuff that should work.

mytwomonkies 01-17-2012 08:54 PM

Thank you! I guess I was under the impression that since they have coconut oil and olive oil then they're not sals free? I would be happy to be wrong as I love that soap! :p

EllasMommy10 04-20-2014 04:09 PM

This is such an old post but I wanted to reply in case anyone finds it helpful. Dr. Bronners is not good for salicylate sensitivity. I use Cleure for my daughter, and it is the only brand we use. I stock up for the year when they have big sales. smile.gif

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